Universe Family Healing is Real And Powerful

There was a time when our planet Earth was pure and young. It was so long ago. There were only a few humans here. But soon planet Earth became a refugee planet. Humans from other worlds found their way here. It was done very differently then. Planet Earth was quite small. Those people who sought refuge here on planet Earth came with an infestation. They were highly infested with spirits. The older parts of our planet Earth (i.e. Europe) have a heavy infestation of spirits still.

Healers of the past were never able to remove spirits from the human body. Healers from long ago were weak and treated poorly. Healers may have removed the spirits from someone but kept the spirits intact. Therefore the spirits were never really purged. Purging is what happens with Universe Family Healing. Purging means the spirits are merged with the Universe’s magnetic field. The Universe pulls the spirits away from me all of the time. Our outside atmosphere is our Universe. That is where the spirits are going now.

Spirits are parasites to the human body. Spirits are not supposed to be with humans. They are invaders. Healers of the past kept the spirits with them. That caused so many problems to happen. More and more spiritual worlds grew around the healers of the past. There was no purging of the spirits into the Universe. Other human worlds died because spirits took control of the humans. All spirits do is cause death for the human race. Spirits cannot live without a human host.

Those ancient healers had no connection to the Universe. They were simply playing a spiritual game for money and so it became a scam and healers in general got a bad reputation. I am not sure why those healers could not do it the right way. It seems that they were too negatively infested and just succumbed in the end without purging out their spiritual nature. That is the truth! They just kept healing others but did not purge out their spirits.

I have lived for over 60 years on this planet. I have survived. I lived through a very professional life as an advanced practice nurse. I worked in the field of nursing for over 30 years. I tried to be a Nurse Healer but it did not work for me. I was not able to say things and do things like I do now. I was always told “no, do not say that”. So, I had to leave the professional nursing world.

I did achieve my MSN (Masters of Science in Nursing). I still use that credential proudly because I worked so hard to get it. I can certainly be a great Universe Family Healer with an MSN. I know all about the scientific world and its practices. But scientists tend to be highly negative and spiritual too. They cannot understand anything about what I do.

I am the only one right now who is talking about Universe Family Healing. I connect all of the spiritual energies directly to the Universe. I do not contain the spirits and keep them with me to provide a spiritual game. I am not a scam, sham, charlatan etc. I cannot stop the purging of the spirits. This is why my healing practice is so real and powerful.

Universe Family Healing is the only way to get rid of the spiritual invasion on planet Earth. There are still many spiritual healers around today practicing all kinds of spiritual healing techniques such as reiki and therapeutic touch. Those people have all received “training” to be able to do their spiritual healing technique.

I cannot understand them at all. My healing is totally natural and unique. I did not receive any training or mentorship to be a Universe Family Healer. My graduate program in nursing did not provide me with the knowledge about the Universe or the techniques for my healing. I am a natural phenomenon. I learned all about this as I lived and kept moving forward.

Universe Family Healing is real healing. Spirits must be purged from humans and merged with our Universe. Our planet heals when this phenomenon happens. I can heal any human who is wanting to have their spiritual energies purged. A major change will occur as the negative spirit layers are pulled away and moved into our Universe. Those negative spirit layers cause all kinds of health problems for humans.

All of the mental disorders are spiritually induced. As the spirit continues to live on a human body, the human being suffers illnesses and finally, death. Spirits cause aging in humans.

All we can do now is move forward. The past is over and done. No going backwards now. We must all move forward in our healing and purge and merge our spiritual natures, souls etc. Getting rid of the spirits is a high priority and Universe Family Healing makes this possible.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



Spirits Have Never Been Purged Into Our Universe

Can you believe it? Spirits have never been purged ever. Up until now that is. I purge spirits into our Universe constantly, 24/7.

No one else has ever done this at any time in human history. I can tell because of how we have lived and died throughout the ages. There has never been spirit purging before in human history. It is hard for me to understand this. I can’t understand why this never happened before. With all of the healing that was done in the past by others, it seems that their healing methods were not effective at all.

So, because there has never been real effective spirit purging, the amount of spiritual entities is so large and immense that it is going to take a very long time to purge and merge all of the spirits here on our planet. Universe Family Healing will make this happen. The spirits are being eradicated from our planet Earth. Fortunately, here on this planet we have real Healers alive and well. This is how the spiritual invasion and infestation is removed slowly over time.

I am the only person right now talking about this. I am continuing to post here on my blog/website and frequently update and note the progress of Universe Family Healing. There is a lot of purging to be done but that just means job security for me. There is so much of it everywhere still. I am hoping that soon more and more people are going to be aware of this problem and read all about it on my blog. I want as many people as possible to become aware of the spiritual problem here on Earth.

Getting rid of the spiritual invasion is at the top of my to do list. I am always surrounded by purging spirits. They have no control over me at all. They’re always moving as they merge with our outside atmosphere. There are no more spirit setups around me. That time is long gone. I feel the flow of their energy fields as gritty liquid sandpaper being pulled away from my hands and feet and body.

My healing modality is 100% accurate and very effective. Immediate results are felt. I know instantly where to remove the energy field around any human. I can do this in person or by phone. It is so easy for me now. I can help as many people as possible and there is no limit. So, if you are interested in getting rid of your spirit energies, contact me. I can connect your spirit energies to our Universe. This is how you will begin to heal and change your life to a real and positive one.

Get connected and live!

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer




March is Here To Take The Blues Away

As I enter this part of my life, I see that I had to live through the past 2 months in order to remove another sham/scam that was put upon me by the spiritual world. All shams are highly spiritual and therefore can be removed quite easily with Universe Family Healing. So it is all in the past now. There are no more shams or scams around me. I did have to participate for a short while but when the truth began to emerge, I simply left the sham setup and it is now crumbling. I did notify the federal government and made a report about this fraudulent activity. I am done doing these things now.

So, as March begins, the dead months are ended. I never thought I would have to be involved with any other shams because I am living in my homeland. Those days are really over for me. This last sham had to be removed. It was not a good opportunity for me at all. I can certainly do other things than be around those people who supported this sham. I never wanted to be around criminal people but that is what happened to me long ago when I was very young.

So for now, I move forward into this brand new month filled with lots of fun and opportunities just opening up. I continue to go with the flow and purge out whatever spirits come my way. There is a continual flow of spiritual energy from lots of places being purged by me into our Universe. This never stops. It just gets here and quickly is merged with our outside magnetic atmosphere and moved far away.

Universe Family Healing is not a sham or scam. Universe Family Healing is real and powerful and stays with me forever. There is nothing the spirits can do to stop Universe Family Healing. It is the only way to get rid of the spirits that invaded our world so long ago. The spirits cannot get rid of me even though they have tried over and over. It will not happen. I just keep getting rid of them.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Trauma From Spirits Has Never Been Purged!

It is no wonder that our world has suffered on and on. No one has been able to purge the spirits away. Spirits are human parasites. It is not good to have a spiritual side or spiritual nature. Having a spiritual side means you are dooming yourself to die. For example, souls are just massive amounts of spirits located in the human abdominal area. The cause of “belly fat” in the human is the invasion of spirits in that area. Spirits use the soul to control many human functions in a very negative way. The souls are being purged completely. Medical professionals will never understand this. They cannot remove souls.

Spirits have invaded our planet for many years. Apparently there was no one in the past to purge them effectively and completely. I still can’t believe that this never happened. But of course it didn’t. We live in a highly negative world because no one in the past ever purged the spirits. Not until now that is..

Healers in the past and present are spiritual. They do not release the spirits into our Universe. They have kept the spirits contained around humans. Spiritual healers are scams. Therapeutic Touch and Reiki are examples of spiritual healing. These people cannot release their energies. They gather the spiritual energies from others and keep those energies around themselves. Spiritual healers suffer from all sorts of medical diseases and die. But their spiritual energies do not get purged.

