Welcome to the Universe!

This blog is all about me and my healing journey to get re-connected with my birth family. I had to live through a spiritual time in order to learn about our Universe. My former life was full of heavy layers of spiritual energy which one by one had to be removed, purged, and merged into the vastness of our Universe. That is where spiritual energy truly belongs, not around human beings! Spiritual energy is highly negative. Why would that energy be good for any human? It has taken many years to be aware that I am totally connected to our Universe.

My blog posts are in chronological order from May 2014 and as you read through them you can see and understand the changes that have occurred. As I purged and merged the spiritual layering, I became more and and more educated about this phenomenon. I had to survive through them all. Spiritual layering is a series of negative energy set up situations and events that you are thrust into without even realizing it. You are simply led around with one person or another and have little control.

To overcome this black cloud, I have become a very powerful Universe Family Healer. I have created the specialty of Universe Family Healing because I have made it through to this time and understand everything about spiritual energy. I can certainly help others understand this phenomenon and specialized form of healing too. You will not find any college teaching this specialty either. It is totally unique and created by me!

Universe Family Healers are alive and well and living successfully in Yuma, Arizona, USA. And believe me it was not easy to return to my birth place, the Land of the Sun, after 55 years, and get going here! Even here I was thrust into a blackness set before me that I had to live through day by day. And although I see other people here in Yuma continuing to do the wrong things all the time, I easily see and know what I need to do and never make any mistakes.

There is only one way, the right way to live in this world now. Otherwise you will succumb to your dark side. I see this happening in Yuma. But it is not affecting me or my family. We are like a positive energy force moving through this negative world, gathering, collecting, and merging the filth and disgusting part of our world and getting rid of it, all of it into the Universe where it is recycled and reused.

That is all I have to say for now. Until I post again, I remain focused and determined. I am a Universe Family Healer and my purpose here is to preserve life on our planet. Life continues the right and good way because real Universe Family Healers are alive and able to purge spiritual energy away from our planet.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer