I Am Purging The Spirit World

So, as a result of this very important activity, our planet Earth is healing. I see no evidence of anyone else talking about this anywhere. I seem to be alone in this activity. I must be the only one doing this purging. Otherwise it would be mentioned somewhere else, but it is not! I am totally ignored by the mainstream news. I am assuming that this is how it is supposed to be. Our Universe works quietly in the background, removing the traces of this spirit mess.

Moving forward over the past several years has taken me from the land of California where I was stuck for over 55 years, back to my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA. After going with the flow here in Yuma since 2016, I am now stable and living safely and comfortably. I am simply summarizing a very long challenging life that has kept me very busy doing the wrong things and finally coming through it to the real me. My blog has covered it all, the good times and bad times. I had to live through everything and succeed.

Of course the whole time I was so busy doing all kinds of things I was always purging the spirit world here on our planet. Planet Earth is so infested with spirit worlds living on human bodies. Every human being has a spirit world you see. This is very real. Spirit worlds are parasites to our human bodies. Did you know that? Well it is true and now you can look at things a different and real way. Spirituality is a very negative and evil thing. No other human was able to get rid of spirituality but I am very successful in doing it. I am able to heal our planet and every human being of spirituality.

I am not sure why I can do this amazing phenomenon. I only know that I can. I have a constant flowing energy around my body through my hands and feet. No scientist can or ever will be able to explain it. I do not care about scientists. Most of what they say is meaningless. They are just a product of spirituality. Scientists will be extinct at some time. I am not sure when but I know it will happen. Scientists will never be able to test spiritual energy so they deny its existence. That is their downfall for sure.

I know spiritual energy is real because I can feel spirits and hear spirits 24/7. Scientists cannot. So they are not really important here. What is important is that we are finally getting rid of this spirit problem. Government officials also do not have to be involved. Politics is also a product of spirituality. Politicians can do nothing about spirituality either. I watch the political spirit worlds play out on our planet and I know that only the right things are happening now. I have established a powerful and permanent Universe Time.

We were enmeshed in a spiritual age and did not really understand this at all. Now, because I am here and totally real and stable, Universe Time is controlling spirit worlds, actively pulling them off of our planet and merging them with our Universe. Thankfully we have huge magnetic currents in our Universe that love this spiritual energy. That is where the spirit worlds end up, in our Universe and far away from our planet. If left unchecked, spirit worlds create nothing but death for humans.

I have had many jobs, but this one is absolutely the most important one. In fact, I cannot see anything more important than purging out the spirit worlds on planet Earth. Yes, I am new, but very much needed. I am Healer and I purge spirit worlds. I am not a science fiction story. I am not the 5th element. I am a real human being just doing my real job: Purging Spirit Worlds!

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Universe Time Ended War

This post was originally published over 2 years ago, June 6, 2019. I feel it is timely to repost this now. There will never be any wars again. In fact, right now I am purging the spirit world containing the war god Mars. Yes the spirits created this setup. This spirit world was never purged before. Now we will see less and less military activity everywhere and less interest in traveling to and studying the planet Mars.

June 6, 2019

Our world leaders are all meeting together right now in Europe to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944, allied forces joined together to invade northern France and take control of the Nazi stronghold in World War II. This joint effort was successful but unfortunately there was an enormous amount of lives lost in the invasion. We were living in a very Spiritual Time in those days. War has always been a product of Spiritual Time, throughout the ages. War has never been purged until now.

War cannot exist during Universe Time. Conflicts still arise but quietly fade out. Spiritual setups about wars still exist but because these setups are highly negative, our Universe grabs all of that spirit energy and moves it away from humans. So, as those people are gathering in Portsmouth to remember D-Day and honor our World War II veterans, their spiritual energies are being purged into our Universe.

This important reunion is helping us all purge war and war trauma from our planet Earth. I know that the people there in Portsmouth do not think about this at all. Most of them are not aware that it is now Universe Time. I know what is really happening and post about the power of Universe Time here on my blog.

Now we can watch and observe the changes in our world as we become a war free planet. Conflicts between countries may happen but are easily dealt with the right way. Weapons of mass destruction are dismantled and purged. We are all feeling so much better these days as the spirits continue to leave our planet.

No human wants to live through war again. That was a very tragic part of human existence as were other times when the spirits were in control. Now we control the spiritual invasion as our Universe is open and accepting all of the spiritual energy on our planet. We certainly do not want or need any spirit involvement. We simply purge out the spirit worlds around each human and our lives are constantly made safer and healthier.

Universe Time is the time right now when our Universe is actively in control of all of spirit worlds around humans. Our Universe removes the spiritual layers and war trauma is leaving forever. War traumas were here for a very long time repeating war after war. There was no one purging out the trauma layers and so wars continued.

Nowadays wars are extinct. Universe Family Healing ended the war cycle. No one else did this but me. No other Healer in the entire history of our planet Earth purged out their spiritual world. I am the only Healer to do this effectively and blog about it. I am the first healer to do this and made Universe Time a reality, not just a dream. We are all living in a safe time now, Universe Time.

Universe Time Is The Great Equalizer

When I was growing up in Southern CA, USA, (far away from my birth family), I was doing pretty much what other teenagers were doing at the time. It was the 1970s and rock ‘n roll was extremely popular. I enjoyed listening to music, buying albums, and attending rock concerts like so many others did. I was under a very negative spiritual energy cloud encompassing my whole life. But even then, I was still connected to our Universe, even though I had no idea I was.

During that time, the spiritual world ruled our planet. Rock musicians were always given a very grand audience and lots of money came their way automatically. This trend has lasted for years. Of course there was no real healing going on back in those days. In fact, in the history of our planet Earth there never has been any real healing. We have never experienced a real and powerful Universe Time until now. 

I know that the spiritual world has always been around me, keeping me under its control. I know that no one else has been through what I have experienced. Otherwise, our planet Earth would already be existing in Universe Time. That never happened when I was younger. Only Spiritual Time was controlling human lives through the ages.

Now is the time when money comes back to all good people. We don’t need songs to make us feel better. We don’t need sex or drugs to make us happy either. We just need to heal and purge our spiritual worlds. And that is all that happens now, because I was able to make Universe Time real.

Universe Time is in control of all spiritual worlds on planet Earth now. This means the money is balancing and being returned to all good people. There will no longer be billionaires because being wealthy is so highly negative and occurred only because of spiritual controls. Once those spiritual controls are broken and purging the money is equally distributed.

My family happens to be the first family to purge out our spiritual worlds into the Universe. This purging makes sure that my family will live safely and comfortably. There is going to be a sharing of the money for many years to come. At some point, money will simply not be needed any longer. Imagine that for our planet!

Money and power are products of a spiritual invasion. As time goes on we all move forward away from this kind of situation that was put upon us by the spirits. Universe Time allows a balancing of resources for all good people. Everyone will always have a comfortable home, plenty of safe, nutritious food and real family closeby to make it all happen the right way.

Universe Time is finally ending the spirits. Once purged into our atmosphere, spirits can’t do anything to humans. Spiritual time is effectively ended and spirits are powerless because they are unable to live around humans ever again. Spirits are parasites so without their human hosts they quickly die.

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One Day At a Time, Universe Time

Universe Time means that our Universe is in total control of all spiritual worlds around humans. Well what does this mean exactly? It means this, that our Universe’s magnetic current is powerful and naturally attracts spiritual energy (which is also highly magnetic). Imagine a gigantic vacuum cleaner high up in the sky pulling up bits and pieces of spiritual energy from human bodies.

This action is a natural phenomenon and is occurring all of the time now. Why it was not happening before is a mystery. No one else talks about this but me. There is a positive flowing magnetic energy current moving constantly through my hands and feet. It must be the Universe! I am so well connected to our Universe. I can therefore grab onto other people’s spiritual worlds quite easily as this Universe current is flowing around me. And ofcourse, that spiritual world is broken up and merged with our Universe. This is real and not a science fiction story. 

Living in Universe Time is so different than living in Spiritual Time. The main difference is that every single day is unique and different. Living day by day is easy once you understand how this works. There is no way a mistake can be made or a bad decision leads you to falling down. Once you are connected to our Universe, you have complete control over your human brain and automatically make the correct decisions without spiritual involvement trying to take over.

