There’s No Place Like Home

I used to do it too. I would take vacations to far away places. I loved to go to tropical areas and feel the warmth of the sun. I did this many times, travelling to Hawaii, Maui,  and Cabo San Lucas. I enjoyed it mostly. I never experienced any extremely unsafe conditions.

I will never do it again. Nowadays those exotic island worlds are highly negative and toxic. I will never take another plane ride or go on a cruise either. I won’t be hiking anywhere anymore. Those days are all over for me. I am being real about this because I am sure those destinations would not be safe for me at all. Instead, I stay at home and purge the dangerous parts of our planet Earth.

Universe Time is taking away the unsafe parts of our planet. It is very clear what is happening now in the travel industry. The vacation people are trying very hard to keep their vacation setups going but as time goes on, the travel industry continues to fall apart more and more. Airplanes are not safe ways to travel. People continue to fly everywhere but travelling in an airplane is not going to get safer. There is no way to make airplanes 100% safe. You risk your life when you board an airplane. You lose total control.

Islands nations rely mostly on tourism for their survival. However, these days you are taking a big risk if you travel there. You have no idea what is really in store. Those people who live on the islands are unhappy and desperate. They will do things to tourists now and not blink an eye about it. They are angry, hostile people. When you visit their home turf you are at their mercy. You have no control. As their island homes are washed away by the oceans rising levels, this negative situation only gets worse.

Universe Time is making this very easy to see now. People are rightfully cancelling trips to paradise because they are afraid of dying there. Instead, we are going to spend more time and money at home making our own places better. We can have more fun that way and improve our world as a result. The islands are going to be gone someday. That is the truth. They were only there because of the ice caps at the poles and those are melting away.

Unsafe travel activities are not attractive now. Social media allows us to be instantly aware of problem areas on our planet. Those people who live in the island nations cannot hide their crimes anymore. The island nations are in full public view and it is easy to see them for what they really are and not get involved. Who would want to take their children to a vacation place where people are being routinely poisoned?

The airlines are having more trouble too. The airplanes are not getting better. There is no way to make airplanes 100%. Too many planes crashes have happened. There is a gradual decline in air travel now with less people taking airplane trips to paradise. Instead let’s make our own homes a paradise. Let’s do whatever we can to beautify our home towns here in the USA. I am sure this can happen easily now.

I live is Yuma, AZ. My home town is considered a tropical desert yet I do not see a tropical paradise. I see very little rain. I see a very hot place with very few trees, flowers, and food gardens. I know Yuma is a huge commercial agricultural area. I know that plants grow well here. That is obvious.

I am referring to individual homeowners here in Yuma and what we can do to beautify our places. There is no good reason not to do this! I see that the city of Yuma is trying to initiate a plan to have more trees planted here. I see nicely landscaped homes sitting next to junkyard homes. I see the variety of extremes and know that it is only a matter of time before all of the junk is gone and only beautiful homes remain. Universe Time is in full control of the mini junkyards here in Yuma. It is amazing to watch the changes happening right now in front of me.

We need to make our own places better and more beautiful and let go of the islands. They are only temporary and now have become hostile wastelands just waiting for their demise. The island people must make their own relocation plans for survival and leave us out of that entirely.  Let them deal with their own problems and spend our moneys on home. We can all do this together during Universe Time, beautifying our planet one city at a time.

Climate change is a natural process of Universe Time. There is no big calamity going on. Whatever changes is always the right thing. These changes happen naturally and allows us all to adjust to a real life. Universe Time is not making our world die, in fact the opposite is happening.  The spirits are purging away from humans and so we can live a life free of negative spirit bonds. We can automatically make the right decisions about anything. It is that simple because, we are living in Universe Time now. The spirits are purging faster all of the time everytime I say that on my blog. They cannot stop purging!