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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me.

My website is a blog which describes my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. As you read through my posts, you will feel the power of my healing. I describe in detail my healing modality. I am a highly educated, retired professional nurse but did not learn about the Universe until I left that professional life of advanced practice nursing five years ago.

There is a void in our literature about Universe Family Healing. All that is available is a lot of inaccurate information about spiritual healing and cleansing. That is not what I do. My healing process removes spiritual energy from the human body. I am providing my story in simple words for all to read and understand. Universe Family Healing is available to all humans on this planet. I am not “trained” in this healing. It is my natural ability. I do not think that anyone can be trained in what I do. I do not provide training sessions or courses.

Perhaps at another time this healing phenomenon was available to someone else. I cannot find evidence of this anywhere. I have learned about it as I lived through it. Scientists do not talk about it. They will not talk to me about what I do. I am ignored by the scientific world. I have had to become my own scientist and record the process of Universe Family Healing as a real phenomenon.

I continually purge spiritual energy until it merges with the outside atmosphere of our Universe. This purge and merge action allows a continuous flow of spiritual energy into our outside atmosphere where it is immediately pulled away from human bodies. It is absorbed and recycled in some way, as it contains magnetic minerals of some kind. I feel it as it moves through my body. It feels like liquid sandpaper, gritty and moving all the time.

As a result of my healing progress, spirits can no longer multiply and contain themselves as they once did. Their system of living relied on humans being in their total control. Their parasitic lifestyle is ended, because spirits cannot live on their own. They must live on a human body to exist. Spiritual entities are parasites. Humans have been their host for a very long time. Universe Family Healing removes these parasites.

I have several years of posts here on firsthealer.com. The post you are now reading is the sticky one. Please read on and discover what an interesting life I have had as a Universe Family Healer. Thankfully, for the past two years I have been able to return to my homeland, Yuma AZ, USA. I am safe now as I finally was able to escape from the California Dream where I was trapped for over 55 years.

I am now offering healing sessions once again.  One session is all you will need to get a connection to our Universe. I do healing sessions by phone call now. I charge 50.00 per session and payment is through Paypal. To contact me, my email address is:



Thank you for reading my blog. I know you enjoy my words and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Now Is The Time To Get Connected

This is the time in our lives to get real. I mean, it is the right time to release and purge all of our spirits. It is the right time to do this. All humans on this planet must realize this and begin to purge their spiritual energies. I am completely sure that now is the right time.

It doesn’t matter who you are, rich or famous, poor and forgotten. You are completely surrounded by a spiritual energy setup. It happened to all of us. It continues to happen as I write this post. Humans are just not aware of this situation. I am trying to get the word out as much as possible that this is true.  Little by little awareness is happening. The truth about our once highly spiritual world is coming through. But it has been very slow to happen. More humans must know this and do the right thing.

Getting connected means that you are connecting your spiritual energies to our Universe’s magnetic field. This process is very real. It is not a science fiction. I can assure you of that. I am very real. The Universe is very real and active now. Let’s all do the right thing and become a Universe world and leave the spirits where they belong, far away from us. The Universe is open and accepting spiritual energies automatically.

Our Universe does not bring our soulmates to us. Our Universe removes soulmates. Soulmates are just a spiritual setup. Anyone can be set up spiritually to be a soulmate for someone else.  Our Universe just removes spiritual energy no matter what it is set up to do. Our Universe is not specific. All spiritual energy is taken away. The most highly negative parts of us are removed first and then the rest goes too until it is totally gone!

So why do you want to remain spiritual? All that happens is this: your relationships are very negative and boring. You end up with a disease and the aging process makes you old. That is what happens when you are spiritual. Why do you want that to happen? You have a choice now. You can just go along and be the same spiritual being and not change and fall apart, or you can get connected and live. Getting connected causes immediate changes to happen. This is all positive.

