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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me.

My blog describes my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. As you read through my posts, you will feel the power of my healing. I describe in detail my healing modality. I am a highly educated, retired, professional nurse but did not understand the Universe until I left a professional life of advanced practice nursing. I healed away from professional nursing to allow my natural abilities to emerge. I may return someday soon and resume my nursing license as the Universe opens up a new opportunity for me.

There is a void in our literature about Universe Family Healing. All that is available is a lot of information about spiritual healing. That is not what I do. My healing removes spiritual energy from the human body. I am providing my story in simple words for all to read and understand. Universe Family Healing is available to all humans on this planet.

Perhaps at another time this healing phenomenon was available to someone else. I cannot find evidence of this anywhere. I have learned about it as I lived through it. Scientists do not talk about it. They will not talk to me about what I do. I am ignored by the scientific world. I have had to become my own scientist and record the progress of Universe Family Healing as a real natural phenomenon.

I purge spiritual energy until it merges with the outside atmosphere of our Universe. This purge and merge action allows a continuous flow of spiritual energy into our outside atmosphere, our Universe, where it is immediately pulled away from human bodies. Spirits are absorbed and recycled in some way, as they contain magnetic minerals like magnetite. I feel the energy flow as it moves through my hands and feet. The flowing energy feels like liquid sandpaper, gritty and moving southeast all the time.

As a result of my healing progress, spirits can no longer multiply and live as they once did. Their way of living relied on humans being in their total control. Their parasitic lifestyle is ended, because spirits cannot live on their own. Spirits must live on a human body to exist. Humans have been their host for a very long time. Universe Family Healing removes these spiritual parasites.

Once removed, these spiritual parasites are done. They cannot live outside of their spiritual environment. They die, and as a result their spiritual worlds around each human being collapse. There is no regeneration process for spirits.  This may sound like science fiction, but this is not science fiction. This is real. This is how our world and our Universe finally heals. Spirits are constantly removed by our Universe and never set up their worlds again. Their Universe Journey is a one way trip.

I have several years of posts here on http://www.firsthealer.com. The post you are now reading is the sticky one. Below this post is a current account of what is happening in my world. I update my blog frequently. Please read on and discover what an interesting life I have had as I transformed from knowing virtually nothing to knowing everything about our Universe.

On January 2, 2016, I was able to return to my homeland: Yuma, AZ, USA. I am safe now as I finally was able to escape from the California Dream (California, USA) where I was trapped for over 55 years. I was taken away from Yuma, AZ to California when I was only 2 years old. I was taken from my birth family and forcibly put into the negative spiritual world of a fake family. It was a crime against humanity. Now that I am living in Yuma again, I continue my healing towards my birth family.

Universe Family Healing reunites birth families.

I provide Universe Family Healing sessions by phone for anyone anywhere on planet Earth. I also provide Home Visits for Healing here in Yuma, AZ. I charge $100.00 for a  phone session or home visit and payment is via PayPal invoice. I have helped many people throughout my healing years. I can help you too. It is so easy and simple for me to provide a real healing service. Contact me via my email address below:


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Trauma Is Finally Leaving Our Planet Earth

Trauma is being purged away by our Universe. Trauma is actually a layering of spiritual energies around humans. When a negative event occurs in a human life, a layering of spiritual entities is formed and gathers more and more so that there is a very tight and stuck spiritual barrier. Spirits like negative events because spirits are highly negative. Spirits want humans to feel as bad as possible. Spirits like a negative atmosphere around humans so they can have an existence. Bad times exist only because spirits are intact on a human body.

Traumas has never been effectively purged before. Spiritual traumas have been building up immense structures of spirits and intricate webs so that these trauma layers would stay intact. And no one really knew about it or understood this process because it was so hidden from view. Healers were not able to remove the trauma layering. All that the healers did was move the traumas around a little from person to person. You may have felt better for a little while but then, that bad feeling comes right back again and usually more intense. Healers of the past were not connected to our Universe.

Universe Family Healing is the only way to eradicate a trauma barrier. Traumas also are very much related to denial. Denial is just like a trauma layer. When a human experiences an abuse or neglect or a very dangerous accident, there is a trauma/denial layer automatically developing around the body. No medical treatments can eradicate a trauma barrier that is spiritually induced. Only Universe Family Healing can do this because the traumas spirits are automatically connected to our Universe’s positive energy current and literally vacuumed away from the human body.

Once Universe Family Healing is in control, the trauma layering is broken and cannot exist. Spiritual trauma can only function in a very specific environment. Spirits are human parasites and will take over a human body if no real healing occurs. Therapy sessions only make trauma barriers worse. Therapists are not Universe Family Healers and their own spiritual energies interact with their clients which makes the trauma barrier even stronger. That is why they require clients to attend weekly therapy sessions. There is nothing good about weekly therapy sessions. They are a total waste of time and money.

It is so easy and simple to heal away trauma. Spiritual barriers causing the trauma are broken and removed when a Universe connection is made. Universe Family Healing is the only known method to effectively remove (i.e. purge and merge) spiritual anything anywhere. Call it what you like, (PTSD, Depression, Anxiety etc.) but it all comes down to spirits and humans. We can finally get rid of the spiritual invasion on our planet Earth and live comfortable trauma free lives.

Universe Family Healing sessions are available to everyone. Contact me via email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session:


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Depression Is A Spiritual Game

Depression has a spiritual etiology as does all of the other kinds of mental illnesses. I see that today, there is no one talking about this but me. Most of our world is still entrenched in the dark ages and seems to like that place. I have been blogging about Universe Family Healing as an effective mental illness treatment for a very long time, but few people have responded to me for help.

That is pretty sad indeed, but I am here to heal away spiritual conditions like mental illness. I know our world is still caught up in heavy layers of spirituality. The medical profession is there too, dark and oppressive, with no real solutions.

I continue to blog here to present the truth about mental illnesses as a product of the dark ages. Universe Family Healing totally wipes out all mental illnesses because the spirits are the culprits here and easily get purged away. The spirits are the denial layers that entrench humans and keep them stuck is painful mental health conditions. The medical people cannot heal away spirit setups. The psychotropic medications are harmful with negative side effects and do nothing but stop real healing from happening.

Anyway, I had to post about the reality of mental illness and depression today because there is nothing new going on in Google News. It is the same old stuff over and over. But here on my blog, I am healing mental illness all of the time. I just am not getting paid for it. That is not good.

So, I will continue to purge out the medical realm 24/7 and hope that people will find me soon and contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. I know how it feels to have that anxiety layer. I had it and I purged it completely away. I certainly did not seek help from a medical doctor.

I am living proof that my healing is 100% accurate and effective in healing mental illness.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



Going With The Flow The Universe Way

Sometimes it is frustrating to do this. I have no choice really. I define “going with the flow” as simply knowing each day what I must do. I do those things and then I rest and purge. I am always purging wherever I go but sometimes I have to purge and rest a little longer. Right now, it seems like that.

I am in the middle of this medical setup at the plasma donation center and I know I am not quite done there. I have to be patient and finish up my part in this setup and soon that will happen. It is not my favorite place to go to, but I am not done. So, a few more days of rest and I am sure I will return. Maybe the next visit will really be the last time.

I have no control over the Universe. I can try to go against the flow, but it seldom helps me. I find that reminding myself often that there is only so much I can do each day, is very helpful. Knowing this really helps a lot when frustration starts bothering me. When that happens I just relax and let the day go by. Everyday starts up brand new when I am purging into our Universe.

I know that this is only a temporary time and very short. My healing is so powerful now. My healing ability is always with me. I cannot be stopped in my healing even in a very negative world like a plasma donation center. I am definitely in control of that place every time I go there.

Maybe I am visiting this place to end the plasma donation setups forever. It is easy for me to do this. That’s all that happens really when I am in a very negative place. My healing just breaks it up completely.

I can help others purge out their negative medical setups. It happens naturally when your spiritual world is connected to our Universe. Contact me by email to schedule your Universe Family Healing session. Say goodbye to the medical world forever! I am definitely saying goodbye to mine.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



I am Going With The Flow And Ended Up At The Plasma Donation Center

Is this really the last spiritual setup for me? I certainly hope so. I look back on this and realize that yes, I am doing the right thing right now. I have to live through this setup, purge it out completely, and then move forward in order to eradicate the medical setups that were stuck on me for a very long time. I certainly wasn’t ever thinking about going there and participating in this donor program but there I am now. It won’t last much longer though.

As I lay down in their center actively donating my plasma, I am also actively purging out their world. Of course those people are not aware of anything about this. They cannot see the purging going on. But, it is powerful purging in that center. That tells me how negative that environment really is!

It will be interesting to see the changes. I am wondering if this whole plasma donation thing is simply going to fade away. It is definitely a S.C.A.M. (Spiritually Created About Money) activity because we receive money every time we donate our plasma. But since it is so negative and I am innocently there participating and purging spiritual energy, I know that something changes at that donor center.

The spiritual setup in place at that center is disintegrating now because I have been there a few times. I cannot stop the spiritual setup from purging in that center. It just happens naturally for me.

I have visited other medical places during this past year as I go with the flow, and purged those people and places out too. This one is also getting a nice big purge. After this is over, I will never have to participate in any medical procedures again. I will be all done with the medical realm. I guess I am just doing my own thing as a Universe Family Healer, and purging out the negative medical world is part of what I naturally do to heal our world.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer





Truths are Told And Denial is Purged

There are truths being told everywhere today.

I have always been one to tell the truth. I have always said that the truth is all that matters. I know this is a powerful way to release a spiritual energy layer we call denial. Once the truth is told in the public arena, the denial layers are broken and purged. Spirits create denial. Spirits are the only reason we have problems with denial. In the past, denial layers could not be broken. Denial was only enhanced more and more.

Now, that is not happening. The denial layers are purging and all that remains is reality. Truth and reality are pretty much the same thing. A person who is powerful in our world and speaks the truth is doing a very good Universe function. Telling the truth is making our country and other places on our planet livable and safe. No more will the criminals have power to be who they are. The real criminals are exposed and put away. Humans cannot and will not tolerate criminals in our world.

Universe Time, (the time when our Universe is in control of the spiritual setups on every human), is in full control now. Truths are spoken and believed and work continues uninterrupted. The truths that are being told today are accepted because they are real. Universe Time makes this happen! What a good feeling that is, to know the truth.

Now, we will see the return of cooperative exchanges between leaders of our countries. We see that there is true honesty and support to help each other but also respect our differences and maintain boundaries. The countries that have not been doing things correctly are learning to do so. They are young in many ways but learning and growing up the right way now.

Spiritual barriers have caused these highly spiritual countries to make the wrong decisions and do the wrong things. Their spiritual barriers are going away. There is a great deal of change going on in the highly spiritual places on our planet. The truths are out in the open now and their spiritual barriers are purging rapidly! This healing process, Universe Family Healing, allows our planet to be at peace. Wars and weapons are products of a highly spiritual word and are in the past now.

Once denial is gone from our world completely, our planet Earth becomes young again. Universe Time is in full control. Our planet is healing, and truth-telling rules the day. Thank goodness for Universe Family Healing!

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



First Family On the Universe

This morning that is the chant I am hearing from the spirits: “First family on the Universe.” I have heard it before a little, but today it seems significant. Everyday now is exciting! Parts of my body are purging that have never purged before. Two days ago, my lower left back had a sore spot which purged, and now my left side rib area is sore and that means it’s purging!

The spiritual being or world set up around me is methodically being dismantled by the Universe. I am documenting it here so I have some place to state how this happens. There is a sequence to this purging and I am experiencing it right now. I am finally getting rid of my spiritual being!

It seems my family and I are the first humans to purge and merge our spiritual beings into our Universe. I am the first healer to do this, so my family becomes the first family to purge out their spiritual worlds. I also call these spirit worlds, spiritual beings because it is like a spiritual set up on a human body.

Some people have a very extensive and deep spiritual being and some people have several beings so they end up with multiple personalities. This explains a lot about why people can act and exhibit all kinds of personalities. Their spiritual beings are in control of their human body. It may sound cool, but all it does is age a human into death. These spiritual beings usually take over when a human is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Once humans start to purge out their spiritual being, they lose all of those enhanced abilities that spirits were controlling. The spiritual beings were also causing a human to do harmful activities. Purging spiritual beings gets rid of all unsafe and unhealthy lifestyles. The real human being emerges and that is what’s happening right now. We live safely as real humans when our spiritual beings are purged.

So, there are “first families” in royalty and governments, but I am stating here that my family and I, the first Universe family Healers, are the First Family on the Universe! And the spirits are telling me this too. That is really something!

I can help your family get there too. Contact me by email to set up your Universe Family Healing session:


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer




The Game of Spirituality

Spirituality is a very old and ancient game. It is composed of several parts. There are the fortune tellers, the tarot readers, the reiki healers, the clairvoyants, the astrologists, the empaths, etc. The list is very long. All of these elements are parts of the Game of Spirituality. I played a few of them in the past but I did not stay there. I was not able to stay there because I was a real Healer. I purged my way out of spirituality and became who I am today,

The spirits say over and over to me,”When Healer comes through, that’s it, we’re done. ” I kept wondering what they meant. Come through? I am not coming through; they are leaving. But now I can see that I am actually coming though their world that was all around me and purged out the spirits as I moved forward.

That’s the difference between me and other healers of the day. I know of no one else talking about real Universe Family Healing like I do and describing how it feels. So, I view spirituality as a game with several parts attached to it. Other healers pretend to do what I do but in reality they are not connected to our Universe!

Many people love to play the game of spirituality. The basis of this game is the relationship setup. There are so many psychic advisors who for a fee, are more than willing to tell you all about the special someone coming your way. It is all based on your birth date. Ofcourse, in a highly negative world these relationship setups are happening even now. The psychics are very much in tune to telling you the dates and times when these encounters will happen. And to tell you what he or she is thinking. Because of the spiritual web involved here, it is rather easy for these psychic advisors to do this as they are mind-controlled by their spiritual worlds.

All of this stuff is a highly negative spiritual setup. It continues today on internet websites everywhere. I was there once myself both as a patron and as an advisor. I experienced spirituality from both ends. I understand how it works. I also know that I am always purging out spirituality because I am a powerful Universe Family Healer. I came through their spiritual web and purged all the way. I defeated my own spiritual world. So, they chant over and over, “When Healer comes through, that’s it, we are done.” 

I believe it too. It is kind of funny to hear these chants from the spirits. I know that there is a lot of spirituality still being practiced, and I cannot stop purging it either. I know that eventually, spirituality will cease to exist. There is a lot of it though, so it will take some time to eradicate it. Until then, I can truthfully say that our Universe is purging out spirituality games that have made our planet very negative.

As the spirituality setups are decreased everywhere in all countries, the spiritually induced problems continue to grow smaller and smaller. Spirituality will become part of our planet’s history and forgotten entirely someday, because:

“When Healer comes through, that’s it, we are done!”

I won the game of spirituality. 

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer



The Truth About Spiritual Energy

Our world is still highly spiritual. It is hard to understand this unless you know that humans are hosts to spirits. Just by knowing this information, you will feel a slight purge action. That tingling sensation is the spirits purging from your body. Yes, it happens a little  just by reading my words.

There are spirits around all humans. Spirits are parasites. A parasite cannot exist without a host. For example, head lice and scabies are human parasites. They only exist because they can live on a human body. There are spiritual parasites too.

It is hard for humans to believe this because spirits are rather invisible to most everyone these days. This is because most humans are extremely spiritual and therefore do not understand that they are controlled completely by their spiritual world.

Every human being has a spiritual world that has grown and lives on them. There was no way in the past to get rid of the spiritual worlds around humans. These spiritual parasites proliferated and controlled everything that humans were involved in. Spirits led us all to believe that they were inseparable and necessary to human life. This falsehood was very powerful.

Spirits are not necessary for human life. Humans are necessary for spirit life. But, like any parasite infestation, humans now have a way to eradicate this one too.

There is no known medical treatment to eradicate a spiritual infestation. Medical providers cannot clear a spiritual infestation. In fact, this whole realm of spiritual energy infestations is largely ignored by medical professionals. Many health conditions are spiritually induced, so the medical people say, “unknown etiology.”

I continue to document the truth about spiritual energy on my blog. I was once a clinical nurse specialist and more involved in the medical realm. Since leaving there I was able to live through my own healing experience and thus became an expert in spiritual energy.

I healed my way through my spiritual world by connecting it to our Universe. It seemed to happen naturally for me. I never received any instructions in spiritual energy at all in my nursing career. I had to “live the experience” and document the reality of spiritual energy here on my blog where freedom of speech is available.

Spiritual energy is real because I can hear it, feel it, see it, and sometimes smell and taste it on my tongue. Spiritual energy is highly magnetic. This energy is pulled off of my body by our Universe’s magnetic current. I hear the spirits going southeast outside my window. The magnetic qualities of spiritual  energy allow it to imitate smells, sounds, and voices. Many unexplained occurrences are simply a spiritual energy setup playing out in repetitive cycles of 3.

My spiritual world is very small now as I have been powerfully purging so much of it over the last 12 years. I really didn’t know much about it before then. I lived through my spiritual life to understand the impact of this energy on human beings everywhere.

And now, I can help humans on our planet to purge away their spiritual worlds like I have done. I feel I am the first healer to be able to effectively do this, so I named my web site http://www.firsthealer.com.

This is the truth about spiritual energy.

Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. My healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing your spiritual energy infestation. Send me an email to:


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer




My Healing Is Not A Spiritual Game

In the beginning it seemed that my healing ability was a game. It appeared to me slowly. I was actively involved in spiritual activities too, and my healing went along with that. There was someone I knew who practiced reiki and shared with me what to do to become a reiki healer. She gave me some kind of booklet that showed what to do. It seemed fun for awhile. This was back in 2006, a long time ago.

I tried it out. I did the symbols etc. I found out that I did not need to do any of that. I told her, “I heal without doing that”. I could tell that my hands were healing without doing any of those rituals. She looked at me strangely. I gave the booklet back to her. I told her, “I am doing this automatically” and left her behind.

I stopped using candles and incense. I stopped going to psychics for information. I stopped doing all spiritual activities. I healed more. I didn’t know about the Universe then. I just kept moving forward automatically as I do now. I had to live through that time of involvement in spirituality in order to understand more about our Universe. I left spirituality behind. I was purging it out.

I was working for a while as a psychic nurse healer on a few websites but it did not last very long. There was censorship there on my listing. I was not allowed to talk about purging spiritual energy. After awhile, I finally decided to have my own website and blog. I tried a few places and ended up here on WordPress five years ago.

During that time, I also decided to let my RN license become inactive. I stopped paying the fees and my license expired in 2013. I officially retired from the profession. I had tried to use my license and advanced practice status on a holistic nursing website, American Holistic Nurses Association, but even there I could not use the words “purging negative spiritual energy”. I was trying to list my specialties in their practitioner directory. I was told I could not say that even though I knew that it was the truth! They had control over my directory listing. I had to leave that place too.

