Coming Home the Universe Way

This post is about spiritual immigration. I tell the truth from my perspective as Healer of our Universe. Your views may differ but I speak and write the truth nevertheless.

A long time ago, over 500 years, humans began leaving their homes and moved to other places to live. This is called immigration in modern terms. Now what happened is the entire planet Earth became populated with humans. Unfortunately the places they left began to turn negative and dangerous.

Those old world places changed but not for the good. All of a sudden more and more humans wanted to leave that part of the planet. Instead of working together to get rid of the negative problems they all just left “Looking for America”.

This spiritual setup has been highlighted in the lyrics of a few rock and roll songs starting in the 1960s and ending in 2016. Spirit worlds have used popular songwriters to write songs and sing them to keep their setups continuing.

Now finally this time is ending. This is Universe Time. All spirit world setups are purging, everywhere on our planet. So, this is ending their immigration setups too.

People who are “Looking for America” will automatically return to their homelands and then will make their own living situations better. Their home countries’ situations improve because of this return. This balancing continues until all immigration setups are purged forever.

This is happening currently because our Universe is in full control of spirit worlds. Otherwise there would continue to be an imbalance of populations on our planet.

I want to say too that this will always remain intact. We all share the planet but do so as individual populations of people with varying backgrounds. This is the only way because our Universe takes this spiritual alien invasion away from us. We all mind our own business and take care of our own families.

We become self-sufficient human communities and rely less and less on importing needed supplies from other countries. Universe Time ensures that we all have whatever is needed to live safely and comfortably.

We all come home the Universe Way. I returned home to Yuma, AZ, USA in 2016 with one of my sons to start this happening. I am watching and waiting patiently as all family members come home this way. I am hoping all of my birth family will finally reunite this year. It is a right time, right place, right people thing, a real Universe phenomenon.