Spiritual human beings always fade away and die. That is not supposed to happen to humans really. Humans do not have to die. The aging process is caused by spiritual energies on a human body. Spirits are very toxic to human. Spirits are parasites to humans. Humans are hosting spirits without realizing it. Why do you want to host spirits?

I cannot think of one good reason to be a host for spirits. All that does is continue the spirits in their negative environments and allows them to grow and live. They are parasites and cannot live without a human host. Once they are purged on the Universe, they cease to exist and die. They are broken up into their minute particles and absorbed. As spirits continue to live on the human body, the human becomes more spiritual. The human becomes more like a robot, devoid of feelings. The human face changes. The body decays due to the high levels of spirits inside. Yuk!

Spiritual worlds always die. Other planets and worlds have died because they were overcome with spirits. Those planets are gone because all that happened was a very negative world time after time and spirits controlled everything. When spirits are gone, the planet can relax and be peaceful and calm. The wars, aggression, guns, traumas, assaultive behaviors, mental and physical illnesses cease to exist. There are no more weapons. There are no more nuclear devices. Those things I just mentioned are all due to the spirits being in control of human beings. In a real Universe world, the spirits are not in control of humans. That is the goal we are seeking.

So, I hope that you are understanding more about why I am here. I am very capable to help all humans connect their spirits energies to our Universe. That is my specialty. I can do this for you and anyone who really cares about our planet Earth. I am here to serve our planet as Universe Family Healer, Julia Angel.

I can be contacted through 2 ways, by email or phone. Please consider what I am saying here. I am not kidding around these days. I am real and ready to do what I was born to do. I am offering my healing sessions at a reduced of $40.00 for the month of October.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope more people become truly aware of what it means to Get Connected.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer









Can the Long Wait Be Over Finally?

Well, today was a very good day. I made soup. I did my laundry. It rained! But the best part of the day was when I received a phone call to set up an interview for a very good state job. I have been waiting months for this to happen. I know that things happen at the right time on the Universe, and today proved this to me again. I am finally going to be re-employed soon. I just know it. As I become reemployed I will not stop offering Universe Family Healing sessions. I will just do that by appointment only when I am home. It will work out so well for me. I know that I can do both quite easily now. Both are very important.

My interview is on October 22. I am looking forward to that day. I know other things are happening right now because every time my financial status improves it makes things change elsewhere too. That is how Universe Family Healing works. The layers of negative energy continually release onto the Universe.  There is no end to purging. I am very sure of that. Purging always continues. There is no “last day of purging”. I was once told that by the spirits but it never happened! I always continued to purge and merge the spirits.

So, I have a good interview day coming up on a 22 day. I know this means all is well and nothing bad will happen ever to me again, because I was able to return to Yuma, AZ, my homeland. Here I can continue to move forward and do exactly what I am supposed to do, just being me.




October 10, 2018: Another 3 Year Anniversary I have Lived Through

Today, I was not quite sure why things felt different. I was moving along here so good then today opened up. I just moved along as normal, but then I suddenly realized the date! It was a very familiar date indeed. It was 3 years ago today that my home in California was sold illegally at an auction in San Rafael, CA. I even checked on my other blog: Meadow Park Community Blog, to confirm the date. It was right there, October 10, 2015.

Wow, I wasn’t even thinking about it that much. But the spiritual energies were right here with me waiting to be purged out. It was all I had to do today. It was kind of boring, but I had to do it. The breezes came back and so did some clouds. A very nice day here in Yuma to get rid of more spirits from Marin.

I really don’t think about California at all anymore except that 2 of my sons still live there. I cannot understand why they still want to be there. But I guess it is a Universe thing. Sooner or later that will change. For me, leaving that place in Marin County was the best thing that happened. It was not a good place at all. I tried to make it better there in Meadow Park, but no one cared at all. It was a very dead place.

Goodbye spirits of Marin County. I know you are not happy to be purged out in my homeland but that is what happened today, October 10, 2018. I am far away from the dead zone of California where I tried to live for many years. The Universe finally brought me back home where I am safe and nothing bad ever happens again.

Healer Julia Angel

Spiritual Relationships Are Ending

Well it is really happening these days. The spirits used to control human relationships because they needed humans to live. As they controlled human relationships, they were assured of having more and more human hosts to live with. That is why the population of the planet has soared so much. Spirits have made it happen.

But as our healing planet moves forward, the spirits that control human relationships move on the Universe. The spiritual relationships fade away. The birth rate decreases naturally. There will not be any problems at all. There will not be a need for laws to control human reproduction. That is not necessary in a Universe world.

I know this will take some time to be realized by everyone. It is already happening though. The spirits are purging and so they will not be here anymore to make people do the negative nasty things they were doing. Highly negative spiritual people were in control and making our world a very unsafe and negative place to live.  They are no longer powerful now. They are losing. Their spiritual energies purge on the Universe and they fade into the background and simply disappear.

This trend does not reverse. It is not a setup. It is a real phenomenon that happens continually and gradually gets stronger all of the time. I see the big picture and I blog about it here. No one else is saying these things, but I do. I am a Universe Family Healer and I document major changes in our ways of living. I make sure and note that these are real occurrences happening. It is not my control. It is just the Universe cleaning up our world, finally.

Relationships will no longer be based upon sexual activities. Sexual relationships will no longer exist. What happens is a new way of being together: i.e. a man and woman become mates. That is all. There will not be anything else. It simply does not happen. Men and women will join together as mates in order for them to have a family.

Sexual activities are not going to be a big deal. That was all fueled by spiritual energies. Men were especially infested with spiritual setups making them very negative and sexual predators. But as I have said, right now this is changing.

We are all going to see this happen.  The positive changes are due to Universe Family Healing. That is the reason the really bad people are getting caught and put away. In the future there will not be any of those sexual problems. Sexual activities are just to continue the human species. Men and women have sex in order to create a new human. That is the only reason to have sex. All of the other stuff that has been going on is due to a highly spiritual setup that has been in control of humans.

Spiritual relationships are becoming extinct and so are the spirits that created them. Purging and merging spiritual worlds into our Universe is making our world safe and comfortable for all men and women.  Our world is real and nothing will ever bother us again. The spirits are dying and they cannot do anything on the Universe but be contained and reused in another way.  They cannot come back to Earth and setup their destructive parasitic lifestyles here. They are done.

I am available to assist you with ending your spiritual relationship. If you need help to get connected to our Universe, you can certainly contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. Call or email me and we can go further. I charge a nominal fee of $50.00 for our session. One session is all you will need to get connected. Payment is through PayPal invoice.

Thank you for reading my blog. I am here to help all humans heal by getting connected to our Universe.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN



October Brings Us To Our Real Life, Maybe You Can Get Yours Going Too

Well finally I am here in October 2018. I have been moving forward for so long that I have to realize what is happening right now. This is the time for all good humans on our planet. Disregard the mess on Google news these days. That is just our Universe getting rid of the spiritual world that invaded our beautiful plant. But I do read it and understand what is happening as I see the big picture. I never get caught up in the drama. Drama is left to those players who are highly negative and will forever remain that way. They will continue to beat each other up in the public arena until they are all gone.

I know that we all need to be connected to our Universe in order to live. I can help whoever is interested. I have the natural ability to connect humans to our Universe. Do not think you are getting connected by just reading my words. That is a very good start however.

I want people everywhere to read my words very carefully. I do not want to have to argue or listen to opinions in our interaction. If you feel like I am the right person for you then I will talk with you further. I will help you get connected to our Universe and  thus free yourself from your spiritual word.

Once a solid and real Universe connection is established by a direct phone conversation with me, you will know that your life is getting better. You will feel an immense relief. It will feel like a tingling sensation as it leaves your body. That is the first layer of spiritual energy that is surrounding you right now being purged and merged with our Universe. Spiritual energy contains magnetite which is highly magnetic and so this binding process with our Universe can occur. This is a totally real and natural phenomenon!

