From Psychic Nurse Healer to Universal Healer to Universe Family Healer: My Amazing Story!

My blog represents my personal experiences as I healed through all of my spiritual layers. My blog demonstrates how I changed and became more real and powerful every year.

I could try to submit my experiences to some journal as a phenomenological research report, but that is not going to happen. I am way beyond all of that. I know that there would be so many people challenging what I say. It would not be a fun activity at all. I continue to blog my story right here as it changes all of the time. I can report the progress of Universe Family Healing on without any interference.

December 15, 2016 marked the 3rd anniversary of I reached my final status in our Universe. I cannot go any higher. I cannot purge out Universe Family Healer. I will always be a Universe Family Healer. I have a powerful Universe connection.

I believe I am the first Healer to have achieved this level of healing and the spirits all seem to agree. They chant this as they move outside to the southeast, “When Healer comes through, that’s it, we are done,” and “First family on the Universe.” Apparently, purging spiritual worlds has never been done before. My family and I are the first family to purge our spirit worlds.

Many humans today are more spiritual than real. They have become like robots or machines. Their feelings are gone. Their bodies are completely saturated with spiritual energy. These people need to connect their spirit worlds to our Universe. Once a Universe connection is established it cannot be broken.

A Universe connection allows a natural purging and merging phenomenon. Spirit worlds are automatically pulled away from the human body and joined with our outside atmosphere. Spirits are parasites and can only exist on a human body. Once in our atmosphere spirits quickly disintegrate into minute particles.

Change happens as soon as a Universe connection is made. Our Universe (I mean the atmosphere outside our windows) has a very powerful magnetic current that quickly pulls spiritual energy away from the human body. This is the scientific basis for my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. I have a totally natural ability. The spirits say I am an original and I believe them. 

Universe Family Healing is the only way to establish a permanent Universe connection. As more humans become Universe connected, our planet Earth heals and lives.

Feelings make humans very powerful. When we have feelings again, we are real human beings. Universe Family Healing allows us to trust our own feelings again and do only what feels good. We leave the negative world and never return. We move forward instead of falling down, and go with the flow of the Universe.

Get your Universe connection established the easy way. There is no reason to be living in a spirit world now. Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session:

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer