The Brain Magnet is Slowly Fading

This extra “brain” that surrounds the human head is actually fading away. It used to be a very powerful cloud of spiritual energy. It used to control everyone. It used to be a world inside this one. It imagined everything and that made things happen. It set up lives of people and events and played out these scenarios over and over.

This brain magnet was so immense it encircled the entire Universe. But there was still some room for a real world to begin. That is what happened when I was born. I was able to engage this brain magnet and merge with it for awhile. I did what it wanted me to do. I was also very unaware of this happening. I was so involved with this fake and dream like world. I can say now that I was a totally different person during this time.

Now this brain magnet full of magnetite and other kinds of spiritual matter is immersed in the real natural world. And here this energy is unable to make anything happen. It cannot force anything to occur. It cannot set up a human life. It is all broken in pieces. The spiritual world is over. The spiritual age is done.

I hear their repetitive sounds, very boring and dull. There is nothing interesting at all about spirits. They are just boring bits of ancient beings. I don’t know how they are even still here. I know they are not supposed to be here though.

And as the spirit voices from this brain magnet fade out into the Universe of our real world, it is distanced and unable to attach to humans. It cannot set up its fantasy world ever again. Universe Family Healers are here to make sure that spiritual energy is purged and this will never stop. No matter how big this brain magnet is, a Universe Family Healer can purge and merge it into our Universe until it is totally gone.

A spiritual invasion produces brain magnets. And when this happens it is very hard to undo what takes place. Spiritual energy is very mind controlling, and should never be around humans. People who are involving themselves still in spiritual activities today are not good people. They are full of very negative magnetic energy which causes bad things to happen.

It is very easy to purge your brain magnet. You must have a direct connection to our Universe. Contact me via email or phone to schedule your Universe Family Healing session: