Spiritual Dreams Are Not Real

Our world is becoming very real again. The time of dreams is over. The dreams we had as young children are not going to happen. Those dreams were spiritually made throughout our sleeping times. Spirits were able to use our sleeping eyes and brains to manufacture these fake worlds. And as a result the real world became small and hidden from view.

At the end of each spiritual year, dreams are renewed by the spirits. They try to make the next year their own by setting up living situations in your dream time. Once you begin to purge out this part of your body, (ie your eyes and brain), your dream time with spirits is over. They may still try to make you have a dream now and then, but it is very silly and non effective.

Nightmares that our children have are always manufactured by spiritual energy setups. A child can effectively purge out this set up and remain nightmare free. It is easy for a child to do this if it handled properly. Otherwise the spirits will continue to layer themselves upon children as they grow into adulthood. That is why so many so-called specialists are doing a SCAM business interpreting dreams. It is just ridiculous. All that is needed is a good purging of that spirit dream set up.

Spirits have controlled our nighttimes for a very long time. That is the time when they are most active because during the day, our real bodies take control. At night we sleep and so we are not as powerful to stop spirit activities from occurring. But even now I have a dream or two. In fact, a few nights ago I had one in which the spirits were showing me my wallet all torn up and empty. They play on what is supposed to be our worst fears and make them as real as possible.

In this dream I was just showing them my hands and telling them I purge spirits through them. That is how far I have come in ending my spiritual dreams. It was very funny really. I was in total control of that dream. I doubt that I will have anymore spiritual dreams. This is the end of a ten-year cycle that the spirits are trying to renew with me, but I have purged so much that they are done. They cannot go on with me because they are all being purged out of me and moving back into our Universe.

The California Dream is a huge setup of spirits trying to make California their playground (ie: Disneyland, Hollywood, Burger joints). It lasted for a very long time, but as many can see, it is not a good place anymore. I can say this because I was there living through this dream. I lived there for over 55 years! In fact I lived very close to Disneyland for many years as a young girl. I left California two years ago because it just did not get any better. I returned home to Yuma, AZ, USA, and feel wonderful that I finally made it out of the California Dream.