Everything is Going the Right Way Everywhere

What is the right way? The Universe Way! The spirits are not in control of us anymore. Spirits bubbles have burst everywhere. Those negative people are not getting their way like they used to.

It was always so easy for spiritual people. They had total control over our world because it was so negative everywhere. Now that is not happening at all. Our Universe is functioning like normal and removing all of the spiritual energy that allowed those negative people to be in control. Just read the headlines and you can see this happening everywhere. Only the right things are happening.

For me, I have successfully ended the negative high school set up that was on me for a very long time. High school is not real life. It is just a very negative world where everyone acts and does things according to a spirit set up. I worked in a high school recently and saw how negative the high school environment had become. I see how things have changed for the worse there. It is not a safe place for students or people who work there. It is something that needs to go away. High School will be purged out On the Universe in time. It cannot continue like it is as it gets more negative all of the time now.

Spirits use high school to set up unreal relationships and try to control young people’s lives at a very tender age. That is not something the Universe allows. Because high school is so negative, it will be automatically purged out of existence. Young people will easily adjust and find new ways to spend those teen years in a safe and positive environment.

High school was a negative spiritual set up which affected me and my family. But it is almost gone from my world and by the end of June 2018, it will cease to exist. I have successfully removed that set up from myself and my family. Those negative people who try to continue the high school set up will not be happy anymore. It is going to be reality time for all of them. It will be hard for them to live in the reality of Universe Time.

But, me and my family are not there. We are safe and far away from the dark ages of high school.

Universe Family Healing continues to make my world safe and easy.  More fun is coming right up!