Autism is a Spiritual Condition…

I am again posting about autism. I read an article this morning from The Telegraph and made a comment there. I have stated again my theory about why magnetite is in the human brain. Please read on and think about what I am saying here. It is the real truth. You only get the truth here on

Here is the link to the article:

My comment:

From a Universal Healer’s perspective, autism has a spiritual etiology. It is not a medical condition. It is due to the this very negative spiritual energy field surrounding the child and family at birth. It gets worse progressively as the baby grows and inhibits normal brain development. Of course there are varying degrees of this condition. It is not a medical problem and that is why all the medical treatments for this condition do nothing. I purge and merge these magnetic spiritual energy fields into our universe’s magnetic field. Spiritual energy contains magnetite and is therefore very magnetic.

The medical profession and scientific world in general do not accept the reality of spiritual energy. This article talks about “environmental factors” as the cause of autism. These research scientists will never accept the truth. Spiritual energy is real. It contains magnetite (a very magnetic natural occurring mineral). And magnetite has been found in the human brain. But scientists are not sure why it is there..

My theory is that magnetite is the real measurable part of this energy. And since humans all have this in our brains, it connects us in this spiritual web. When I purge out this energy, the web of spirituality diminishes. I purge and merge this energy all the time. It is automatic for me and not conditional on someone “hiring” me to heal them. I am now just purging and merging spiritual energy all the time. Since I do this universally, the entire universe benefits.  Spiritual energy is used to strengthen the magnetic fields of our universe. So, we remain in a very good balance with the sun. This allows life on our planet Earth to continue by putting spiritual energy back where it is most useful, in the universe,  and removing it from around humans where it is quite deadly…

Hope this makes sense to you. It is really a very easy phenomenon to understand. Spiritual energy is not human energy. It is alien….

One day, I know that autism in any form will no longer exist.