My Healing Modality Is Unique

I heal with the powers of the Universe! I am a very unique person. I can do this naturally and automatically. It is quite amazing really. But to me it is just being me. When I was younger, I was not aware of my ability to do this. I never even thought about it at all. I was involved in a highly spiritual life. As I continued to live my spiritual life, my spiritual life continued to fade away. That is the truth. I finally am here able to see and understand what was going on throughout my lifetime, and blog about it in simple terms for all to understand.

I call my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. The Universe part means I am connected very well to our Universe’s magnetic current. Therefore, the spiritual worlds around me are constantly flowing into our Universe. This action is always one way and no return. The energy flow is constant. The spiritual energy flow feels gritty and always moving. At one time this energy was stuck and setup in a spiritual world around my human body. That is what happens to most humans these days. And we do not even realize this spiritual world is there controlling our lives.

I believe I was always connected to our Universe because I am from Yuma, AZ. I lived here for a short time in my early life. I was born here and this allowed a connection to be established. But I was little and taken away from my birth family too. I was not able to do anything about it. A very traumatic layer of spiritual energy developed as a result of this parent child separation. However, I was able to keep my Universe connection going even when I was so far away from my birth family in California!

This explains why I eventually returned to my homeland. I never thought once about returning to Yuma, AZ. It was not an idea I ever had. But there finally came a time that I ran out of options in California and the only place I knew to go was back to my hometown. I returned to Yuma in January, 2106. I continue to heal and move forward towards a reunion with my birth family. The goal of Universe Family Healing is to reunite birth families.

During the last 10 years in California, my healing abilities emerged very strongly. I had to continue to purge out spirituality from my days. I continue to do this still. I am always purging spirits even when I am by myself and have no clients, I am still purging spiritual energy. So, my healing modality is well established and very real. I remove spiritual worlds around humans. It is that simple!

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing effectively connects the spiritual worlds of humans to our Universe and allows a safe and comfortable life to emerge. The Family part of my healing means that all birth family members are also healing and purging their spiritual worlds into our Universe. One Universe Family Healing session starts the purging process for the entire birth family. We all need to get rid of our spiritual worlds. Spirits are parasites to humans and cause the wrong things to happen like disease and death.

I base my healing on the natural science of our Universe. I use no gimmicks or rituals in my healing. I simply sit with my clients and hold their hands. This allows an automatic interaction between their spiritual world and the Universe. I also intuitively know where on their body they need purging. This is usually on the back of the neck or forehead. These are common areas of spiritual infestation and the places where spirit setups are intact which rule our days.

I can also heal by using a phone. It is amazing that I can do this but I can. I do not have to be in the same room as my client. I can heal a person who is many miles away in another country from me simply by having a phone conversation. I have proven this over and over. My healing is powerful and 100% accurate and effective and always works. Interacting with me allows this automatic release of energy. There is always change happening after a Universe Family Healing session. We go with the flow as the changes occur.

My healing is not considered spiritual healing. I remove spirituality from humans. Spiritual healing does not do that. Spiritual healing likes to cleanse the spiritual areas of the human body. My healing does not do that. My healing removes the spiritual areas on the human body. That is the big difference between what I do and what the spiritual healers do. My healing is real healing and their healing is not. I consider spiritual healers to be scam artists as they charge alot of money and do not provide real healing.

My healing modality is unique and available today to all humans on our planet. I do not advertise or connect with social media. I simply blog here on my website and I know that the right people find me. I am living in Universe Time now. I am patient and understand that all good things happen at the right time. I hope to hear from you soon. Contact me via email or phone to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. We can all have a very good time and help heal our planet.