Holidays On the Universe

This time of year is very difficult for many people. There is so much more demanded of us because of the need to spend way beyond our means. Lots of us get heavily in debt using our credit cards just to get through. The debt keeps compounding every year and does not get better. This is because all of the holiday season is a big spiritual set up and really, it is not that important.

I used to be involved with the holidays. I do not care about them anymore. I simply am living each day, one day at a time. That is because I live on Universe Time now. I am not in a spiritual world where I am controlled to do holiday activities. But I used to do them.

Universe Time puts holidays out On The Universe and far away from me. The Universe doesn’t even care about spiritual games and activities. The Universe just grabs all of that negative energy and pulls it away from me and other humans who are connected. I was not intending to stop participating in holiday activities but it happened anyway. It was easy to leave that time. I know I can help others through this negative time of the year.

Establishing a connection to our Universe eradicates the spiritual holiday set ups in your life. Those setups simply do not exist anymore. I don’t feel bad about it all. I let it go and it went far away and did not come back. I feel good that it happened that way. There is no guilt about it. How can I feel guilty about such a negative thing?

This is the best time of the year to get yourself connected to our Universe. All of the fears and anxieties surrounding the holidays simply fade away. Be good to yourself and do the right thing year. There is no reason to stay locked up in a spiritual game called the holiday season.








Our World Heals and Life Returns

Our world has been a dying planet. That is the way Earth was going. All of the old spirit times adding on and on to our world were making the living people, the good people, die. Without good people a world dies. There was no one who actively purged the spirits. It was not done consistently or completely. Spiritual healers did not do this. They may think they were doing something good, but all they did was play a spiritual game about healing and cleansing. It kept the spirit world intact and continued the dying process. “Go to the light” is a favorite phrase among spirit people. The spirit people will do this, but the Universe people will not. Our Universe does not want good people to die!

I do not know why I have this ability to heal. I was never told that I have it. I was not mentored. I was not schooled in this healing. I simply kept going and it emerged. It is not something you can get certified in like what nurses do. I never did that even when I was a nurse. I never took classes in “Healing Touch”. I never did that! I created this healing modality all by myself. It is called Universe Family Healing. In fact I now own the domain name: I don’t want some quack making fun of what I do. I will not let that happen.

I apparently am a Universe human and therefore all of my real family members are Universe humans wherever they may be. We are the first Universe Family to have successfully purged our spiritual trap. Once this initial trap is escaped and purged all good humans everywhere can also purge their spiritual traps. But there has to be one to start it off. I guess I was that person. I do not know why either. I still have not figured that out. It is not really who I thought I would be. I have not been one to be the first, but now it feels good to be in the lead.

I feel that the trap I was in made me an entirely different person! Spiritual traps can do that quite easily when they are in control. Their layering makes you look and act different. That is why spiritual energy is so dangerous for humans. We cannot have this infestation here on Earth as our planet is the only living planet left. We cannot allow life to be eradicated.

I have gradually removed the spiritual layer that made me eat animal flesh. I no longer do that. I leave the animals alone. I no longer have pets. I let animals live with their own kind. I respect the animal world and let it be. Humans should not live with or control animals. If left on their own, animals will live and be an asset to our living world. So, no more circuses, animal shows, county fair animal exhibits, hunting, captive animals in 1 bedroom apartments, animal races etc. The list goes on and on.

Hopefully this is the start of the animal release for all good animals everywhere. I hope that an easy and safe transition occurs as animals are released back into their normal environments and live comfortably.