Going With The Flow The Universe Way

Sometimes it is frustrating to do this. I have no choice really. I define “going with the flow” as simply knowing each day what I must do. I do those things and then I rest and purge. I am always purging wherever I go but sometimes I have to purge and rest a little longer. Right now, it seems like that.

I am in the middle of this medical setup at the plasma donation center and I know I am not quite done there. I have to be patient and finish up my part in this setup and soon that will happen. It is not my favorite place to go to, but I am not done. So, a few more days of rest and I am sure I will return. Maybe the next visit will really be the last time.

I have no control over the Universe. I can try to go against the flow, but it seldom helps me. I find that reminding myself often that there is only so much I can do each day, is very helpful. Knowing this really helps a lot when frustration starts bothering me. When that happens I just relax and let the day go by. Everyday starts up brand new when I am purging into our Universe.

I know that this is only a temporary time and very short. My healing is so powerful now. My healing ability is always with me. I cannot be stopped in my healing even in a very negative world like a plasma donation center. I am definitely in control of that place every time I go there.

Maybe I am visiting this place to end the plasma donation setups forever. It is easy for me to do this. That’s all that happens really when I am in a very negative place. My healing just breaks it up completely.

I can help others purge out their negative medical setups. It happens naturally when your spiritual world is connected to our Universe. Contact me by email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. Say goodbye to the medical world forever! I am definitely saying goodbye to mine.