In December of 2013, I found WordPress and started my blog, http://www.firsthealer.com. I have been at WordPress for over 5 years now. I have been successful here in creating the awareness of my specialized natural healing. People all over our planet Earth have viewed my blog and know about me now. There is no one telling me not to say, “I purge spiritual energy”.

That is why I had to leave professional nursing behind. Right now, I have an opportunity to bring my license from CA over here to AZ, but I may not do that after all. I still have 2 years to decide if I want to become a registered nurse and CNS again. Having a license makes me have to adhere to a standard of practice which may not fit me anymore. I realize this and have time to decide if it is worthwhile. It wasn’t in the past. My natural abilities were being stagnated by a license.

It feels good to have the freedom I have now. I can say exactly what I want to say which is always the truth. I never have to delete my words because someone is controlling me. I enjoy freedom of speech here on my website. WordPress does not censor me. I have full control of my content. That feels very good after experiencing so much censorship from a professional nurse’s organization and psychic websites.

When I took the exam to become Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing, I found that the test I took had a lot to do with herbs and things I do not do. It was OK because I still passed that exam. But, I am not an herbalist and never will be. That is way too spiritual for me. The nursing profession is highly spiritual and real healing has been erased from that profession. Therapeutic Touch is a part of the nursing profession, but it is not Universe healing.

So, I have created my own healing specialty called Universe Family Healing. It fits me very well and I did not have to take a course to become an expert in it. I simply had to live through this whole time and understand it and document what has happened. Universe Family Healing is a spectacular natural phenomenon, all natural and real. I did not get stuck in spirituality like so many other healers and nurses are right now. I continued to purge my spiritual energies and became who I am today.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer




Autism Is A Spiritual Game

I figured this out when I worked with high school students recently who were “diagnosed” with autism. I want parents to know that their child is under the influence of a spiritual setup and the entire family is involved. This problem is not just a one person problem. Autism involves the family and so-called professionals who are assisting the “troubled child”. Parents must also know that autism is not their fault and release any guilt feelings.

Parents must understand that there are other ways to receive relief from autism. Parents must know that autism has a spiritual etiology and therefore nothing those medical or behavioral specialists do will make things better. In fact, those specialists continue the autism problem. Medical professionals cannot do anything to remove spiritual energies from humans.

The medical profession is highly spiritual and has been for the ages. Medicine has had total control over the human body. Medicine is a product of the dark ages. There is nothing a doctor can do to effectively treat spiritual autism. I see the doctors backing up and moving far away from families where this autism condition has proliferated. I see that they are leaving that whole thing and not talking about it anymore. I see insurance companies refusing to pay for their services too. It all happens because we are living in Universe Time when all spiritual worlds are purged from humans.

And I know that people are going to look at doctors quite differently. They will not be given high authority at all. They will be looked at like frauds and scam artists. This happens now because autism is highly spiritual and is finally being purged.

I see schools changing how they are running their special education programs. I see that they are not doing anything the right way because I was there and saw first hand what the problems are. Ofcourse, I could not do much about it but observe and quietly purge the spiritual energies away. Of course those school people never knew what I was doing. But I knew.

I saw the results as I interacted with those students. I instantly knew what they needed in order to continue healing and they responded and they healed. I knew what needed to be changed in their school environments in order to break up the autism cycle. It happened right before my eyes. I saw their responses and improvements. It was so easy for me to help them heal.

I can easily heal families who have the autism set up around them. It is just another spiritual game that needs purging. There have been may games put on us by the spirits.  This is one that has caused a lot of grief and pain for our families everywhere. The layers of trauma caused by autism are fading away on the Universe. I am sure that in the future autism will not exist anymore as it will be completely purged away by Universe Family Healing.

I can heal away your family’s spiritual autism setup. Contact me for a a Universe Family Healing session.

Julia Angel. MSN

Universe Family Healing