A Rainy Day in February

Yesterday I sat on my friend’s porch watching the February 10th rainfall. I am still actively purging outside and staying warm and dry too. Soon I am back inside my friend’s truck and stay there for the rest day and night. I check the future weather forecasts for this month and see that there is no other rain for February. This rain was necessary to wash the neighborhood where I am staying. That’s behind me now. I of course survived the day and night of rain quite easily even though I am Living Outside right now.

I am back at the library this morning to charge up the phone and post this on my blog. The winds returned and that is going away too later today. The rest of the month is in the high 60s and 70s, ending at 80 degrees! So I am not concerned about the month of February because we have mild winters here in Yuma. I am living outside and can move forward with my purging/healing quite easily. 

The neighborhood where I am staying is healing. I started living here over 3 years ago. It was a place with well kept homes right next to homes with mini junk yards. There is definite improvement here. This is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Yuma. There was a blanket of thick spiritual energy around this neighborhood and it is breaking apart so fast these days. I see the results right in front of me.

Right now there is a neighborhood cleanup going on and lots of junk and other items are being discarded and picked for free by the city of Yuma. I see a lot more participation in this city wide clean up program this year. That is a good sign that my healing is really doing positive things here.

The rain came at the right too. It has helped to give the area a fresh, clean feeling. I certainly feel it. I know it was planned to make things hard on me but really nothing is hard during Universe Time. I just go with the flow and the day opens up as it should. I do what is necessary and then rest. That is what life is like in Universe Time.

Purging unwanted items is an important part of Universe Family Healing. I have done so much of this that I really have nothing left to throw away. But the people in this neighborhood are just starting their purging time. I don’t have to be here to keep it going either. Purging of junk and old cars will continue here even if I am not here to observe. I know it will continue until all of the mini junkyards are gone and there are beautiful little gardens in the front and back yards once again, just like there was along time ago.

That is about all i can say here. I know my time in this neighborhood is ending soon. Of course that will happen at the right time as usual. Until then, I am enjoying my Outside Time. I feed the ants and see the beauty of nature around me. I hear the doves and they are all around me throughout the day. I am able to be in nature right now and there is nothing wrong.

How can there be? Universe Time is in control of this month and every month I live in. I am sure that some day, months will no longer exist! We will just live each and every day the Universe way.

There is never going to be another bad time again. The spirits know this and are purging faster and faster all of the time. The February Blues cannot do anything to me. I am in control of the spirits and they are gone. Contact me for your Universe Family Healing session.  I am offering sessions right now for only $25.00! I can assure you that your February wll turn right around and be fun and relaxing.





Trauma Leaves My Neighborhood

There is evidence of the trauma layers leaving my neighborhood now. More purging and merging of the negative layers around Yuma Townsite has resulted in wonderful changes. I see trash and mini-junkyards being removed. I see trees being trimmed neatly and fences being installed. I see all of this right outside my front door.

I hear the spirit sounds coming from the local high school. Yuma High School has been stuck with having the most unbelievable mascot, a Criminal, for over 100 years. It was in 1917 when they took on the mascot Criminals. This is because the high school got its start at the Yuma Territorial Prison. What a bad place to start a high school! No wonder the negativity has clung to our educational institutions.

I always thought it was ridiculous, but there is a heavy negative mindset here in Yuma which has allowed this atrocious mascot to remain bonded to that school. That mindset is being purged! I hear those spirit noises coming directly from Yuma High School  everyday. I walk outside and hear those noises right away. I hear them right now as I am sitting inside my home. The high-pitched purging noises have been going on for several months now.

This curse over Yuma High School is being lifted finally. I am sure that soon, there will be a major change about all of this. In fact the change is going to affect not just Yuma High School but high schools everywhere as this negative bond has kept the high school set up intact. That is why there is so many negative activities going on in high schools today. I have experienced first hand these negative activities so I know what I am talking about.

It is an exciting time for me as I see how powerful my healing has become. I am hearing the trauma layers purging. This is amazing. It is happening all of the time right here where I live. Just recently we have had several incidents of students overdosing on Fentanyl. This happened at Yuma High school and San Luis High School. Finally the news here is reporting these things.

Those negative events are stopping. The spirit layers that have fueled those problems are purging. I know this is the end of the high school set up forever. In the future we will no longer have any high schools as they are being purged out by the Universe everyday. High schools have become way too negative. There is only one solution, to shut down high schools permanently. The Universe does this over time. It is an automatic natural phenomenon.

I was always aware that the spiritual invasion came through the schools. I had to work at several schools in CA during my professional nursing career. I even worked as a paraprofessional here in Yuma at Kofa High School. I saw how bad things are in the high schools. I even told our governor Mr. Doug Ducey, that profanity in the schools was being ignored. I see that I had to be the one to work there in order to release this negative setup. Now we will see the positive changes. There will be a release of all of the trauma around public schools. Trauma layers from the schools are going out on the Universe and far away from humans.

As a result there will be a major transformation occurring. This means there will be alternative ways of educating our children. Public schools right now remain unsafe. It is not the best place for children. This will also result in the elimination of mascots everywhere entirely. We do not need to have mascots representing our schools. The school mascot is just another spiritual layer which causes negative problems.

Trauma leaves my neighborhood and so trauma is leaving the neighborhoods everywhere in our great country. There will not be the violence and drug use of the past. Those days are gone. Universe Family Healing removes trauma from our neighborhoods.