My Outside Time is Over

I lived outside for 75 days! The time I spent outside and the routine I had was necessary for me to be able to purge a tremendous amount of spiritual energies. I will never feel that this time was unnecessary. But, it is over and I am back living inside once again. I know that this current location is also temporary. It feels very good to be able to sleep in my own bed again. I am so very tired today because so much healing happened today. It is like a completion of many spirit set up times happening at the same time, one after another. I am very busy and having fun but its tiring too. So, I need to rest a lot now and see what is happening next.

Seems like my family time is right in front of me. I had to complete a lot of healing with my clients here in Yuma to get to this point. I made it through and see the results all around me.

My outside time ended quietly and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I know that homelessness is just a spiritual setup that can be purged out easily with Universe Family Healing. I proved this to myself and kept blogging the whole time to see how long it takes to purge out the homeless setup completely. It took me 75 days to get rid of homelessness. During this time I ate very well, got lots of sleep, and a very good tan. There was nothing bad about it. Many people discovered me here in Yuma. I am really becoming more and more well known around here.

My reputation is growing daily. Nothing is in my way. I move forward as always and feel more than ready for family time.

Right now I must rest and that is all I am going to do.