Depression Is A Spiritual Game

Depression has a spiritual etiology as does all of the other kinds of mental illnesses. I see that today, there is no one talking about this but me. Most of our world is still entrenched in the dark ages and seems to like that place. I have been blogging about Universe Family Healing as an effective mental illness treatment for a very long time, but few people have responded to me for help.

That is pretty sad indeed, but I am here to heal away spiritual conditions like mental illness. I know our world is still caught up in heavy layers of spirituality. The medical profession is there too, dark and oppressive, with no real solutions.

I continue to blog here to present the truth about mental illnesses as a product of the dark ages. Universe Family Healing totally wipes out all mental illnesses because the spirits are the culprits here and easily get purged away. The spirits are the denial layers that entrench humans and keep them stuck is painful mental health conditions. The medical people cannot heal away spirit setups. The psychotropic medications are harmful with negative side effects and do nothing but stop real healing from happening.

Anyway, I had to post about the reality of mental illness and depression today because there is nothing new going on in Google News. It is the same old stuff over and over. But here on my blog, I am healing mental illness all of the time. I just am not getting paid for it. That is not good.

So, I will continue to purge out the medical realm 24/7 and hope that people will find me soon and contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. I know how it feels to have that anxiety layer. I had it and I purged it completely away. I certainly did not seek help from a medical doctor.

I am living proof that my healing is 100% accurate and effective in healing mental illness.