Spirit Busting is Here in Yuma, AZ

I first published this original post 2 years ago on November 1, 2018. Tomorrow, October 18, 2020, I am taking a trip to the Yuma Territorial Prison, which has been voted the most haunted place in the USA. I am going to post about my visit later and see what I find there.

October 18, 2020

The visit to the haunted Yuma Territorial Prison was made. I felt no real spiritual setup in place. In fact it was a rather boring time but I did view everything and enjoyed getting out of here for awhile. I know that the spirits are leaving the prison and all things attached to it. I started working on this situation many years ago when I still lived in Novato, CA.

I was not happy to learn about the prison being there and how it influenced the Yuma High School mascot (Criminals). In fact I learned today that the territorial prison was originally supposed to be built in Phoenix, but a politician did a con job on the bill funding the prison and put Yuma in place of another town. That’s the only reason Yuma got the prison built here. A scamming politician did it to Yuma.

I guess I have been healing this prison spirit world out for all those years. I had to finalize things today with a direct visit. I guess the prison hit the number 2 spot as most haunted this year and will gradually be forgotten. That’s all that happens during Universe Time. The spirit worlds supporting negative setups like this are automatically consumed by our Universe. It’s very quiet and very permanent.

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The End Of My Spiritual World

I have noticed a quieting now. The spirit noises are almost gone. The refrigerator is much quieter. The bathroom noises are virtually gone. This place where I live had a lot of spiritual energy setups which I have been purging out over the last few years. I have lived through spirit setups in homes before. This building has a very long history of spiritual energy setups because it is almost 100 years old. A lot of people have lived in this building over that time. Their spiritual energies remained here after they left.

Somehow, spirit energies can set up around water. For example, the refrigerator has a defrost system which utilizes water. I hear the spirit noises purging from the freezer. There used to be loud popping noises, almost like gunshots, and now very few if any are heard. The thermostat cycle use to be so loud when it turned on, and now it is barely audible. I am not sure why spirits are able to set up in refrigerators but they do! They seem to make a big mess when they clog up the defrost drain.

The bathroom had a rhythmic intermittent noise which was very noticeable and loud for a long time. It sounded like it was in the wall. I ignored it because I knew it would end sooner or later. I located the noises recently around the bathroom sink’s hot water valve. I was able to release most of it from that area and now it is gone. Before that time all I heard was the sound in the wall. I was able to finally purge and release it so there should be no more weird sounds in the bathroom. The shower head would also release water at odd times too. Strange but true. Spiritual energies seem to like water.

Spiritual energy sounds cannot stay put when I am around. All I do is purge them outside into our Universe. I can easily heal any home or building where spiritul noises have set in. Once I am there inside the building I quickly interact with the spiritual energies making those strange noises and move them outside. I call this activity, spirit-busting. I can do spirit-busting anywhere I am. I don’t need any special equipment. I just need to be there and it happens automatically.

The spiritual noises outside my building have been fading out very fast. Spirits make all kinds of sounds and try to fit into our world. I am not going to go on and on about that, but I am saying that those sounds outside are almost gone too. This quieting happens automatically because of purging and merging. Once those noises are faded my family can finally come back together safely.

I see that this quietness is perfectly in time with the reuniting of my birth family. As these noises are fading away my family is becoming more visible and communication easily returns. These spiritual setups are not strong enough to keep my family apart any longer. Spirit noises fade into our Universe and family voices are finally heard after so long a time. The wait is over. My spiritual world is purged outside into our Universe.

Spirits are not in control of me at all. Spirits are just nuisance parasitic infestations of the past.