I Walk Through The Negative World And It Collapses Behind Me

One thing I have found out through the years is never let go of my normal routine. I am able to continue on and not be threatened or swayed by the spiritual energy setups around me.

Routines are positive human activities such as work and school. Rituals are not human routines. Rituals are alien activities. Spiritual alien activities came from other worlds that have died. Somehow, these spirits have continued here on Earth, trying to keep itself going. Spiritual worlds always die. But that will not happen here on my planet!

have been able to overcome and purge my spiritual activities. I am in control of the spiritual activities around me, instead of the spirits in control. That is how I have been able to survive and return to my homeland. Universe Family Healing took me away from the negative world I was stuck in and moved me home.

I am a very independent person. I do not need guidance of any kind. I always know what to do. My living world grows and remains safe and comfortable in even the most extreme negative environments.

The Universe removes all the badness. I am connected directly to the Universe. I feel the constant flow of energy through my hands, feet, body. I am totally in control of whatever situation I become involved in. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing is constant and permanent.

I have no fear. The negative world is behind me, constantly breaking apart. The spirit setups cannot repeat their cycle of threes, so the spirits are gone from this year! Every year, this continues. There will be less spiritual control over human lives as a result.

This process of purging and merging the spirits into our Universe allows humans to live a very good life. And this will never stop now. Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing the spiritual worlds around humans.

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Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer