March is Here To Take The Blues Away

As I enter this part of my life, I see that I had to live through the past 2 months in order to remove another sham/scam that was put upon me by the spiritual world. All shams are highly spiritual and therefore can be removed quite easily with Universe Family Healing. So it is all in the past now. There are no more shams or scams around me. I did have to participate for a short while but when the truth began to emerge, I simply left the sham setup and it is now crumbling. I did notify the federal government and made a report about this fraudulent activity. I am done doing these things now.

So, as March begins, the dead months are ended. I never thought I would have to be involved with any other shams because I am living in my homeland. Those days are really over for me. This last sham had to be removed. It was not a good opportunity for me at all. I can certainly do other things than be around those people who supported this sham. I never wanted to be around criminal people but that is what happened to me long ago when I was very young.

So for now, I move forward into this brand new month filled with lots of fun and opportunities just opening up. I continue to go with the flow and purge out whatever spirits come my way. There is a continual flow of spiritual energy from lots of places being purged by me into our Universe. This never stops. It just gets here and quickly is merged with our outside magnetic atmosphere and moved far away.

Universe Family Healing is not a sham or scam. Universe Family Healing is real and powerful and stays with me forever. There is nothing the spirits can do to stop Universe Family Healing. It is the only way to get rid of the spirits that invaded our world so long ago. The spirits cannot get rid of me even though they have tried over and over. It will not happen. I just keep getting rid of them.