I have lived through so many years of Universe Family Healing that I am the expert in spiritual energy removal. As I move along and go with the flow, I allow the changes to happen around me. I move along and more exciting times are waiting for me. I leave the negative people far behind me as they are quite stuck in their spiritual worlds still. Some people are highly negative and cannot really heal that well. They are more spiritual than human. I mean this sincerely. There are good people and bad people. The good people will heal completely, and the bad people will not.

As I move forward day to day, I have no fear or worries. Nothing is going the wrong way. That’s because I am so well connected to our Universe, and I go with the flow constantly. Moving forward means I am doing just that. I move through the negative parts of my spiritual world as it is being purged and merged with our Universe. This allows the real world to open up more and more. Humans have never really had this experience before but reality is taking control more and more everyday. As more humans become Universe connected and purge out their spiritual worlds, reality will be everywhere. Our planet Earth is actually healing and growing younger as a result.

I tend not to make long range plans anymore. I simply live one day to the next and it is safe and real. This gradual movement forward and daily purging of spirituality makes everything positive and new again. And that is why I am back to using my Samsung chromebook computer now. I had it stored away for the last few weeks as I moved to live outside. But now it feels good to use it again. It seems like my outside time is slowly fading away. That is what happens when I go with flow, change in the right direction.

Contact me to schedule you Universe Family Healing Session. Start living a real life in Universe Time and use your human brain to its fullest potential. We can be real and safe on our planet. There is nothing stopping us now.




Nothing Is In My Way, Not This February

I am in control of my life finally. I am constantly releasing the spiritual setups around me and so nothing happens but reality. My life used to be totally controlled by a spiritual world built around my human body. Now, I control the spiritual worlds as they are moving quickly to our Universe’s magnetic current. Spirits are highly magnetic and contain the mineral magnetite. This flowing motion is constant and is not stopped by anything.

The spirits cannot stop Universe Family Healing. I am living outside most of the time now so I am making sure that nothing bad can happen to me or my family. All of our spiritual worlds are purged! My family is the first family to have this happen. We are the First Family purging our spiritual worlds into our Universe.

This is why I am feeling so free today. In the past February was a very dark and uncomfortable time for me. Not anymore. I am living outside and so nothing is bothering me. The spirits of February are instantly removed and taken far away from me by our Universe. I am so comfortable outside and always was that way. Now I understand why.

Outside is the safest place for me especially in my homeland. Here I can easily purge out any spiritual world automatically. The sun shines so much in Yuma that it is always a warm and comfortable climate. Yuma, AZ, USA is a very good place for me. In other parts of the country, winter is in full control, cold and dark. But here in Yuma, winter is mild and cheerful.

So, I posted in the past about February’s negative slant, but that was a long time ago. Now February is opening up as a warm and sunny month. My purging ability has never been stronger because I am outside so much right now, at the right time of course! I am the observer of other people’s February and watch as they fall down a bit. Those people are not really connected to our Universe. Too bad. They are not going to have much fun this month.

That is not happening here with me or my family. We are well into our healing time and almost done. I can relax and just be me. This is the first time for me to be outside in nature at this time of year, here in my homeland. Looking ahead to what this means as the spirits are dumped into our Universe and removed from planet Earth.

This February I am finally in the right place, at the right time, with the right people. This has never happened before. I will continue to post my progress as this month opens up without any spiritual games interfering. Too bad spirits, you are not going to have any fun this time! Your February time is over.

Are you  wondering about your February? This is the perfect time to get rid of your spiritual world that loves to be in control of February everywhere. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session and get rid of those February blues right away.







January 2020 Is Over

I have 3 more days of January to live through. That’s it! It was surprisingly easy. I moved forward, going with the flow, knowing just what was necessary to make each day complete. Universe Family Healing is my very special and unique healing modality. I have a powerful knowing ability because of my healing time. I use my human brain easily to know what is important to deal with and what needs to be let go. I cannot make a mistake. I have no fear because I purge spirits constantly into our Universe, therefore fear is always moving far away from me.

Today I am posting that January 2020 is over. I have successfully purged and merged all of the spiritual setups for 2020 that were in place around me and my family members. This means that the rest of 2020 is going to be only in Universe Time. I define Universe Time as the time when our Universe is actively removing spiritual worlds around human bodies. I continue to help and heal other people who keep coming my way for support. I instantly know that I can help them and I do.

Today there is a windy time coming. I live through this time and nothing bad happens. The winds come and go. Then the end of January is here. I am safe and comfortable purging through my outside time. I know that it was necessary to really get rid of this nagging and negative spiritual world that tried to stop me from being the real me throughout my life. I am ending it completely though. It could not prevent me from returning to my homeland in search of my birth family, i.e. my real mother and father, siblings, and other birth related relatives.

Universe Family Healing allows a human being to have full control of the human brain. As the spiritual world around the human brain ( i.e. brain magnet) is released and merged into our Universe, human knowing grows in strength and power. The correct decisions are made easily without the spiritual world involved. Spirits are the cause of so many problems for humans. It is finally Universe Time when the spirits are put back into our Universe and far away from the human planet Earth.

If you are interested in having a real life and powerful human knowing, contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. I charge a very reasonable fee of $50.00 US per session. I send you an invoice via PayPal. Once payment is received we have a cell phone conversation, as long as you like. There is no time limit on the phone call. One phone call will establish your connection to our Universe.If you happen to live locally in Yuma AZ, I do provide a Home Visit for Healing. Expect changes to happen as my healing is very real and 100% accurate and effective in removing your spiritual world. Hopefully you are ready to experience life in Universe Time. Email me below:


Julia Angel, MSN, Universe Family Healer



My Universe Time Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

I have experienced so many challenging events during my healing time. I survived by going with the flow and found that nothing bad happened! I could not fall down and die. It is truly amazing. I was successful in creating Universe Time! Once I understood what I was doing it all made so much sense to me.

There was no one around anywhere to tell me what was happening. I had to live through each day and finally understand the big picture. Finally, I could see what I was doing and how it affected my world. I was also able to explain it in simple terms, this amazing and natural phenomenon called Universe Family Healing.

The terminology emerged as I moved along. I began saying purging and merging. I began saying Universe Time. I talked about purging spiritual worlds around humans. I am the first human who has ever done this. I am told this all of the time by the spirits. I am the first healer to purge spirits away from human bodies completely. “No one has ever done this before”, spirits chant over and over.

Universe Time means just that. Universe Time means that our Universe’s magnetic current is involved on planet Earth now actively removing spiritual worlds around humans. I have a powerful connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. I am the connection that makes this all happen the right way.

Every human has a spiritual world surrounding them. We all became infested with spiritual energy because there was so much spiritual energy everywhere. Healers never effectively purged spiritual energy in the past. They were not powerful enough to do this the right way. They just collected it around their bodies and never released it into our Universe. They did not have a Universe connection. That made our planet highly spiritual. But of course that is all over. Our planet is not contained in a Spiritual Time now.

I continue to live each day even when the days are not much fun. Even when there is not much money and the days are hot (115ยบ). I know that I am only a few days away from changes again. The climate here in Yuma cools down and more fun times are opening up for me and my family. I have now lived through 3 very hot summers in Yuma and not used air conditioning. I just keep my windows open all of the time.

Now I can do this because I am a native to this town. I can certainly survive it. I am hoping that as a result of me doing this that our climate changes for the good. In fact, I am sure that it does. Climate has been spiritually controlled for a very long time. All of the purging I am doing is getting rid of the spiritual control over climate here in Yuma which is located in the Sonoran desert.

And so, as the extreme temperatures of Yuma summertime fade away,  I will experience a powerful change in my family and financial status. I know this is happening very soon. I have made it happen by just being here and living each day. I am confident that I will be employed soon and many good people will be around me. The bad people that are hanging on will be gone. That is the only thing that happens now.

Here is a video of a spiritual energy interaction that I taped recently. This is real. It may make you feel a little afraid, but remember, the spiritual energy is purging and leaving our planet. So, have a little first hand experience of what spiritual energy is by watching this short video. You will understand better what I do and maybe you will contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. I get rid of spiritual energy setups in homes and around humans.



