Getting Rid Of the Spirits: Finally, We Can All Agree About Something!

As I look over my blog stats, it is so wonderful that I am being viewed by people all over the world. That is amazing. And certainly we can all agree that it is a very good thing to finally be getting rid of the spirits. As this spirit infestation reduces more and more, we will all be able to communicate with each other in a very real and human way. It gets easier now.

I read the daily news too just like everyone else. I see what is going on all over the place. Lots of truth telling and lots of violence. But because it is a powerful and permanent Universe Time, these events we see are constantly changing for the good. Universe Time means that our Universe is in control of the spiritual worlds around humans.

We are not stuck as a planet anymore. Some parts of our world were very stuck in a dark web of nasty spiritual energy. It caused a lot of problems obviously! Spiritual energy purging is occurring everywhere now. The Universe is wide open and accepts all of the spiritual energy we offer.

We can all agree that we are so happy so be finally getting rid of the spirits. This is a worldwide phenomenon. We can all join together on this one. Our planet is healing and will never succumb to a negative death as other worlds have in the ancient times.

We can enjoy watching the wonderful changes that are happening everyday. Our Universe is healthy and alive again.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer