Reuniting Birth Families in Yuma

This past Monday, 2 days ago on July 29, 2019, something wonderful happened. I have to post and update the status of my family. When I came to Yuma in January 2016 my oldest son came with me. After a few months we went our separate ways. The Universe does this so we can purge out our spiritual worlds. During that time, I did not seen my son much at all. I feel he moved to another city close by because I just did not see him anywhere here in Yuma. However, I always felt that he was still close by somewhere in AZ.

On August 13, 2018, I was outside watering the plants and looked up to see my son driving a nice little white car down the alley next to my apartment building. He did not look at me but kept on driving past the high school and out of my sight. I am very sure it was him though. The Universe was showing me that he has a car now, once again. Amazing.

Jumping forward to July 29, 2019, I was outside once again on Monday morning selling my shawls and observing that there were a few city of Yuma water utility trucks in the parking lot next to my building. One of the trucks drove by me as it left and this time the person who was driving looked right at me and smiled very big. That person was my son! He did not stop though and kept driving away. I know the Universe is showing me that he has a very good job now. I was not really thinking about it much as it happened. It was later that this realization came to me. I was certainly not expecting these two events roughly 1 year apart, but they happened automatically at the right time.

I understand that he is working to make sure our water supply is safe here in Yuma. Recently I had to switch to drinking bottled water because the water supply coming through these old metal pipes in this 99 year old apartment building is unsafe to drink! I found that out when my faucet kept getting clogged with iron debris from these plumbing pipes. Thankfully we are having a city inspection on August 7 and I already spoke to the city inspector about my concerns.

I am hoping that soon my son is able to actually call me or stop by and say hello. There has been this sort of spiritual gag order going on which has not allowed him to speak to me. I want to have a conversation with him again. I want to find out all of the experiences he has had during these past 3 years. I have never been separated like this with no contact from my son. It was difficult but I had no choice. I always knew he was safe though. We are looking forward to a reunion now and my son is starting this reunion as I speak.

Universe Family Healing is the reason these events happened the right way. Instead of a spiritual setup taking my son away into an unfavorable environment he was able to move forward successfully here in AZ and gradually return to a normal, safe, and healthy life.

This is why we are here on the planet. We make sure that birth families reunite at the right time. We are all powerful Universe Family Healers. We purge and merge our spiritual worlds so that life continues on planet Earth.

It is all happening now.