Then your Universe Time begins. You will experience change. And I want to tell you right away that I cannot predict dates and times. That is from the spiritual world of psychics and mediums. I am not one of those. I can only say that you will experience changes in many places including jobs, home, etc. Whatever is the most negative part of your world will change first.

Of course this is logical and makes sense. Perhaps you have been trying to exist in a toxic work environment. Be ready for that to change for the good. It may mean you get a transfer or you leave entirely. I cannot tell you what exactly will happen. I just know it gets better all of the time. Once Universe Time is well established it continues automatically. 

Everyone’s Universe Time is completely unique. And the Universe’s magnetic current will remove the spiritual barriers from you that are making your life go wrong. If you have been depressed, then that goes away. Spiritual layers cause depression. There are so many things that are caused by the spiritual worlds around humans. It is practically endless. Humans who are not connected to the Universe will eventually die from whatever their spirits set up on them and this is called the aging process. Yes, spiritual worlds around humans cause the human body to decay and die.

Please read through my blog and you will know right away that I am real and not some con artist. I am not here to make fun of the Universe. It is a powerful magnetic force automatically assisting our living planet. I am here to help humans become real and spirit free. I work with the Universe to achieve these goals.

I am charging a nominal fee of 50.00 per healing session. But this must be done by a phone conversation. I know that only one phone call is all you will need. You will not have to keep coming back to me over and over. Repeat business is what the spiritual world wants people to do in their setups but not the Universe.

If you are interested in my healing service, you can contact me by email, phone call or use the contact form below to set up your healing session. I ask that payment be processed via PayPal invoice before we have our interaction. Once payment is received, I will call you at the assigned time.

Thank You for reading my blog. I want to help as many people as possible. We want all good humans to be purging and merging their spiritual worlds obviously. I hope to hear from you soon.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer










September Ends Soon and I am Ready for What Happens Next

I am so happy to see the end of this month! Tomorrow I will finally complete and submit my last unemployment claim forever. This is very significant to finally purge out unemployment setups. I have had a few of them and this is the last one. It is also significant because it involved a school job so everything spiritually that has been attached to schools is over too.  My home that I owned in Novato, CA was attached to the school setup. That is over. My youngest son is out of Hamilton ( a part of Novato) and we are severing all ties with those Hamilton people.

It is really amazing for me. I have to understand the power this is giving me now. I finally did it! I got rid of the school set up and school people. I have achieved what I never thought I could: total freedom and financial independence. I had to be able to live through all of those times in CA in order to return to my homeland and live here again. Here in my homeland, I am very safe and nothing can happen to me and my family. We are so stable and safe now. This is because I have purged out the California Dream which was trying to keep me there and cause my demise.

One more day and then its over. October brings change. There will be remnants of Hurricane Rosa here in Yuma. There will be rain again. We have waited for a very long time to have our rain return. Now it is coming back. I am open to allowing more people to know who I am and what I can do. The Universe is allowing this to happen now. October is a perfect time for me to talk openly in my hometown about my healing abilities. It happens automatically.

I know this is just the beginning of a fun and everlasting good time. We will forget all about the old days of spirits and spirituality. The spiritual age for us is very much ending.  Our Universe’s magnetic current easily purges and merges these spiritual entities and moves them to other places far away from humans. These spiritual entities will never be here again.

Our Universe is alive and working with Universe Family Healers to provide a living world here on planet Earth. The bad people get caught and dealt with. The good people have control. That is how things are now. It won’t ever change.

Healer Julia Angel





The “Luck” is Gone For The Negative People

Amazing that this is happening right now. I see it at home around me and on the news. There are so many accounts of wrongs being righted everywhere. And it is just as it should be right now for we are finally living in a powerful Universe Time. Those people who always had it easy are having it very hard now. Their luck is gone. They are done forever.

