Universe Family Healing Is In Full Control and Purging All Spiritual Worlds On Planet Earth Into Our Universe

This is the information that should be on Google News. My blog should be there along with all of those other news sites. Google News sites write about negative events over and over. Firsthealer.com should be there because I post about positive changes in our Universe and world. My posts are real. There is never any fake news here.

Our planet Earth is transforming quickly now into a healthy, living planet. I have an excellent blog that tells the truth about our world. I am not a phony person as I have overcome and purged all of that negative spiritual lifestyle from my past. I am not a psychic expert or chakra healer. That’s not what I do as a Universe Family Healer.

My healing is directly connected to our Universe and so all spiritual worlds (psychics and spiritual healers included) are purged outside and into our Universe. Once those spirit worlds are directly connected to our Universe, they can never return to our planet Earth. Now that is some really good news! Everyone should know about this too.

Spirituality is far in the past for me. I see it still exists though trying to be a part of the human world. I see this on the internet and in the news. Spirits have failed to overtake our planet. Spirits tried to take over Earth completely and make our planet Earth a spiritual world entirely, but it failed. The reason spirits cannot do this anymore is because their environments around humans were severely disrupted by Universe Family Healing.

I am actively purging all of those spirit worlds. They are all connected to each other and so it is easy to purge them outside into our Universe’s gigantic magnetic current. The Universe current flows southeast all of the time. The Universe is a magnificent natural phenomenon and can’t be turned off now.

We are finally living in Universe Time.

Spiritual Time is over.