A Visit to the Archives

I spent some time in the Archives section of the Yuma Heritage Library today. I specifically wanted to search the newspapers from November 1958 so see if there was any kind of birth announcement there regarding me. I tried doing this several years ago when I lived in Marin County but was unable to view the newspapers from November 1958 online. Today was the day to do this. Amazing that the birth announcement was there. I took a picture of it.

I still do not believe that they are my birth parents. I know that there was a great deal of lying and deception involved. I am still seeking the truth and no fake birth announcement is going to stop me. It just shows the amount of corruption that was going on back then and continued throughout my life. I am still moving forward now as this Archives visit was waiting there for me and I got it out of my way today.

There is nothing to make me change how I feel about my birth. I know that something happened the wrong way and the wrong people were in control of me and my birth family. This was a long time ago and the town here (Yuma, AZ, USA) was ruled by a few very bad people.

I know that corruption was in control! How else could this have happened to me. How else could a pair of very bad people end of taking a baby away from my birth parents and make it look like they were the actual birth parents. Even Parkview Hospital was involved with this deception.

So I am not feeling bad at all. I still know what I know and  do not care that there was a fake birth announcement in that newspaper. Of course when a pregnancy is faked, it is faked from beginning to end. Of course there has to be a fake birth announcement in the local newspaper. That way no one suspects the pregnancy was a fake.

I know that I will continue to heal toward my birth family as this nasty layer of spiritual energy is purging out very quickly now. I just had to make that visit today and I did. I am not traumatized in the least. In fact this fake birth announcement only proves what I thought happened all along, that the Kaplans faked a pregnancy and stole me away from my birth family.

I know that everything is going to be just fine. Imagine these nasty people getting away with this. What a scam and what a bunch of frauds. Ofcourse I know that my birth family is here is Yuma, AZ not in CA. That’s why I am here. I am not closer to my fake mother. I am actually far away from her. I have no communication with her. I have totally broken all ties with her. Those ties were just spiritual layers that have purged away finally. So that is why I am certain that my healing is the key to this whole mystery.

Universe Family Healing continues to take me far away from the fake family that previously controlled my life. I am in total control now and I know that nothing but the truth is coming out more and more. I am very excited to be at this point finally. I know that soon all the truth will be exposed and that me and my birth family will be reunited once again.


Removing the Spiritual Mask of the Fake Mother

Thank goodness I am here. If I were not here, who would get rid of the freaks trying to be mothers? Who would get rid of the criminals and frauds? I can do this by exposing the real person. The spiritual energies have provided a mask on these people that distorts reality. When this mask is purged from the person, reality is all that is seen. The officials in charge will easily see what is going on and act to make the situation better for the baby.

I can no longer interact directly face to face with these fake people, but I can purge their energies out universally. This will have good results in the end. These frauds will not be able to talk themselves out of their evil deeds. These people who are being exposed now will be dealt with in the proper way.  I will not have to be in the middle. I stay safely away in my home. I do what I feel is necessary and that is all. I maintain my health and well being at all costs. I do not put myself in any dangerous confrontations. I simply purge out their spiritual energies and my world changes.

This means mothers are only real mothers. They do not call their infants “Bud”. They act correctly at all times with their babies. They respond when their infant is crying. They do not let their baby get so upset to the point of exasperation. These pretend mothers are so gross and disgusting that I am glad they are all being exposed now, on the universe..

In the future  (which is happening every moment now) there are no fake mothers. There are only real mothers. This means that adoptions and all those things like surrogates etc. that are part of the spiritual world are no longer going to happen.The fake mother time is over.. Mothers will give birth to their own children and love them and take care of them the right way at all times. And multiple births will cease to happen. Multiple births are a very unnatural human experience. It is spiritually done and not good at all. These changes will allow our world to become a loving, caring, and living one again…