The Urge To Purge Is Back!

I see signs of Universe Family Healing again. I see purging of unwanted belongings. This “urge to purge” is unavoidable during Universe Family Healing. It seems to occur at the right time too. It allows us to unburdon ourselves with useless items we no longer want or need. It allows us to get rid of these items either by selling them, giving them away, or discarding them in the trash. All of these ways are simply purging the physical items to lighten our load. We do this because we are going to be relocating soon.

Now, I have done so much of this item purging over the past several years that I really don’t have to do much of it anymore. I did have some old jeans and old sandals that fell apart today so I was able to purge those items in the trash. This was the easiest purging I have ever done. When I see this sign of healing, I feel very good. This tells me my healing is working! It is so much fun to observe this activity in other people. A huge layer of spiritual energy is released when the urge to purge sets in and that is always a good thing.

I see other people around me here where I live starting to clean out their storage areas and purge the unwanted stuff away from them. Those items are negative setups just taking up space and keeping the person here in the wrong place. Once the urge to purge sets in, it cannot be ignored. Purging continues to happen non-stop until the person moves. There is nothing that can stop the urge to purge. It is automatic and in one direction only. Purging of unwanted items is an amazing part of Universe Family Healing.

What a relief to see this happening once again. I know this means that other people are doing this same activity and getting ready for a relocation to their real homes. Purging physical items means healing is really happening! It is very quiet right now but even so, Universe Family Healing is actively at work helping us all heal and return to our homes, wherever that may be on our planet.