This is why I am here. I am a Universe Family Healer. I have a direct connection to our Universe and its huge magnetic current. This current is always flowing southeast. That is where I hear those spirit sounds going southeast all of time. As the spirit layers are purged, we see gradual worldwide healing occur. The changes are going the right way. There is truth-telling everywhere and the negative nasty people are getting exposed in the public arena. The criminals are finally going to prison. One after another this happens. It is a nonstop, automatic, natural phenomenon.

Trauma is a layering of spiritual energies. These trauma layers are purging. There is nothing hidden or secret anymore. You can see evidence of this in the news as the most highly negative areas of our planet are purged first. Criminals are not getting away with anything now. Whereas in the past these people got away with their crimes, now is not the case. They simply do not have the spiritual fuel to stay here anymore. They fall down and are put away.

Our living planet is safe because of this natural phenomenon called Universe Family Healing. The spiritual trauma layers continue to purge non-stop until all of it is gone. The spirits cannot live anymore. They are becoming an extinct alien race. This alien invasion by spirits is over. Universe Time is in full control because the Universe is controlling and actively purging all of the spiritual energy fields around humans.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healing




Trauma Leaves My Neighborhood

There is evidence of the trauma layers leaving my neighborhood now. More purging and merging of the negative layers around Yuma Townsite has resulted in wonderful changes. I see trash and mini-junkyards being removed. I see trees being trimmed neatly and fences being installed. I see all of this right outside my front door.

I hear the spirit sounds coming from the local high school. Yuma High School has been stuck with having the most unbelievable mascot, a Criminal, for over 100 years. It was in 1917 when they took on the mascot Criminals. This is because the high school got its start at the Yuma Territorial Prison. What a bad place to start a high school! No wonder the negativity has clung to our educational institutions.

I always thought it was ridiculous, but there is a heavy negative mindset here in Yuma which has allowed this atrocious mascot to remain bonded to that school. That mindset is being purged! I hear those spirit noises coming directly from Yuma High School  everyday. I walk outside and hear those noises right away. I hear them right now as I am sitting inside my home. The high-pitched purging noises have been going on for several months now.

This curse over Yuma High School is being lifted finally. I am sure that soon, there will be a major change about all of this. In fact the change is going to affect not just Yuma High School but high schools everywhere as this negative bond has kept the high school set up intact. That is why there is so many negative activities going on in high schools today. I have experienced first hand these negative activities so I know what I am talking about.

It is an exciting time for me as I see how powerful my healing has become. I am hearing the trauma layers purging. This is amazing. It is happening all of the time right here where I live. Just recently we have had several incidents of students overdosing on Fentanyl. This happened at Yuma High school and San Luis High School. Finally the news here is reporting these things.

Those negative events are stopping. The spirit layers that have fueled those problems are purging. I know this is the end of the high school set up forever. In the future we will no longer have any high schools as they are being purged out by the Universe everyday. High schools have become way too negative. There is only one solution, to shut down high schools permanently. The Universe does this over time. It is an automatic natural phenomenon.

I was always aware that the spiritual invasion came through the schools. I had to work at several schools in CA during my professional nursing career. I even worked as a paraprofessional here in Yuma at Kofa High School. I saw how bad things are in the high schools. I even told our governor Mr. Doug Ducey, that profanity in the schools was being ignored. I see that I had to be the one to work there in order to release this negative setup. Now we will see the positive changes. There will be a release of all of the trauma around public schools. Trauma layers from the schools are going out on the Universe and far away from humans.

As a result there will be a major transformation occurring. This means there will be alternative ways of educating our children. Public schools right now remain unsafe. It is not the best place for children. This will also result in the elimination of mascots everywhere entirely. We do not need to have mascots representing our schools. The school mascot is just another spiritual layer which causes negative problems.

Trauma leaves my neighborhood and so trauma is leaving the neighborhoods everywhere in our great country. There will not be the violence and drug use of the past. Those days are gone. Universe Family Healing removes trauma from our neighborhoods.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer







Universe Family Healing Removes Trauma From Our World

Trauma has been a constant barrier to our health and well-being. Trauma is the result of multiple kinds of negative events inflicted upon the human race. The end result is always a layering of spiritual matter which continues to grow itself around humans. The more trauma there is,  the more spirits are involved. Apparently in the past day, there was no real way to eliminate these spiritual barriers.

The medical specialists are trying to do that but fail all of the time. There is no medical cure for trauma. There is no magical pill that removes the spirit layering. The counseling appointments and therapy sessions do nothing to release spiritual entities from our bodies. These specialists still remain as the top treatment for trauma. That is changing slowly. Universe Family Healing is an effective, 100% treatment for trauma. As the Universe connects to those spiritual bonds, the trauma layers are pulled away from us and lifted high above into our Universe. There the spirits cannot  harm us at all.

Those traumatic events and memories associated with them fade out quickly. This is why Universe Family Healing is so effective! The spiritual bonds are broken and disintegrate quickly into the Universe’s magnetic fields. Spirits cannot live without human hosts, so they quickly die and are gone forever. So, as this happens, those ineffective treatments by the medical professionals fade out too. They are forgotten and put in the past where they should be. We are leaving the dark ages finally because the spiritual time is over. Universe Family Healing is in control of the spirits and removes them from our world.

No one in the past was able to release these bonds. It seems that there has never been a real Healer alive! Otherwise, this would have already happened. I still do not understand why I am the one to do this but nevertheless, I do it. I cannot stop this natural phenomenon from happening. It is always working, always turned on. I cannot stop it. There is no on and off button. Once connected there is a constant purging and merging of this spiritual energy mass into our Universe and far, far away from planet Earth.

We cannot tolerate any spiritual controls. Spirits have been controlling humans without their knowledge. And have made humans make the wrong decisions over and over throughout the ages. Now that is stopping of course, because of a powerful Universe Time, which means the spirits are no longer in control of humans. This is a first for the spirits. They do not understand what is happening because they are parasites and have lived on human bodies for a very long time.

Our Universe is a powerful Healer. It contains a huge magnetic field which loves to pull the spirits off of us. I sit here and feel its pulling all of the time The spirits are pulled away from my body, through my hands and feet and then they travel southeast. That is where their sounds fade out. It constantly happens! I can connect anyone to our Universe if I have a direct phone or interaction with you. It is very simple and easy for me now.

Only in a spiritual world does trauma exist. Only in a spiritual world do guns, wars, murders, abuse, and neglect proliferate. It is time for our entire planet to heal and end this spiritual control forever. I have a very powerful Universe connection. I can help anyone purge their “spiritual side” and end this misery. This is how we become a living planet again.

We must stop eating animals! We must all realize the importance of animals on our planet and leave them alone. This means the end of eating animals and animal products too. Let animals live with animals. This means the end of having pets! It is happening right now. A gradual change from those old habits and mannerisms is occurring. As we all heal we experience these changes. It is automatic during Universe Family Healing.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



Healing Away Spiritual Autism

Universe Family Healing effectively treats spiritual autism. In fact, it is very easy for me to completely remove the autism setup that has invaded a family. Spiritual autism is not just a problem for a child. It is a family problem and must be looked at that way.

There are many so-called behavioral specialists around theses days who claim to be able to work with autistic children. All they do is make the autism problem get worse. There is nothing good that they do. They are very highly negative individuals trying to control the autism spectrum. Doctors, speech pathologists, psychologists, etc. cannot do what I do.

I laugh at the whole thing because I know that it has been under spiritual control for a very long time. Even those medical “specialists” are under spiritual control. That is why the whole autism problem is being eliminated by our Universe. It is a very negative spiritual game disrupting the birth family. Spirits love to make birth families unhappy.

Birth families involved with spiritual autism almost always get their support from medical and behavioral specialists who cannot remove the spiritual setup. These specialists have their own spiritual energies which combine with the families and allow this nonsense to go on.

There is no effective medical or behavioral treatment for autism. Only Universe Family Healing removes the problem completely and sends those spirits to purge and merge with our Universe. There is no reason for parents to be sad anymore. The weird behaviors and mannerisms associated with autism disappear quickly. The child regresses a little. Then normal development returns. It is that simple. Yes, it is.

Parents must be able to find alternative methods to deal with the autism spectrum. The medical profession must fade in the background and let the real healing of the Universe take control. I am here to help whomever contacts me. I know I can make a positive change for the family. I explain the process. There is a regression. That is normal and related to the spiritual layers purging away. Normal human development was inhibited due to this spiritual layer.

Universe Family Healing removes the spiritual layers allowing normal development to return. The entire family heals together.  Universe Family Healing makes this problem, spiritual autism, extinct. Only Universe Family Healing completely removes the spirits that have set up in the family. Spirits need families under their control to live. Spirits are human parasites.

Universe Family Healing is a highly effective treatment for spiritual autism. My healing is 100% accurate. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer





Autism is a Spiritual Condition

Updated on February 11, 2019

From a Universe Family Healer’s perspective, autism has a spiritual etiology. It is not a medical condition. It is due to a very large spiritual energy field surrounding the child and family at birth. The spiritual energy field grows as the baby grows and inhibits normal brain development. Of course there are varying degrees of this condition. It is not a medical problem and that is why all the medical treatments for this condition do nothing. I purge and merge these magnetic spiritual energy fields into our Universe’s magnetic field.

The medical profession and scientific world in general do not accept the reality of the dangers caused by spiritual energy. Spiritual energy is real. It contains magnetite (a very magnetic natural occurring mineral). Magnetite has been found in the human brain. But scientists are not sure why it is there.

My theory is that magnetite is the real measurable part of spiritual energy. And since humans all have this in our brains, it connects us in this spiritual web.

When I purge out this energy, the power of spiritual energy diminishes. I purge and merge this energy all the time into the outside atmosphere of our Universe. I am referring to our outside world, beyond your front door. My healing is a natural ability. I am now purging and merging spiritual energy all the time. Since I do this into the Universe, spiritual autism has less fuel to power itself.

Spiritual healing only enhances the autism problem. Spiritual healers do not connect spiritual energy into the Universe. They are not Universe healers and they are not connected to our Universe. Instead the spiritual healers keep this energy field intact which just makes everything much worse for the family. Spiritual healers are not real healers and give the benefits of real healing a bad name.

Medical professionals cannot cure spiritual autism. They are not able to remove the spiritual energy field and connect it to our Universe. All they do is make things worse. Their tests and medical procedures cannot detect the the real problem. They are ineffective in providing a safe treatment for spiritual autism. Families should not be involved with those medical professionals.

Universe Family Healing ia a specialized healing modality which removes spiritual energy completely.  The spirits are then put back into the Universe, far away from humans. Once in the Universe’s magnetic field the spirits are unable to live and sustain themselves. They are becoming extinct now.

I am available to help families heal an infestation of spiritual autism. One healing session will connect the spiritual energy field around the family to our Universe. As this natural  healing phenomenon occurs, there is a slight regression in the child’s development and then the entire family will heal and move forward without a spiritual infestation. I have said before that spirits are parasites and Universe Family Healing is the only way to clear this infestation. Spirits use humans as hosts to have their existence!

I provide Universe Family Healing sessions by cell phone anywhere in the world. I also provide Home Visits For Healing here in my homeland, Yuma, AZ. I charge a very small fee of $50.00 for a Universe Family Healing session. Payment is required before the healing session. I will send you a PayPal invoice.  Contact me by email to set up your Universe Family Healing session:



Thank you for reading my blog page about autism. Please feel free to share this page with others who may benefit from knowing the truth about spiritual autism. The more people who read this page, the more real healing will happen to those families suffering from spiritual autism. I can heal spiritual autism away from your family. Spread the word around. It is time to rid ourselves of the pain and suffering that spiritual autism has caused.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Traumas of the Past are Just Slipping Away… On the Universe

Universe Family Healing is quickly and completely removing all of the those traumas from my past. As those trauma causing spiritual energies are moved out onto the Universe, there are no bad feelings left with me. I cannot stay stuck in the trauma filled world of my past. Our Universe has totally connected with those spiritual energies and removes them from me here in Yuma. It is as if those times never existed! Yes, those events happened but no emotions are attached to them.

Spiritual entities are the cause of traumatic events and then usually stay around and collect other entities to keep that negative world going. Remember, spirits are parasites and love negative environments. For example, a trauma event occurs and one seeks help from an expert. Those experts just keep the trauma feelings intact. That is why there has not been any real progress in eradicating trauma in our world. Now, Universe Family Healing is available to all humans who want to release the trauma from their lives.

When those spirit entities arrive here in my home they have no idea they are being transported out into our Universe. They are just moving along and cannot understand what is happening. Apparently spirits have never been purged into our Universe.

Spiritual healers do not purge spiritual entities. Spiritual healers simply grab other peoples’ spirits and keep them intact. Spiritual healers do not have a real Universe connection and thus are not releasing those spirits into the Universe. The traumas are not releasing when a spiritual healer is involved. And usually, the spiritual healer wants you to return several times for more healing sessions. This is a SCAM (Spiritual Created About Money) activity.

Universe Family Healing is a real healing modality. I directly connect your spiritual entities to our Universe. It is very easy for me. I am a natural Universe Family Healer. Only a one Universe Family Healing session is needed. There are no more follow up sessions needed ever!

Once your spirit energies are connected to our Universe, the connection is intact. You do not need more healing sessions from me to keep your connection intact. You continue to release spiritual entities continuously after only one Universe Family Healing session.  The result is a gradual transformation away from your spiritual life to a Universe life. A Universe life is very powerful indeed! Once connected you do not need my guidance or support. You will just know what to do each and every day. You will experience changes and these are necessary as your leave the spiritual realm.

Traumas are not going to control humans anymore. Our Universe effectively removes trauma setups from humans. I have seen this happen many times. I can help you and your family release all of the traumas from your world. It is simple. Just contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. I charge a very small fee of $50.00. I require payment before the session. Payment is through Paypal via invoice.

One session will heal your entire family wherever they may be as you are all connected spiritually. Those spiritual bonds are the negative bonds which have kept you apart. Universe Family Healing removes spiritual bonds and reunites birth families. Universe Family Healing completely removes Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT).

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Feels So Good To Be In The Sun

February 5, 2019, I am feeling the warmth of the sun. It feels so good to have sunshine in February. Here in Yuma, the land of the sun, it happens almost everyday. I live and breathe clean air and let the sun shine on me. I feel the magnetic purging action. It is powerful to purge in the sun. I am not afraid of the sun. I let it warm my body and release the spirits from around me. Our sun is a very powerful healer.

I feel so good when this is happening. I am not in the dead zones on the planet. I am here where the sun is shining brightly. This is where I must live.

I was born here many years ago. I lived here for a few years before I was taken away. I lived in southern CA for most of the time and some in the north. It was very cold there in Northern CA. It was a bad environment for me. I had to leave and come back to my homeland. That is my story. But as I move forward, I still am seeking the truth. I am still healing toward my birth family. I know that I was taken from them. It is time for the wrongs to be righted. Universe Family Healing reunites birth families.

So I sit in the sun and let it purge the spirits. I know that I am in the right place doing the right thing. I go with the flow. I am living totally on Universe Time. I am making February a calm and peaceful time for new opportunities to begin. It is all opening up now. Going with the flow..

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer