Politics During Universe Time

It is very clear what happens to the political arena during Universe Time. I see politics slowly breaking apart because it has always been a very negative spiritual game. Political games have played out for the ages. Nothing new here really except now, politics as a whole is purging!

Year after year, the spiritual game of politics is breaking apart and showing what it really is, a bunch of negative people involved with a power struggle and doing whatever they can to win. The fuel behind this political game is spiritual energy so as the spirits are purged into our Universe, guess what, the game is breaking up. Parts of it that used to be set in stone are loose and fragmented. What used to work so easy is difficult to manage now. Anything goes these days.

Politics during Universe Time is fun to watch. I don’t involve myself with any political activities now, but I love to be the observer and watch how Universe Time is controlling the political game. I thought I would blog about it today since in the USA right now the President gave a big speech last night and it was torn in half by the Speaker of the House. Also the President is involved in an impeachment trial for doing bad things.

So, one thing leads to the next. Every year a little less spiritual control is there and and a lot more reality takes over. The negative people involved with politics will fade away too because their spiritual energies are purging quickly.

This is about all I will say regarding the political realm of spirituality. I let the Universe take care of it now and do not get involved. I know that only the best things are happening and everything will be just fine. Spirits have been in control of politics for so long, I doubt if there was ever a time when spiritual control of some kind was not there.

That is changing now as spirits are purging faster than ever from politics. It will be fun to see the results of spirit free politics. Maybe politics itself will be totally purged away and we can all relax and enjoy ourselves again. The spiritual world of politics is getting smaller everyday and may just disappear totally. A world without politics, hmmm. I kind of like that idea. Let’s see what happens now.