Luck is just a spiritual setup and once those spiritual luck energies are purged, the right things happen automatically. The truth is easy to see. The spiritual masks are gone. The protection is over. This phenomenon occurs now because our Universe is active and working very well. Our Universe has complete open access to the spirits who have invaded our world! Our Universe is that atmosphere outside our windows.

What does that mean? Well our Universe has a very powerful magnetic current. This current is positive and makes our Universe stable. Stability is important because we are just a small part of our Universe, but we have had an overabundance of negative energies surrounding our planet. This energy is spiritual. It is not a living energy. Spiritual energy makes people and planets die.

So our Universe is here to remove this life-sucking energy from our world. I hope this makes complete sense to you. It is very easy to understand these days. That is why people in general love to hear about our Universe.

But, the scientists do not talk about the Universe like this. Only I do because I am a Universe Family Healer. Scientists will continue to try and explain about the Universe in weird ways. It is very unnecessary to listen to the scientists as they make no sense. Their explanations sound like science fiction because that’s what it really is. It makes no difference if they continue to deny what I say. Universe Family Healing happens anyway and soon they will not be listened at all. They will succumb to the powerful current of the Universe too.

I felt it necessary to talk about spiritual luck today as I see it disappearing rapidly from our world. All that remains is the truth, with life and love for good people everywhere. We will not be stopped in our healing. It continues unaltered and without delay. We are assured that more good things are happening everyday now. We can feel good again and relax as our families reunite and have fun living and working together in a safe world.

Healer Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer







Summer Ends Quietly And Truth Telling Continues to Rule the Day

Universe Time is moving along very smoothy. One day leaves and the next day opens up. Everyday is a new day meant for certain things to happen. Universe Time is like that now. It is wonderful living in Universe Time.

Truth is all that matters in Universe Time. The Universe is in control when truths are easily spoken and acknowledged. In the past this was not so. Our Universe was not able to do much about the spiritual controls in place. When truths were told, there was a negative force controlling everything, the spiritual world. This negative force was able to make the truth unimportant.

That is why today so much good is finally happening. People everywhere are telling the truth about their experiences. And this is causing the bad people to go quietly away. This will not stop because we are in Universe Time now. Being honest and truthful is admired and believed. Therefore it is now powerful to tell the truth.

As our Universe continues to remove spiritual worlds around those very negative people, there will be positive changes everywhere on our planet Earth. We are now in a living planet situation. Our Universe allows life to continue when it is in full control and removes spirits from humans. When a planet is controlled by spirituality, the planet dies eventually.

Truths are being told everyday and so the right things are happening again. I was able to win my unemployment claim by telling the truth. There is nothing that will ever stop this from changing back to the old ways of the past. The dark ages are finally coming to an end.

As truths are spoken out loud in the public arena, the negative people are silenced and quickly disappear. They will not be heard from ever again. Public shunning is common these days for those highly spiritual people. Once their spiritual energies are removed by the Universe, they are weak and run away to hide. This is very real.

I am happy that summer has ended here in Yuma. It has been very warm for months but the days are cooling down again. The nights are also getting cooler. It is a very good time of year up ahead with more fun and enjoyment. My unemployment setup ends very soon and this will release a lot of negative energy setups that have been with me for a very long time.

I wear my green shirt today to feel good again. Green days are ahead of me as the Universe takes control of my finances and gets rid of those spirits who were trying to make me penniless. That will never happen! I laugh at those spirits who are still here as they try to make me feel bad. They made me have a dream that my smart phone was broken but of course it is just fine. My phone is going to be very busy these days.

Healer Julia Angel


Universe Family Healing Is Now An Official Business

Well, I am trying it one more time. Since I am back here in Yuma now for almost 3 years again I feel it is the right time to be more open about my true identity. I am not really sure why it happened today, but I went ahead and created a Yelp business page, this time with Universe Family Healing as the business here in Yuma, AZ. It is still pending approval though.