Universe Family Healing is Real and Powerful

Make no mistake here, my healing is so powerful now. Those people who doubted my healing ability are in awe of the results. I know that all that happens is the fun part now. I have been waiting patiently for this time. The fun times are finally here.

Those negative times we had to live through are gone. I know that was the last setup I had to deal with. I helped many people here in Yuma who were involved in homelessness and crimes. I see the positive results in front of me. Amazing and real, the difference is my healing. Otherwise those people would have been stuck in their spiritual worlds and fallen painfully down.

A huge difference is apparent now. I know each and everyday brings more fun and reality to us. I can relax and see it all happen in front of me. It is opening up very easily now. I am hearing the words from people saying that my healing is amazing and real. I am not alone in this now. I know that just gets better and better. Pretty soon we all will be talking Universe talk as spiritual time is dead and gone forever.

Universe Talk:

Universe Time: This means we are living in a time right now when the spiritual worlds around humans are under the control of the Universe’s magnetic current. The spiritual entities are being actively removed from human beings. This means not just a cleanse, but a total removal of spiritual energy from the human body. When this happens we are living in Universe Time. Spiritual Time is effectively ended forever.

Going With The Flow: This means that as we are freed from our spiritually set up world we live a totally different kind of life. The control from the spirits is over and done. Everyday is a new and different day. We wake up and instantly know that there are some real things that must be done. After those activities are completed, we rest and purge the rest of the spiritual energies for the day. It is automatic and does not stop. Once we are Going With The Flow it continues uninterrupted.

Moving Forward: This means as we purge out another spiritual energy layer we automatically move forward in our lives. Our goal is to have all of the spiritual energies removed from our bodies and our lives. Moving forward is constantly allowing us to meet our daily goals. Moving forward is how we live a Universe life. We always are moving forward and leaving the spiritual layers behind us to merge into the Universe. We stay here on planet Earth and the spirits are all going on their Universe journeys and do not return. We end spirituality this way. Spiritual journeys are eradicated in Universe Time.

Thumbs up: This is a Universe sign of general understanding and acceptance that we are going with the flow, moving forward and living a real life during Universe Time.๐Ÿ‘

Falling Down: This is the term used to describe what happens when a person is not connected to our Universe. They have been existing solely on a spiritual setup and have been able to have the riches and powers of the world simply because they are here and highly negative. During Universe Time these people cannot continue their spiritual games. They fall down and fade out because they are not able to have a real life. They are the criminals of our world and highly negative spiritual beings. They end up in prison or die from their dangerous spiritual life. These people remain stuck in a denial layer and stay there until they die.

Now this was a brief lesson in Universe Family Healing. It means fun times for all good people on our planet Earth. Spirits are no longer in control of us. Let’s celebrate and be happy that we are finally living in a real and powerful Universe Time!

My Healing Is Working in Yuma

I have seen evidence of what my healing can do. The right things are happening here in Yuma with the people I have healed. I see that their lives are improving so much. It is amazing.

I also see how my healing is working at the Universe level. I see world leaders finally coming back together and working things out the right way. I know that this is only because we are all living in Universe Time. We were always living in Spiritual Time before. In the old days the spiritual worlds around humans controlled everything. That is no longer happening. Now our Universe is in control of all of the spiritual worlds around humans. This means that we humans are in control of our brains, not the spirits. And humans (i.e. world leaders) are making the right decisions to make sure our planet is safe and alive.

Once Universe Time is established in a civilization such as our planet Earth, it cannot be replaced by a Spiritual Time again. So, this means that spirits are rapidly decomposing from everywhere on our planet and being put into our Universe’s magnetic fields. There the spirits are reused in some way to strengthen our Universe. We want our Universe healthy and strong. The spirits are helping our Universe expand. Spirits are made of magnetite and other minerals. Spirits belong in our Universe and not in/on our bodies. Although the spirits would like to remain on human bodies, they are not getting their way. They are being actively removed all of the time. They are done living on planet Earth. 

