Universe Family Healing: A Panacea In Action

Panacea: A solution or remedy for all difficulties or diseases (definition from Oxford Languages)

I had to live through many years of healing to be able to say this about my healing modality. I had to live through all of the spirit worlds that were put upon me throughout my lifetime. Now, I can see that I have been healing all of those spiritual setups year by year. On this very last day of 2022, I am getting my sense of smell and taste back! I experienced some kind of horrendous but amazing purging of my face (i.e. eyes and nose) over the past month. My smell and taste senses were gone for awhile. However, I knew that these would return eventually. I know that this result is due to the powerful Universe Family Healing I just experienced. I also know that I will never have to experience this again. It is over and done, thank goodness.

There are so many things that can be completely healed away now. It is totally possible to get rid of most every kind of human ailment the spirit worlds created for us. I read that the scientists are pretty sure what causes the loss of smell and taste and I laugh at them. The scientists are still totally disregarding the reality that is happening in front of their eyes. Their denial is so huge that it may take a very long time for that to be purged away completely. If you are experiencing loss of smell and taste right now, you need to have a Universe Family Healing session. This will totally remove the negative spiritual involvement taking place in your body, specifically your head area. That is where the spiritual infestation is the heaviest these days.

I just had to continue to document what I experience and how my healing is the right thing to do these days. A Universe Family Healing session removes all of the pandemic related problems from your human body. This is because the pandemic problems are spiritually controlled. When your spiritual world is removed via a Universe Family Healing session, so are the pandemic residual effects. It is that simple and easy.

There is never a re-occurrence either. There will be so many COVID variants in the future but none will affect those of us who have removed our spirit worlds. I document this here as it is real and totally possible to live a healthy life. The scientists or doctors will never tell you this. They are a part of this problem. As time goes on, these professions will become extinct as they are products of the dark ages. These so-called professionals will never admit the reality of what I do. It matters not because what I do continues on and on without their approval or agreement.

One year ends, another year begins. That is how this planet was set up spiritually. I live through each year and document what is happening in Universe Time. My Universe is alive and functioning as it should be functioning. I give back the spiritual worlds from planet Earth 24/7. Planet Earth releases all of the evil that spirit worlds brought here. Our spiritual alien invasion is decreasing year by year. Be a part of this living process by shedding your spirit world. That is the right thing to do right now. Get connected by contacting me. I am here to be the one and only Healer who serves our entire Universe. I am here to make sure our planet of humans lives forever.