Universe Time

Universe Time means that our Universe is in total control of all the spiritual worlds around humans.

I am living on Universe Time. This means that spirits are not in control of my life anymore. They used to be totally controlling my life. That time is over. Universe Time is well established now. There is no force that can stop Universe Time. The negative forces that inhibited the Universe from working properly are purging out and being recycled by the Universe ‘s magnetic fields. Those spirits will no longer be able to say anything or do anything around humans. This process gradually decreases the amount of living spirits.

Once a spirit hits the Universe, it dies. Spirits cannot live by themselves in our outside atmosphere. If you are understanding this, you will open your windows and let the Universe come in! Spirit infestations set up in homes where the windows are never opened.

Universe Time is wonderful. I am so happy to be living on Universe Time. Nothing goes wrong at all. I know exactly what I must do everyday. I am never in any trouble. I simply do what is necessary for that day then stop and rest.

I love to post about Universe Time. I am the only human posting about it. You will never hear about it anywhere else. I created the term Universe Time. I continue to talk about it and make it more powerful and real every day.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer