Making Room For Family: A Universe Time Transition

All of a sudden, I am moving furniture around at home. I am cleaning out cupboards and adjusting to these changes. It seems like this is the right time for our family to begin reuniting. I cannot explain it any other way. So everyday, I wake up and know what needs to be done. I am purging so much now all of the time. I spend a lot of my time just relaxing and purging. It seems to help.

I know that it was almost 3 years ago, that I parted ways with my oldest son here in Yuma. I am hoping that this is the time for his return. I feel it is and continue to go with the flow.

Universe Family Healing allows birth family members to reunite after long separations. That is the goal and ultimate outcome of Universe Family Healing! Also, I know that this is helping other families reunite with their separated family members. It is the right time now. A very powerful Universe Time is making this all happen!

Universe Time is defined as the time when all spiritual worlds around humans are under the control of the Universe. This means there is active purging and merging of those spiritual worlds into out Universe’s magnetic fields. Once the spirits are removed from our human bodies and “vacuumed” away we are free of that spirit control forever.

After a long period of being alone, family members automatically come back together. It is understood that the Universe did this separation so that all spiritual worlds could be completely removed. Therefore, it is not really a time that needs a lot of explanation.

Universe Family Healing allows for a brief transition period called “making room” before the actual reuniting occurs. Everyone feels so good and comfortable during this time. There is no stress or trauma feelings. It is a calm period of time when family members just return home. A brief transition occurs here and reuniting happens. Then we continue moving forward as more and more birth family members arrive and reunite as well.

This is an amazing and natural phenomenon that no one else has ever talked about or discussed fully like I do here on my website. I am living it and describing it as it occurs. I just verified it with another person who is a client of mine. She is actively making room for her daughter’s return:

Oh my goodness! I woke up at 5 am, started cleaning and rearranged my room for more space. I bought a twin mattress!”

I document the reality of Universe Family Healing frequently so that anyone can read my words and understand quite easily this natural healing process. I can help your family too. It is so easy now to heal our birth families and reunite.