Healer’s Update: 04-28-23

April is coming to an end. I am happy to say that April of this year has been very successful. I reported positive changes in my homeland, Arizona. I am reporting positive changes here in Yuma where I live too. I see the negative people leaving one at a time. This is happening right now. These people are the ones who involve themselves with drug use and drug dealing. I waited patiently month after month. My patience has paid off. My healing has corrected mistakes here. These people should never have been living around me. There are still some more of these people here. I will watch into May and June and see if this trend continues. It should.

I say my healing works here and there. This is how I am able to affect positive change on our planet. I do this not only for me and my family but for the good of Earth. We must not take our planet’s situation too lightly. So much has been going the wrong way for too long. The right things must happen and continue and never be stopped again. I said this before, that changes happen locally in my homeland and will gradually spread to other parts of the planet. When I connect with people directly by phone during a Universe Family Healing session, I am also healing the area where they live.

I tend to underestimate my healing ability. I see that when I interact sometimes a person will go silent for awhile. I see this in my own family and in others too. I really did not expect that to happen but in reality, it does. I am not exactly sure why this happens, but it may just be a total collapse of a human’s spiritual world. When this collapse occurs, there is silence. It is not a big loud crash or anything like that. It is a silent disintegration occurring and previous ways of interacting have been disrupted permanently.

It seems to be taking more time for this spiritual disintegration to totally leave. Part of this process involves a time of developmental rebirth and growing up again, without the spiritual world’s presence. I continue to document this wonderful healing phenomenon as I live through it. I do phenomenological reporting so that it is documented and will be well known. I know that it is very important to have a place to share what is really going on. My website is the right place to do this. I have full control over what I must say here. No censorship. I simply write the truth as it happens in real time.

I continue to update as I feel necessary. Real Universe Family Healing is not an instantaneous quick fix. A Universe connection is easy to establish when interacting with me, but there is a time of living through the spiritual disintegration. However, this time is not a negative thing. Lifestyles and behaviors gradually change the right way and stay permanently there. I know the people who have interacted with me understand this as they go with the flow, living one day to the next. Living a Universe life allows a very healthy and happy life. There is no disease or death. We just live.