Universe Family Healing

I have created this healing technique. I call it Universe Family Healing. I find what I do is totally unique today.  I describe it very simply as an automatic way for families to heal together. When you are connected to the Universe, you live.

Spiritual human beings die.

Universe human beings live.

Universe Family Healing means you are no longer holding onto your spiritual energies. You are releasing all of your spiritual energy fields and allowing them to merge naturally with our universe’s energy. The outside atmosphere is our Universe! I mean, the natural world outside your door. That atmosphere is highly magnetic and pulls this unnatural energy away from you.

It takes one universe Family Healing session to get connected and this connection never goes away. You stay connected to the Universe. It is not a temporary setup or anything like that. Your Universe connection remains intact. That is because I was able to make an opening in this spiritual web a few years ago. And this opening is getting bigger all the time. As you connect your spiritual energies to our Universe, you heal.

Spiritual energies can only exist in a close-knit series of angles and connections around humans. Spiritual energy is like a parasitic infestation. It has grown to enormous proportions over the ages because there were no real Universe Family Healers releasing it. Until now that is!!

As you release your spiritual energies more and more, your biological family heals too wherever they are. They may not be close by or living with you at the time, but they will be soon because all that spiritual energy is just keeping them away from you. As the spiritual energies are released, all biological family members come together. And this is how Universe Family Healing works.

Contact me by email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. Payment is through PayPal invoice and each session is a nominal fee of $50.00:


Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer