Today I Found My Sun Again

Wow, I have been living inside so much this year. It was what I needed for sure, but all of a sudden I was craving my sun. I always talk about the importance of getting my sun dose everyday. It is so important for me as Universe Family Healer. And here in my homeland, the sun shines almost everyday. I need sun doses daily to keep myself “charged up”. It works quickly now and did so today. Anything that was still negative around me I instantly remove and it is gone. I simply have no patience now for the negative people who tried to control me in the past. I have no patience for any negative people really. I simply leave and no attention is ever given their way.

Actually this is how real humans should live. Our Universe and (that means our sun) helps us stay away from the very negative, highly spiritual people who live on our planet. I know that instantly and I make sure that any connection is abruptly severed permanently with those nasty negative people. There are so many good people on this planet who just need a little help with their healing. Those are the people I interact with. I leave the negatives far behind in their own little spirit worlds and soon they will be all gone.

The spirit worlds of highly spiritual people are very large and it takes time for all of it to be gone, but be assured, it will happen. All that lies at the end of their spirit world is their death. Well, they are too highly spiritual and negative to be real. That is the truth. I have lived through many instances of this with highly spiritual people and this is the only conclusion I have seen. Some people on our planet do not really heal. They are just being purged by our Universe. They will not be missed when they are gone.

I found a nice secluded spot and went out to it with my zero gravity lounge chair. I was laying out there in full view of the sun for about 1 hour. That was how long it took to get right back to work and doing the right thing. It no longer takes hours and hours in the sun for me. It sure feels good to have less negative connections. I am only saying the truth how important it is to have the sun on my body. It is a powerful healing technique for me and always will be. I encourage all good people everywhere to get their sun dose daily as it really helps to get your Universe connection stronger.

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Contact me to set yours up. Maybe a sun dose is all you need to really get started.