February 29th- The Last Day

Finally the end of February is here. The first two months of the year tend to be a bit negative as I am purging out the spirit setups going on around me at the beginning of the year. This February was actually kind of easy as I have been living outside now for 49 days, so there has not been any problems. I mean that too.

I am living through an outside time that is easy and simple! Being outside more has allowed me to really get rid of a massive amount of spiritual energy. I see the results of my healing and interact with the right people now. If there is a toxic area I am automatically distanced from that place. I go with the flow and it never fails me.

Right now, I am so happy that February is over. every year I say that too, but especially this year, I feel like February was one the month I really had to live through to get to fun times. I did it. It is done. Now, as I enter the remaining months of 2020, I feel that a lot of interesting and fun times will be opening right in front of me. So, I of course I am quite excited that this day is here.

I continue to do whatever I need to do everyday. Some days it is just laying down and purging outside. Somedays it is interacting with certain people at the right time. There is always something I need to be dong that involves healing because so much healing is going on right now here in Yuma and my little neighborhood. I am not really bored much these days. That time ended. The boredom of waiting patiently pays off and I am always where I need to be.

February 29, 2020 is almost over and in the past. I had to live through 49 days outside to be able to blog about this day. I am doing that right now and laughing at the spiritual world that still tries to cling to me. I know that this tiny little spirit world is so insignificant that I hardly notice anything about it now. I smile and laugh because its time is really over. Oh well, too bad…