The Law of Attraction During Universe Time: Ending A Spiritual Game

We are living in Universe Time. Our Universe is in full control of all of the spiritual worlds around humans and actively purges them away. Today, I am discussing the so-called “Law of Attraction” that says it very much involves our Universe. That “Law of Attraction” is not real at all. It is just a spiritual game that people around our planet are still talking about. It only works in a highly spiritual world. Once that spiritual world is purging, the Law of Attraction game falls apart.

Our Universe has a powerful magnetic current which pulls away all of the spiritual energy setups from human beings. The old spiritual Law of Attraction says that it “uses the power of the mind to translate whatever is in our thoughts and materialize them into reality.” This means that a human’s spiritual world tried to make real what humans wanted. In fact the spiritual worlds could not make a real world at all. The setups they created were alway highly negative. Once the spiritual world in disintegrating, reality is already here. A spiritual world around a human stops reality.

Universe Time automatically allows good people to come back together. Universe Time allows birth family members to reunite after lengthy separations that were caused by spiritual control. There really is no “Law of Attraction”. During Universe Time humans live how we want to live automatically. We don’t need a Law of Attraction trying to create a real life. Universe Time eliminates the bad people from our lives. The negative people simply fade away. They leave our towns and birthplaces and return to their own kind, which is always far away from us.

The Law of Attraction people who write about it all of the time are falling down because they are not connected to our Universe. Their writings make no sense either. We can easily see that all of their gibberish makes no sense and is seen as pure junk. The astrologers and numerologists are not real people. They only live in their highly negative spiritual world. They succumb to their spiritual bodies, and eventually die from some sort of spiritually induced disease.

Universe Time allows reality to stay in control without the dream worlds of the spirits. We don’t need spirits for anything. We don’t want spirits to create a fake world for us. We are not going to let this happen anymore. Spirits are purging faster these days and cannot set up their dreams about human life as they once did. In the past, spirits used our sleep time to set up dream-like scenarios that played out in our daily living. That time is over. Universe Time removes those spirit setups from our bodies and ends the dreams from the spirits completely.

As we are purging out our spiritual world, the right people come closer automatically! The spirits kept them away for a very long time and tried to make up another way to keep humans happy. This resulted in a huge mess on our planet which is finally being purged and merged now into our Universe. Spirits are being recycled into minute mineral particles such as magnetite and will never be here on planet Earth again.

Finally, humans are living a real life! This has never happened before. I was able to make a secure connection to our Universe’s magnetic current that cannot be broken. The spirits purge constantly 24/7 and this purging never stops. This is how life is supposed to be, with spirits purging away from us. Spirits are human parasites and cannot live without a human host. Therefore, as spirits purge, they are dying.

Thank goodness for Universe Family Healing!

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