Spiritual Energy Exists, and is Very Dangerous to Humans

Spiritual energy is the big Secret of the ages. Most of us have not experienced this negative energy close up. I have had a constant interaction with spiritual energy over the past several years now. Every year, I figure out a little more about it. I know its qualities just by experiencing it.

I am not going to involve myself in any scientific games about research and spiritual energy. I know it exists and is real. I explain the qualities of spiritual energy here on my blog. It is real because it can be felt, heard, tasted, seen, and sometimes even smelled.

I can get rid of it. And this energy cannot overpower me or make me age and die. If you are full of this energy, you are slowly dying. This infestation starts when you are very young and grows by gathering the spiritual energies of others.

Spiritual energy tries to make your life as uncomfortable as possible. It can do this because you are not aware of its existence. You begin to have medical issues because that is what this energy does to humans. Highly spiritual humans always die.

Once you are able to break away from this spiritual bubble, you can start seeing and understanding what is really happening. Otherwise, trying to convince someone that spiritual energy exists is a waste of time. Many people will never admit to this reality. Most people will just die. There is a huge amount of spiritual energy still here on this planet. It all needs to be purged!

The people who are able to purge out this negative energy field are good people. They will slowly realize the truth about this energy and understand that they were involved with it. They will leave their negative life as I did. It all happens naturally over time. The spiritual people die, the Universe people live. It is that simple. Universe Time is automatic and effectively removes spirits 24/7.

The dangers of our world are caused by people infested with this energy. Evil people are highly spiritual in nature and cannot be helped. They just die. They purge out a little and cannot go on and on. They fall down. They are the criminals and liars of this world. They are not good people and do not deserve to be here. They cause wars and crimes against humanity.

They are very negative to be around. You do not want to work around these kind of people. They produce toxic work environments. They are frauds and create corruption games as if it were a normal occurrence. But corruption is not normal. Corruption is an evil creation of spirituality.

Why did this happen? I am not positive about this, but I have a feeling that this energy came from other places to this planet. A very long time ago, other planets did have life on them. But, they were all highly spiritual and thus they did not survive. Somehow, this spiritual energy found its way to Earth, the planet of Healers. This energy was able to travel to Earth due to the magnetic energy field of our Universe. And since this energy is a parasite, it found humans here, its host! And the rest is history.

Spiritual energies slowly set up its negative environments around humans. Spiritual worlds are just a spirit set up on every human being. We all have our own spiritual world to purge out. And over the ages no one was able to get rid of them. As humans died their spiritual entities just clung to another human, growing and staying put.

Spiritual healers were not able to destroy it in the past. I am not sure why, but it was allowed to grow and multiply. It is very difficult for a spiritual healer to survive in a spiritually controlled world. Many times, spiritual healers succumbed to a dangerous spiritual lifestyle. Spiritual healers are not connected to our Universe and kept the spirits intact.

But now, I am here. I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge and merge spiritual energy out into the magnetic current of our Universe. I have punched a hole in the geomagnetic field of our planet and reached the Universe’s energy supply. I am the first healer to do this. So now, spiritual energy is moving. There are a few Universe Family Healers now in other parts of our planet. I want to see Universe Family Healers in every country of our world.

I continue to purge and merge spiritual energy so it cannot set up any negative environments on Earth ever again. Our Universe is open and accepts spiritual energy quite easily. Spiritual energy is highly magnetic and full of magnetite.

This is the truth about spiritual energy and why our world is so negative. Today, all the news talks about are the deaths occurring. News is an endless accounting of deaths North, East, West, and South (news). And spiritual energies like deaths! That is what spiritual people like to read about these days.

But here on my blog, you can read about real life from a Universe Family Healer’s perspective. That is what I am doing here. Speaking the truth and purging out the evil. This is not a fairy tale, scam, or science fiction. This is reality.

Universe Family Healing sessions are available to any human anywhere on planet Earth. Although I am located in the USA, I can easily provide healing sessions by cell phone. My healing is 100% accurate and effective. I want all countries on our planet Earth to heal away their spiritual worlds. Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session:


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer