Getting Rid of the Freaks is My Specialty

I was not aware of my special ability in the past. I learned about it as I lived through many spirit worlds and the setups or scenarios they created. I am sure that I am almost done. However, even where I live there are more of these freaky spirit worlds appearing in front of me. I laugh and know that it is just here to get removed from our planet. I see that I am the one and only person who has this special ability to get rid of the freaks. It’s like these freaks are attracted to me so I can dispose of them permanently. Alright, so be it.

I am so very powerful now that it really doesn’t bother me much like it did in the past. I know what to do now. It is easy for me to defeat the freak and it’s spirit world. I call a person a freak who is a very negative spiritual human, one who is entirely spiritual and cannot heal very good.

A freak is a person who cannot live without their spirit world attached to them. So, instead of healing away their spirit world and living on and on, these human freaks will just die. They hold way too much spirit energy. Their bodies are consumed with it. Their internal organs are literally falling apart. That’s all that happens.

Spiritual freaks are everywhere of course. I cannot do or say anything to help them. They are being purged out. This is how our Universe rids the planet of the spiritual mess. Most humans are not like this ofcourse but there are a lot that are. These highly negative people are unable to do much these days. Their spirit worlds used to be in total control of most everything. It is hard now for the spiritual freaks to get their way.

I believe that all humans are capable to make good choices. I do hold human beings responsible for doing the right things. But I know that humans also make wrong choices and decisions all of the time. This just means that they are consumed and controlled by their spirit worlds. That is not good for our planet.

Universe Family Healing wipes out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. Never before has this been able to occur. Now it is real and reassuring that our planet is getting rid of all the spirit worlds living on humans. That’s a very simple explanation of what is going on right now.

A Universe Family Healing session is the best way to get rid of the spiritual freaks in your life. Contact me for this easy solution. I guarantee it will work, 100% accurately and effectively.