Returning To Normalcy: A Calendar Did It

Three years ago, I left a calendar behind. It was a calendar with pictures of the Grand Canyon here in Arizona. I have never been to that place. I know that there is something that will change there in our future. I know that the waters will be returning there more and more and so the canyon walls will be covered. That is all I know about it. I do not want to visit it.

The  calendar I had bought was used when I returned here to Yuma. I was struggling and trying to find a job etc. It did not happen that way. So, the calendar was left at that Dora Ave home. I left it and totally forgot about it. I never really cared about calendars after that, until today that is. I just downloaded a pretty little March 2019 calendar. It is the right kind of calendar for me. I love colors and flowers.

So, I have this calendar on my refrigerator now. It is blank except for my son’s birthday which is coming in a few weeks. I must need it for some reason. I feel there are many activities opening up soon and I will need to write them l down, just like I always did in the past. My life continues to normalize.

Three years have gone by. I can return to normalcy now as I move forward. More stabilization happens. I can feel it and know that changes are all in my favor. Getting rid of the scams around me has been a big obstacle in my way. I had to overcome those scams here in Arizona. I have been successful in doing that. There are no more scams or shams in front of me. I have purged them out completely.