Notes About Spirit Chants

Over and over spirits say these things:

“You are the only one who has ever done this.”

“We don’t have any time left.”

“We have to leave. No time left.”

“Everything you wanted is going to happen.”

“You are so powerful.”

“I can’t do anything because I am purging.”

“We have no time left.”

“Spiritual time is over.”

“We can’t be here anymore.”

“I can’t be here when you are purging.”

“The Universe is real. The Universe is taking us away.”

“The Universe is powerful.”

“We are so done. We are so proud of you.”

Their little chants and phrases go on and on.

The Truth About Spirits:

Spirits have never been purged before in human history.

Spirits have always lived on human bodies.

Spirits are human parasites.

Spirits were always in control of humans.

Spirits seem to only know and use the English language.

Spirits must have evolved from ancient English speaking civilizations.

Now, I am in control of the spirits.

Now, I purge spirits into our Universe.

There are alot of spirits to be purged.

This amazing phenomenon is non-stop 24/7.

There is no off button.

There is no way the spirits can stop me from purging them.

Thank goodness!

Universe Family Healing is Real And Powerful

There was a time when our planet Earth was pure and young. It was so long ago. There were only a few humans here. But soon planet Earth became a refugee planet. Humans from other worlds found their way here. It was done very differently then. Planet Earth was quite small. Those people who sought refuge here on planet Earth came with an infestation. They were highly infested with spirits. The older parts of our planet Earth (i.e. Europe) have a heavy infestation of spirits still.

Healers of the past were never able to remove spirits from the human body. Healers from long ago were weak and treated poorly. Healers may have removed the spirits from someone but kept the spirits intact. Therefore the spirits were never really purged. Purging is what happens with Universe Family Healing. Purging means the spirits are merged with the Universe’s magnetic field. The Universe pulls the spirits away from me all of the time. Our outside atmosphere is our Universe. That is where the spirits are going now.

Spirits are parasites to the human body. Spirits are not supposed to be with humans. They are invaders. Healers of the past kept the spirits with them. That caused so many problems to happen. More and more spiritual worlds grew around the healers of the past. There was no purging of the spirits into the Universe. Other human worlds died because spirits took control of the humans. All spirits do is cause death for the human race. Spirits cannot live without a human host.

Those ancient healers had no connection to the Universe. They were simply playing a spiritual game for money and so it became a scam and healers in general got a bad reputation. I am not sure why those healers could not do it the right way. It seems that they were too negatively infested and just succumbed in the end without purging out their spiritual nature. That is the truth! They just kept healing others but did not purge out their spirits.

I have lived for over 60 years on this planet. I have survived. I lived through a very professional life as an advanced practice nurse. I worked in the field of nursing for over 30 years. I tried to be a Nurse Healer but it did not work for me. I was not able to say things and do things like I do now. I was always told “no, do not say that”. So, I had to leave the professional nursing world.

I did achieve my MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing). I still use that credential proudly because I worked so hard to get it. I can certainly be a great Universe Family Healer with an MSN. I know all about the scientific world and its practices. But scientists tend to be highly negative and spiritual too. They cannot understand anything about what I do.

I am the only one right now who is talking about Universe Family Healing. I connect all of the spiritual energies directly to the Universe. I do not contain the spirits and keep them with me to provide a spiritual game. I am not a scam, sham, charlatan etc. I cannot stop the purging of the spirits. This is why my healing practice is so real and powerful.

Universe Family Healing is the only way to get rid of the spiritual invasion on planet Earth. There are still many spiritual healers around today practicing all kinds of spiritual healing techniques such as reiki and therapeutic touch. Those people have all received “training” to be able to do their spiritual healing technique.

I cannot understand them at all. My healing is totally natural and unique. I did not receive any training or mentorship to be a Universe Family Healer. My graduate program in nursing did not provide me with the knowledge about the Universe or the techniques for my healing. I am a natural phenomenon. I learned all about this as I lived and kept moving forward.

Universe Family Healing is real healing. Spirits must be purged from humans and merged with our Universe. Our planet heals when this phenomenon happens. I can heal any human who is wanting to have their spiritual energies purged. A major change will occur as the negative spirit layers are pulled away and moved into our Universe. Those negative spirit layers cause all kinds of health problems for humans.

All of the mental disorders are spiritually induced. As the spirit continues to live on a human body, the human being suffers illnesses and finally, death. Spirits cause aging in humans.

All we can do now is move forward. The past is over and done. No going backwards now. We must all move forward in our healing and purge and merge our spiritual natures, souls etc. Getting rid of the spirits is a high priority and Universe Family Healing makes this possible.


040808: On The Universe

10 years ago today, the spirits were chanting a date to me: 040808. I really had no idea what that meant. In 2008, I was not thinking much about the Universe. I was not blogging. But, I was aware that I was healing.

Now 10 years later, there is no chant, but the date is here. So I make a quick post to document today. I am fully aware that today is significant for me. I am now living safe at home in Yuma. I no longer have those bad people around me. I have successfully removed them from my world simply by purging spirits into our Universe. This is a very safe and easy way to get rid of bad people.

The chant repeated over and over: 040408, On the Universe. Apparently the spirits knew about the Universe but I did not. I still am not sure where spirits evolved from, but I will definitely know the truth about everything someday. And that someday is just ahead of me.

I am confident that April 2018 is a fabulous month for me. I understand so much more now than I did 10 years ago. The more I purge and heal, the more I know. That’s how it works on the Universe.

Spirit setups are virtually gone from my life. I am purging spiritual energies from anywhere. I cannot choose what spirits come my way. The spirit energy is here with me momentarily and then merged with our outside atmosphere. I guess this continues until all of the spirit energy is removed.

That is all I know for now.