On My To Do List: Purging Spirits

Yes, this on my list. It is always at the top. I wonder if there will ever be a time when I won’t purge spirits. As long as they are here I will continue do this but I am not sure how long it takes to get rid of all of the spirits. It could take a very long time. I have no idea really. And no one else talks about it but me. There is no history on this anywhere. I have had to be the first in this with no one else to guide me. I have been self-guided. I continue to do as I feel. I know that my life is improving all of the time. I see the signs of my healing around my home and neighborhood. I see the positive changes. I know that I have been very important in making theses changes. It is very real.

But I also wait for my birth family to heal and reconnect. That is what I am really waiting for. A birth family reunion. I hope for this all of the time and know it will happen at the right time when everyone is ready to keep going together. There is no real starting over with Universe Family Healing. It is just that we keep going until we are all at home and together again. So, if a relocation is needed, it is not looked at as starting over. It is just a way to keep going with the flow. If a new job is needed, that happens too. Life is always safe and careful living allows us to keep going the right way. The spirit energy setups are purged. There is always only one safe way to go.

I know that due to the problems of the past century, many birth families have been severely disrupted. But as I said in my previous post, that is all changing now because the Universe is taking away our trauma. Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT) is not in control. There is a way to end this situation. Our world will never have to experience traumatic birth separations again. That is in the past and those of us who survive and live will make sure that our birth families stay intact and live together.

Traumatic rage episodes continue to happen all of the time in our healing world. It is important for us to have no weapons around us during these rage types events. A rage is just a way to get rid of a very nasty spirit layer. It can be quite violent at times, like punching holes in doors etc, but as long as it is allowed to happen in a safe place, there is nothing wrong with it.

Most people do not understand that real healing involves releasing rages. It is not widely understood or accepted. But I know it is necessary for healing to happen.  I choose not to be around healing, raging men. It can be very violent at times. I am not one to be in violent situations at all. I stay totally away from those kinds of things. After the rages end, there may be some verbal outbursts. Rages lessen over time. I am not having rages anymore but I did when I was younger. I am not ashamed that I had a rage or two. It helped me along my healing way.

So, my To Do list is always there with spirit purging at the top. It is always right there in front of me. I never expect it to be crossed off. I continue to purge and merge spirits into our Universe. I will not stop this activity. It is unstoppable.

People around me continue to return to where they came from. I am happy to be able to witness first hand the power of my healing.