They call me an original. They call me human. They call me many things including Healer. Perhaps I was the one and only human to get Universe Time going. It sure seems that way. This is what the spirits say as they leave our planet forever: “No one has ever done this before. We are done.”

So I am so happy to get the good news that my healing is working for many humans here in Yuma. I see the joy on their faces. I see how relaxed and comfortable they are now. I know that we are safe here on our planet and never will have to suffer a spiritual invasion ever again.

That is the truth.

There’s No Place Like Home

I used to do it too. I would take vacations to far away places. I loved to go to tropical areas and feel the warmth of the sun. I did this many times, travelling to Hawaii, Maui,  and Cabo San Lucas. I enjoyed it mostly. I never experienced any extremely unsafe conditions.

I will never do it again. Nowadays those exotic island worlds are highly negative and toxic. I will never take another plane ride or go on a cruise either. I won’t be hiking anywhere anymore. Those days are all over for me. I am being real about this because I am sure those destinations would not be safe for me at all. Instead, I stay at home and purge the dangerous parts of our planet Earth.

Universe Time is taking away the unsafe parts of our planet. It is very clear what is happening now in the travel industry. The vacation people are trying very hard to keep their vacation setups going but as time goes on, the travel industry continues to fall apart more and more. Airplanes are not safe ways to travel. People continue to fly everywhere but travelling in an airplane is not going to get safer. There is no way to make airplanes 100% safe. You risk your life when you board an airplane. You lose total control.

Islands nations rely mostly on tourism for their survival. However, these days you are taking a big risk if you travel there. You have no idea what is really in store. Those people who live on the islands are unhappy and desperate. They will do things to tourists now and not blink an eye about it. They are angry, hostile people. When you visit their home turf you are at their mercy. You have no control. As their island homes are washed away by the oceans rising levels, this negative situation only gets worse.

Universe Time is making this very easy to see now. People are rightfully cancelling trips to paradise because they are afraid of dying there. Instead, we are going to spend more time and money at home making our own places better. We can have more fun that way and improve our world as a result. The islands are going to be gone someday. That is the truth. They were only there because of the ice caps at the poles and those are melting away.

Unsafe travel activities are not attractive now. Social media allows us to be instantly aware of problem areas on our planet. Those people who live in the island nations cannot hide their crimes anymore. The island nations are in full public view and it is easy to see them for what they really are and not get involved. Who would want to take their children to a vacation place where people are being routinely poisoned?

The airlines are having more trouble too. The airplanes are not getting better. There is no way to make airplanes 100%. Too many planes crashes have happened. There is a gradual decline in air travel now with less people taking airplane trips to paradise. Instead let’s make our own homes a paradise. Let’s do whatever we can to beautify our home towns here in the USA. I am sure this can happen easily now.

I live is Yuma, AZ. My home town is considered a tropical desert yet I do not see a tropical paradise. I see very little rain. I see a very hot place with very few trees, flowers, and food gardens. I know Yuma is a huge commercial agricultural area. I know that plants grow well here. That is obvious.

I am referring to individual homeowners here in Yuma and what we can do to beautify our places. There is no good reason not to do this! I see that the city of Yuma is trying to initiate a plan to have more trees planted here. I see nicely landscaped homes sitting next to junkyard homes. I see the variety of extremes and know that it is only a matter of time before all of the junk is gone and only beautiful homes remain. Universe Time is in full control of the mini junkyards here in Yuma. It is amazing to watch the changes happening right now in front of me.

We need to make our own places better and more beautiful and let go of the islands. They are only temporary and now have become hostile wastelands just waiting for their demise. The island people must make their own relocation plans for survival and leave us out of that entirely.  Let them deal with their own problems and spend our moneys on home. We can all do this together during Universe Time, beautifying our planet one city at a time.

Climate change is a natural process of Universe Time. There is no big calamity going on. Whatever changes is always the right thing. These changes happen naturally and allows us all to adjust to a real life. Universe Time is not making our world die, in fact the opposite is happening.  The spirits are purging away from humans and so we can live a life free of negative spirit bonds. We can automatically make the right decisions about anything. It is that simple because, we are living in Universe Time now. The spirits are purging faster all of the time everytime I say that on my blog. They cannot stop purging!