I feel confident that I can come out in the open as a very good way to help others suffering from pain, mental disorders, and autism. I can certainly heal any sort of family dysfunction. This is the right time to go forward here in my hometown and also on the internet. I see the positive results that I can make even with a simple phone call. The Universe is a very powerful connection indeed.

Well, I may not make a lot of money with it, but I am making a statement that I am here too along with all of those other so-called health practitioners who really do not help their patients and clients at all. And those insurance companies continue to blindly pay them for poor results. All of that is the result of a very negative world of spiritual setups. Apparently that is going to change soon though. I am here now so those people do not have it easy anymore. Their spirit energies are purged out and they will not be able to make money on the suffering of humans.

And so, on Yelp, I will be listed as alternative to those medical ways. I continue to do what feels right. I am here to help others of course, but those interviews I am going to right now are with very negative healthcare providers. It is astounding that they are still in business! I guess the Universe sends me to the most negative places to purge them out. That seems to be what happens. I have already visited a home care agency, a behavioral health care agency and today, I am very fortunate to visit a pain clinic.

So that makes 3 interviews during the last part of this unemployment setup I am living through. This is typical of spirit setups to do things in 3s. It is all part of my Universe Time. I understand what is going on and simply do what is necessary each day. I never worry about what is going to happen because my life keeps getting better all of the time.

Healer Julia Angel


(928) 345-8561

So, you have read my blog and it sounds real to you. Now you want to go a bit further. Contact me by email or phone to set up a healing session. I do healing sessions by phone now. I am happy to help you. I charge a fee of $50.00 per session, but you will only need one. Payment is through Paypal.

An Exciting Week: Quiet Victories

Universe Family Healing continues to make my life and my family’s lives better everyday. This week was a triumphant week for us. My youngest son finally moved out of Hamilton, an area in Novato, CA where we all used to live. We needed to be gone from that place. It had a lot of bad energies connected to it and now that time is officially gone.

The ten years of waiting for that spirit entity around me is also gone. Gone. Tomorrow is the 15th of September and that means that ten years ago I severed the ties with a very unhealthy spiritually controlled man. I had to live through the past ten years and purge out that spirit entity along the way. It has accompanied me here to Yuma where it is not really effective all. I have reached a point where I know it is over.

There is no drama on the Universe. Drama is only part of the spirit world. 

Our Universe works very quietly in the background making everything better all of the time. It is like a secret weapon in a way. It is always working to remove the spirit worlds but practically no one is aware. Our Universe is silent and invisible but real and powerful. Our Universe is definitely functionally normally now. Normal Universe function means it purges (pulls) spirits from human beings.

I went on a job interview yesterday. It was the last spirit set up from that ten year span with that entity.  The job is definitely not what I want to do, but I had to go and sit there and talk to this man and respond to him. This man at the interview had that entity around him! I was in total control of this interaction. I can see why I had to go and be there in person. I had to grab his spirit energy field and purge it on the Universe. He could not stop it and did not know I was doing it.

The questions were kind of inappropriate at times, but, thankfully, the interview was short and I was at ease. I was purging him out the whole time! He even had to open the door towards the end of the interview.  I stayed and completed the interview because I wanted this interaction to be the end of any spiritual control over my financial well being.

I had to participate in this setup because it was so unrealistic what he expects people to do for this job. I was not going to be involved after that. It is already on the Universe and gone from my world. I have to be patient a bit longer and wait until the very good job comes along. It will be the right one, safe and fun. And it is almost time for that to happen.

The end of a 10 year wait is almost over. Tomorrow is the 15th. I still remember very well that night when I told him goodbye. He was a man who did not know his feelings. I cannot be involved with a man who is not human.

Healer Julia Angel


I can help you release a spiritual relationship and free yourself from harm and pain. I am not charging for this service. But be ready for major changes to happen. That is the Universe doing its fantastic job of spirit removal.