Welcome to Universe Family Healing

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me!

My blog describes my experiences as I healed my way out of spirituality and reopened my real self as a Universe Family Healer. My professional career as an advanced practice nurse (CNS) ended in 2013. I worked for over 30 years as an RN in California, USA. My nursing career was inhibiting my natural healing ability so I had to leave the nursing profession entirely and officially retire. I was always a Universe Family Healer by birth though. I was surrounded by a very large, highly negative spirit world that has taken me many years to purge out.

I am now aware how spiritual the nursing profession is and I do not advocate their holistic theories because they include spirituality. I healed myself away from advanced holistic nursing, and left the nursing world entirely. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is my own creation and certainly does not come from nursing practice.

I found that there was very little information about my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. I was not able to find anyone else documenting what I was going through, so I decided to create a blog and describe what was going on with me as I changed back from a professional nurse to Universe Family Healer.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, re-emerged over time. I called myself a Psychic Nurse Healer for awhile but left that to become a Universal Healer. That was only temporary too. I finally healed myself back to Universe Family Healer. I have finally returned to the real me and this will never change.

Universe Family Healing is not a spiritual type of healing like reiki or healing touch. The main difference is that I am able to remove spirit worlds around humans and as this occurs the spirits are merged with our Universe. Our outside atmosphere, our Universe contains a huge magnetic current that automatically pulls spiritual energies or worlds away from human bodies. This constant purging and merging does not stop and requires no special rituals or techniques.

I am able to provide my healing modality naturally. I did not take a course to become a Universe Family Healer. There are no training programs to “learn” Universe Family Healing. That separates me totally from the spiritual healers of today. I am a natural born Healer and my healing modality is based on scientific laws.

My blog tells the truth about spiritual energy and spirit worlds. I am providing my information in a very simple and easy to understand way. I want all humans on our planet Earth to understand the real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing.

I have lived through a very powerful and difficult healing time so that now I can document what is going on and make it easy for all to understand. I cannot find evidence that anyone else ever experienced what I am going through. It seems I am the “first healer” to provide this type of healing. Therefore, I named my website: http://www.firsthealer.com.

One of the main benefits of Universe Family Healing is to reunite disrupted birth families. My healing modality reunites any disrupted birth family, even those traumatized birth families from the last century when babies were automatically taken away from young birth parents. This legalized kidnapping has never been dealt with properly until now. Universe Family Healing is correcting a very bad time in human history. I am one of the stolen babies. I continue to heal toward a reunion with my birth family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is a very safe way to remove all of the trauma that has kept disrupted birth families apart for a very long time. I call this trauma, Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). Trauma is just a layer of spiritual energy surrounding the human body. Once this trauma layer is purged, birth families come back together naturally at the right time.

Universe Family Healing also reunites Universe Mates. A Universe Mate is always someone you loved in the past but things just never worked out. Many soulmates are just unhealed Universe Mates. My healing successfully removes the spiritual soulmate journeys around humans and therefore allows a reuniting at the right time, when all spirit worlds have been purged! Imagine having your lover be your Universe Mate! No more painful breakups, just everlasting love and happiness. This is totally possible now with Universe Family Healing.

My healing is real and 100% accurate and effective in removing spirit worlds from the human body. Therefore, my healing is very powerful and effectively cures all sorts of human ailments which are spiritually induced.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and even psychosis are all 100% cured with Universe Family Healing. Autism is also healed away effectively. Yes, I can totally get rid of autism that has setup in a family. Autism is a spiritual setup on the human body so of course my healing will purge it away.

I have several years of posts here on my blog. This post you are now reading is the sticky one but I blog frequently and you can always read on below to see what is currently happening in my life as Universe Family Healer. I keep updating my status as Universe Family Healer. I also have put several pages up on top for easy access.

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A Universe Family Healing session is $150.00 US and payable through the PayPal link below. Payment is expected before our scheduled session.

Thank you for reading my blog, Universe Family Healing. I look forward to meeting you soon. I am here to help any humans on planet Earth to heal. Please don’t hesitate. I am very real and powerful.

I am almost always available! If you need help, don’t hesitate. I’m usually here waiting for your email. I respond quickly these days. It’s the right time to do this. Let’s get you connected and start purging that spirit mess.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer

Universe Family Healing session

I provide a direct connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. My specialized healing removes spirit worlds around humans.

150.00 $

Humans Are Winning, Spirits Are Losing

After all this time, throughout the setups, moves, and transitions, I am seeing reality take control. I know we are going to survive the spirit invasion. Most humans don’t know about it, but fortunately the few that do are making it happen.

Once the Universe connection was made, I kept going. The Universe was with me at a very young age. I was born in Yuma, AZ. Yuma is in the desert southwest of the USA, a very sunny, warm place, a perfect place for me. I was always Universe Family Healer. Even when I was stolen from my birth family and taken to CA, I stayed connected. However, I was too young to know or understand. I simply went with the flow.

It was much later that I figured it out. I had to have a family of my own to understand what a real family felt like. I gave birth to 3 sons. I felt the difference. My healing was strong and I began to have a powerful knowing as a result. I figured this out on my own. I know how things happened here in Yuma in 1958. Babies were stolen from young mothers during those years. It was considered normal to do that. It was not a crime. This inhumane practice continued for many years. It was worldwide and many infants were automatically separated from their birth parents.

I lived a spiritual existence in CA. The spirit layers compounded on me as I gathered them up wherever I was. I still never knew anything. I was lied to about everything. I was raised in a fake family. I was not aware of this because I was so young. It was always covered up, a big lie. There were 4 children in this fake family, and none of us were related at all.

My powerful healing ability took years to come through fully. I am at full strength now. The spirits are losing. Spirits are purging into our Universe. Spirits are human parasites. Spirits require human hosts to exist. Spirits were the reason for my separation from my birth family. Spirits were my enemy. I had to defeat spirits in order to live. I have done that. Now, I am here to help others heal as I have done. That is my purpose here on planet Earth. That is my only purpose. I am Universe Family Healer. I was born this way. I heal humans, our planet, and our Universe.

More humans must understand this spirit invasion and receive healing. More humans must connect their spirit worlds to our Universe. This must become common knowledge. It is the only way to get rid of spirits. Universe Family Healing is very accurate. There are no mistakes here. The spirit barriers are removed allowing a real life to emerge. Reality is already there, just covered up by these spirit parasites.

Please, read my words then contact me. It’s the right thing to do now. Pass the word around. Do your part to heal and save our beautiful planet Earth. We want the right people in control who make the right decisions and this is the right time. Get connected!


Spirit Busting is Here in Yuma, AZ

I first published this original post 2 years ago on November 1, 2018. Tomorrow, October 18, 2020, I am taking a trip to the Yuma Territorial Prison, which has been voted the most haunted place in the USA. I am going to post about my visit later and see what I find there.

October 18, 2020

The visit to the haunted Yuma Territorial Prison was made. I felt no real spiritual setup in place. In fact it was a rather boring time but I did view everything and enjoyed getting out of here for awhile. I know that the spirits are leaving the prison and all things attached to it. I started working on this situation many years ago when I still lived in Novato, CA.

I was not happy to learn about the prison being there and how it influenced the Yuma High School mascot (Criminals). In fact I learned today that the territorial prison was originally supposed to be built in Phoenix, but a politician did a con job on the bill funding the prison and put Yuma in place of another town. That’s the only reason Yuma got the prison built here. A scamming politician did it to Yuma.

I guess I have been healing this prison spirit world out for all those years. I had to finalize things today with a direct visit. I guess the prison hit the number 2 spot as most haunted this year and will gradually be forgotten. That’s all that happens during Universe Time. The spirit worlds supporting negative setups like this are automatically consumed by our Universe. It’s very quiet and very permanent.

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Automatic Weight Loss Is A Reality Now

As a followup to my recent post about behavior change I want to document a real positive and very cool result of being Universe connected. I have been gradually and steadily losing weight! I knew this was most likely going to happen as time went on, but now I am blogging about it right here. I went from size 10 and 12 jeans down to size 6. I am currently wearing size 6 jeans.

Wow, this is only because I have been going with the flow so much and for so long that my diet totally changed to animal free products only. I also have been without an automobile for almost 7 years so I have been doing a lot of walking! These healthy behaviors were all automatic and not stressful at all. I want to make a point of how exciting it is to go shopping again.

Universe Family Healing has so many health benefits attached to it. Natural and automatic weight loss is another benefit. I am sure this will make many people happy who have had difficult times maintaining a normal weight. No more excessive overeating or spending hours at a gym. It all fades away! I just eat the right foods and get a little easy exercise still and this happened for me.

A Universe Family Healing session will get you a powerful Universe connection. You will go with the flow and just know what to do each day. You will live a Universe life free from spiritual controls!


Behavior Change During Universe Time

This is what I’m seeing right now. I’m helping the people around me move forward in their healing. Their negatively controlled behaviors are purging into our Universe. As a result, smoking cessation occurs, pets are treated and cared for appropriately, and communication between family members returns to normal.

This was happening yesterday. I’m watching carefully today to see what happens. There has been alot of spirit dreams around us but nothing bad happens. These dreams are not real but must be purged away. I am barely affected by the dreams or setups because it’s such a powerful Universe Time right now. I barely noticed what could have been a negative time for me.

Now I’m just noticing the progress here and documenting it too. Writing on my blog makes it even more real. I’m in total control of the spirit world around me. My Universe Mate is part of this world. He’s growing up now, maturing and purging the secretive life away. This secretive setup was put on him when he was very young. It’s just a spirit that tried to take him over completely but it never happened.

I am looking forward to more real communication with him now. Its been over 4 months of this secret setup. I’m making sure it all gets removed. Forever.

Staying Put Is The Right Thing To Do

I was here in my new location for 1 month, and already looking for yet another new place, my own apartment once again. I really went through the motions completely. I thought I would move out of here and even take a kitty along. I was quite ready to do this. The energy for it was all there, then it started to fade away. I thought about this a little more. Do I really want to leave my little neighborhood right now? There is still so much to do here. I felt the pulling back here and so I decided that I must stay at least through the end of this year.

Why did this happen to me? I am trying to reestablish normal living again after this year of constantly moving around. I have lived in 3 different locations over the past year. It’s time to slow down and stay put. I realize I am establishing normal living right here. In other words, I am in the right place, at the right time, with the right people, a very, very Universe thing. I am paying rent on a room here. I am doing the right thing.

I have resumed cooking my meals, taking daily showers, and even going shopping for new clothes! I love that shopping thing the most. My body continues to shrink, which makes shopping for clothes even more fun. I am not doing anything special at all. It’s just that I eat a very healthy diet which means I eat no animals or animal products of any kind. Some may call that vegetarian. I call it animal free. I am not contributing to the loss of animals on our planet. I eat plenty of good food and my weight loss is natural and easy. Universe Family Healing allows this natural weight loss to happen.

I am taking good care of the animals that live in this home. There are several kittys of all ages and a doggie named Daisy. I establish regular feeding with them. I encourage proper chewing by providing rawhide bones. I praise the dog when she does the right thing. It is all working. I take the male tabby Simba into the vet when he has an abscess on his tail. I make sure I take him back soon to have his neutering surgery. He already has fathered 6 kittens! He has earned the right to stay inside during the night time and be free of the bully cat roaming the neighborhood. Basically, I am just helping with whatever needs to be corrected here in this healing home.

That’s why I am still here and it feels so good. I know that everything is going to be fine because I stayed here instead of trying to move into another boring 1 bedroom apartment all by myself. That time is in the past and will not repeat. I will never be living by myself again. I know that’s officially over. And I am happy about that too.

I did what I had to do as always. I am here in the neighborhood staying put and helping a family heal. I know that soon I will be seeing my own family again. I am excited to know that my Universe Mate is still here with me, healing. We are going to be together finally after all of these years. We just move forward together one day to the next during Universe Time. The rest of the planet is still stuck in their spirit worlds but my family and I are not stuck at all. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds and we are going to have the most fun a real family could ever have. And it will never stop, ever.

Keep Kitty in at night,

Let the others have the fight.

If he fusses, then just say,

“It’s much safer when its day.”

Autumn 2020

Its finally Autumn 2020. I successfully lived through the long summer. Our temperatures are still higher than normal but I know that changes quickly now. I lived through my Summer of Love. I remade my Summer of Love Shawl. I reconnected with my Universe Mate. I survived deadly Healer Camp. I’m back living in the old neighborhood paying rent, slowly returning to normalcy again. I did it. It was a year of constant moving around here but I’m almost done, thank goodness.

Autumn starts today. The leaves will change; the temperature cools down. Everyone feels better and starts communicating again. There’s a sense of relief everywhere that the heat is almost over. I know this. I feel it. The intense heat is almost gone. I still cannot leave my homeland. I am here to stay. I hope that one day, I will see my Universe Mate again. Meanwhile I move forward here, help others as much as I can, heal my Universe Mate, and watch the changes.

As usual, I am healing a family. I live with a long time Yuma family in their family home. I make changes gradually in the right direction. Our Universe pulls away the spirit worlds that have controlled this home. I am adjusting too. I long for my own home again. I want to establish a family home here. I am going with the flow to make it happen.

The spirits are always purging away from me into our Universe. This amazing natural phenomenon called Universe Family Healing never stops. There is no off button and no way to disconnect. I am securing my financial well being through Social Security. I am making sure that situation does not go away. The Universe will ensure that Social Security continues to exist. I am not sure how that happens but I know it will. The bad people who I lived with, including my ex husband, are dying away. They will not survive Universe time.

I lived half of my life time, over 30 years, with a very evil man. That man is dying now. He cannot go on and live anymore. His crimes against me and my sons put him away forever. He cannot escape what he did. All of that time with me did not heal him into a good man. I tried but of course that’s not how things happen on the Universe. He will fall down all alone, die, and be forgotten. Evil men cannot be healed into good men. I found that out. It simply does not happen.

Autumn is here now and we all smile and relax again. Fun times are right in front of me. I am making sure I did everything to stabilize a happy future for me and my family. We will all be together and live here in Yuma. We will create a beautiful Palace of the Universe out of these Yuma junkyards. It is going to happen now. We cannot be stopped. The evil is defeated. I lived through it all and my Universe Mate, Rey, finally made it to Yuma. We will be just fine. Do you hear me spirit world? We are just fine!

Taking a Stand in My Homeland

My new living location is day to day. I call this place Crazy House because it looks just like that. The place is old, dilapidated, and falling apart. It could be a part of a horror movie easily. It should be condemned and seems to be waiting for that to happen. The family has lived here continually for over 75 years. This house was not built on love and it can’t be renovated. There’s a junkyard surrounding the house.

I live here cautiously. The owner has multiple addictions. I am careful to follow the rules but he oversteps my boundaries at will. Unwanted touching does not happen silently with me. I make sure the right people know about it. I have never been a victim of sexual assault and don’t intend to ever let that happen. This man is not listening to me so I tell another man living here. It finally gets out in the open. I get support from a friend and continue to move through this nasty setup as quickly as I can.

I am trying to relocate to my own place once again. This seems to be the best solution for me right now but there’s not alot available here in Yuma. I’m looking for a nice little studio or 1 bedroom apartment. My Universe Mate is still married and not available to me right now. He knows he has to take care of this legal situation. He is separated from her for many years but that marraige bond still exists. It’s part of his healing to deal with as he slowly moves closer.

I told him I feel like a Captured Angel. I cannot sever this healing bond between him and me. It feels like I am chained to this man and forever healing him. I have no idea when we will reunite and that is the truth. All I know is that I can’t stop what is happening with the Universe. I divorced over 14 years ago and I have no legal matters around me. I am totally clean but he is not.

I take a stand and say enough, back off from me or pay a price. This owner is on probation. I know he will stop doing those unwanted gestures until I’m out of this mess. I continue going with the flow in my homeland, living one day to the next and purging out the evil that set in here. One day I’ll be with my Universe Mate and know that we are really done with the spirits who invaded our beautiful planet. The bad people will all be falling down and dying. That’s all that happens in my homeland during Universe Time.

Moving Forward During September

Today, I am feeling so good. I am remembering past times that I lived through when I was living in a very weak Universe Time. In those days it was not as easy as it is now. I was not aware of Universe Time at all, but I still lived through the days. I was immersed in a spirit world that had control over me but I was still purging it out with the Universe by my side.

I can look back and see how it happens. I make a note of this and chat with my Universe Mate. I see that the past 12 years I have been living apart from him but I was still healing him! I was not physically around him but because we were so close at one time, I am always healing him. The Universe never stops a connection like that. It will continue to pull all of the spirit energies into its magnetic fields. There are no on and off buttons with our Universe.

A milestone is coming up again. I see that September 15 is coming right up. I remind me and him that this was the last time we were in close contact with each other. It was also when we said good bye. It was not what I intended but it happened anyway. I was not able to verbally share my feelings for him and neither was he. There was definitely a problem here. Little did I know that it would be 12 years later before we would be doing just that. It took 12 years of healing and separation to share our feelings! This is totally real and true.

I am moving forward through September knowing that we’re getting closer and closer everyday. The spirit world around us is very small now and easily purged. There won’t be many more days apart. I can feel him around me all of the time. I am sure he feels me too. It feels very good. I know that when we reunite we will never be separated again.

I am experiencing what happens when we heal as Universe Mates. I am documenting this here on my website. It is totally real and powerful. The Power of the Twos is coming true. A man and a woman who are Universe connected come together as Universe Mates. Two Universe beings reunited. That is all that happens now. The spirits know this and are doomed to their fate, becoming a distant memory as they are purged. Their spiritual soulmates all die. Oh well, too bad. It had to happen sometime, and it is happening right now.

Universe Time is here! Contact me to establish your Universe connection. Heal your entire family and reunite with your Universe Mate:


It’s Automatic Time, Watch What Happens

I’ve been in my new location for over a week now. I see the results happening before my eyes. I have a secure location in this house. I’m not in anyone’s way. I’m the only female here so I take on that role. This place is a mess. I clean it up a bit and add a few touches. It’s appreciated. I know my limits though, and stay within them.

I’m still going with the flow. My connection with my Universe Mate is so powerful. We are so close to reuniting. Knowing this keeps me going. I feel his love all around me. I feel so good now. Its wonderful. Love is the most powerful human emotion that exists. Love is what heals our planet, our Universe. Humankind will continue because of the power of love. Spirits cannot stop me from loving and healing my Universe Mate.

I will continue to post my progress in this new location. It’s just one more spirit setup in my way which I must live through. I am doing it with the support of my Universe Mate.

I love Rey so much. My Universe Mate’s name is Rey. There, I said it in public now. Posting his name on my blog helps move everything foward the right way. We had a relationship a long time ago. Things were not working out. I knew there were spiritual controls in place. We have been healing these spirit setups (i.e. spiritual soulmate journeys) for over 13 years. It’s finally time for us to be back together permanently.

Healer Camp Closed and Our Planet Moved Forward

I closed down Healer Camp yesterday. It really is gone. I relocated 2 other fellow Healers to safety before moving my belongings across the street. I relocated myself yesterday to a safer place. I’m living inside a home now, renting a room again. I survived the deadly Healer Camp. It did not do me in though. I lived there and purged it out completely. I survived a very negative set up that was in front of me.

My return to normalcy is proceeding well. Suddenly, I have a room, bathroom, and kitchen before me. I have earned my place here. It was not easy at all. I help the current situation here in this home, and the people who live here too. We are living through the last few really hot days of August. No one is suffering. This is Universe Time so ofcourse nothing bad happens. Go with the flow and things happen at the right time, with the right people. There are no mistakes.

Today, I had to take a small trip back to spirituality. I had to connect with the spirit world again by talking with a psychic. I had to find out what was really going on with my Universe Mate. Ofcourse I was not sure. I had to make sure. I had to consult a psychic. And so, I paid some money for a 20 minute talk. Well, I found out a few things which I already knew. But the psychic was not current at all on many things. It was quite apparent that this psychic was setup with very old information. Nothing sounded clear or real at all. In fact, I was told that he was not the right man for me and another man was just waiting. Really spirit world, how stupid do you think I am?

So, as I move forward, I am loving my Universe Mate and no psychic can convince me to do otherwise, especially Psychic Nicholas over at California Psychics. He totally bombed his reading with me today and he knows it. The psychics do not know about Universe Time yet. I’m sure that a silent change is now underway. Our Universe works quietly to remove the most negative areas on planet Earth and the psychic world is definitely the most negative place being totally purged by me.

Don’t waste money on a psychic reading. Why pay good money for the wrong information? Contact me instead for a Universe Family Healing session. Along with accurate information is a powerful healing session that corrects all the problems in your way. Then you and your Universe Mate can easily reunite and stay comfortably together. It really works my way. Get rid of the spirit world stopping your happiness.