The Game of Spirituality

Spirituality is a very old and ancient game. It is composed of several parts. There are the fortune tellers, the tarot readers, the reiki healers, the clairvoyants, the astrologists, the empaths, etc. The list is very long. All of these elements are parts of the Game of Spirituality. I played a few of them in the past but I did not stay there. I was not able to stay there because I was a real Healer. I purged my way out of spirituality and became who I am today.

The spirits say over and over to me,”When Healer comes through, that’s it, we’re done. ” I kept wondering what they meant. Come through? I am not coming through; they are leaving. But now I can see that I am actually coming though their world that was all around me and purged out the spirits as I moved forward.

That’s the difference between me and other healers of the day. I know of no one else talking about real Universe Family Healing like I do and describing how it feels. So, I view spirituality as a game with several parts attached to it. Other healers pretend to do what I do but in reality they are not connected to our Universe!

Many people love to play the game of spirituality. The basis of this game is the relationship setup. There are so many psychic advisors who for a fee, are more than willing to tell you all about the special someone coming your way. It is all based on your birth date. Ofcourse, in a highly negative world these relationship setups are happening even now. The psychics are very much in tune to telling you the dates and times when these encounters will happen. And to tell you what he or she is thinking. Because of the spiritual web involved here, it is rather easy for these psychic advisors to do this as they are mind-controlled by their spiritual worlds.

All of this stuff is a highly negative spiritual setup. It continues today on internet websites everywhere. I was there once myself both as a patron and as an advisor. I experienced spirituality from both ends. I understand how it works. I also know that I am always purging out spirituality because I am a powerful Universe Family Healer. I came through their spiritual web and purged all the way. I defeated my own spiritual world. So, they chant over and over, “When Healer comes through, that’s it, we are done.” 

I believe it too. It is kind of funny to hear these chants from the spirits. I know that there is a lot of spirituality still being practiced, and I cannot stop purging it either. I know that eventually, spirituality will cease to exist. There is a lot of it though, so it will take some time to eradicate it. Until then, I can truthfully say that our Universe is purging out spirituality games that have made our planet very negative.

As the spirituality setups are decreased everywhere in all countries, the spiritually induced problems continue to grow smaller and smaller. Spirituality will become part of our planet’s history and forgotten entirely someday, because:

“When Healer comes through, that’s it, we are done!”

I won the game of spirituality because I completely removed my spiritual world.