Universe Family Healing Keeps Me Away From the Scammers

I had posted earlier that I was once again going to be involved in a federal job-training program for seniors called Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). I decided it was not going the right way this time and left that whole thing behind me. I made a fraud report to the federal government about it. The program was being run the wrong way and there is definite fraud involved. I knew I had to be far away from that group of people.

So I left. But I had to make sure that my paperwork was not there. I called several times over the past few weeks and received no answer. I kept calling because I wanted to make sure my application and identity information was all shredded. I was not sure why there was no one there. I thought maybe they had closed up finally.

Yesterday I tried one more time and got an answer. Amazing that this agency, Project Ayuda in Tucson is still trying to operate as it crumbles to the ground. I had mailed a letter to them specifically telling them I was done with the program and asked them to shred everything. I wanted to make sure that my request had been followed. It took a whole month for this to be happen. Apparently, my application documents were finally shredded on Monday, March 25th.  I was so glad I persisted and called one more time.

There is no way I can be connected to this fraud set up going on. I am the whistleblower one last time and left at the right time. My identity is secure and I am safe. I will not be prosecuted legally for fraud. I understand that they are used to doing things their way even if it is illegal. I tried to tell this person that it is not a real program without a coordinator but she did not really care.

I tried to explain that participants cannot do assessments and goal planning and act like the coordinator. It was more important to keep that paycheck coming her way. She said, “I am not getting in trouble, they will”, acting as if she would be exempt from any legal hassles.

Blind denial is a hard thing to overcome. All I can do is leave and move on and purge out all of the energies that were supporting this sham organization. I just let the authorities deal with them at the right time.

I am moving forward without any fear or uneasy feelings. I am totally free of all that. Thank goodness I never really participated this time. In fact, I never even got officially enrolled. It was such a big mess.

Purging out evil in my homeland is what I do. I am living in my birthplace, Yuma, AZ, USA and making it better every single day.


Returning To Normalcy: A Calendar Did It

Three years ago, I left a calendar behind. It was a calendar with pictures of the Grand Canyon here in Arizona. I have never been to that place. I know that there is something that will change there in our future. I know that the waters will be returning there more and more and so the canyon walls will be covered. That is all I know about it. I do not want to visit it.

The  calendar I had bought was used when I returned here to Yuma. I was struggling and trying to find a job etc. It did not happen that way. So, the calendar was left at that Dora Ave home. I left it and totally forgot about it. I never really cared about calendars after that, until today that is. I just downloaded a pretty little March 2019 calendar. It is the right kind of calendar for me. I love colors and flowers.

So, I have this calendar on my refrigerator now. It is blank except for my son’s birthday which is coming in a few weeks. I must need it for some reason. I feel there are many activities opening up soon and I will need to write them l down, just like I always did in the past. My life continues to normalize.

Three years have gone by. I can return to normalcy now as I move forward. More stabilization happens. I can feel it and know that changes are all in my favor. Getting rid of the scams around me has been a big obstacle in my way. I had to overcome those scams here in Arizona. I have been successful in doing that. There are no more scams or shams in front of me. I have purged them out completely.




A Sham Here in Yuma Has Been Purged

Sham: a thing that is not what it is purported to be.

I was going to be working at a place here in Yuma (Adult Literacy Plus of Southwest AZ) that was hosting a Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP). But I was never able to really get involved. There was a lot of unknowns here. I was in the SCSEP once before and it was just fine. That time it was administered through the Goodwill and AARP. We had a full-time paid coordinator here locally and everything moved along swiftly. Not this time though. A sham was in full control.

As I went along waiting for papers to come in the mail from Tucson, they never came, and to this day, 2-28-19, still have not come. I then decided that this was a sham and did not need me to be involved. I was taking myself out of it and did so yesterday. I will never be a part of any shams involving government agencies and funding. This program is entirely grant funded by the federal government and of course it has certain requirements.

Today, I notified the grantee company (National Association for Hispanic Elderly) in Pasadena, CA that I wanted to be removed from this program and then tried to call their Tucson regional office (Project Ayuda) but no one is there. The phone just rings and rings. So I mailed a letter to those people in Tucson telling them to shred all of my information. I don’t really know what happened today except that I am out of there and actively purging the rest of this shams’ energies. It is almost over now.

I also made a fraud report to the US Government via their US Government Accountability Office: https://www.gao.gov/cgi-bin/fraudnet.cgi. This grantee fraud involved the US Department of Labor which administers the SCSEP and their misuse use of government funds.

I am sure this is the very last sham set up I will ever have to deal with. I am sure that there are no other shams lurking out there somewhere. And again I had prior experience with this program with no problems. But that unfortunately has changed with this other agency. I am sure at one time Project Ayuda did things the right way, but not now.

It is interesting that this really was a sham. I didn’t even think that at first. I simply went along and gradually the truth emerged! This program has no coordinator! It is being run by the SCSEP participants. That is not real. The SCSEP participants are not capable to do the assessments and goal planning that a coordinator does. These program participants in Tucson are not qualified to do what is required to run this program safely and legally. This is a sham program.

It took awhile for me to discover this. Now that I know the truth, the sham falls apart very quickly. So that is really why no one answers the phone today in Tucson. Something changed.

As I go with the flow, I constantly adjust and move along. I know that this time is purging out fast. I see that today, in other parts of the planet, there are truths being told too. The criminals get exposed and the frauds are sent away. The truth is very easy to present now. Many people who live in the dark do not like to hear the truth. When they hear the truth now, they fade and fall down, and that is what happened today in Tucson, AZ.

I have broken apart scams and shams before. This one caught me by surprise a little, but no harm done. I will never be involved with any fraudulent activities. I always end up purging out the spiritual fuel behind the farce. It fades away on the Universe very fast and moves far away from me.