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My website is a blog which describes my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. As you read through my posts, you will feel the power of my healing. I describe in detail my healing modality. I am a highly educated, retired professional nurse but did not learn about the Universe until I left that professional life of advanced practice nursing five years ago.

There is a void in our literature about Universe Family Healing. All that is available is a lot of inaccurate information about spiritual healing and cleansing. That is not what I do. My healing process removes spiritual energy from the human body. I am providing my story in simple words for all to read and understand. Universe Family Healing is available to all humans on this planet. I am not “trained” in this healing. It is my natural ability. I do not think that anyone can be trained in what I do. I do not provide training sessions or courses.

Perhaps at another time this healing phenomenon was available to someone else. I cannot find evidence of this anywhere. I have learned about it as I lived through it. Scientists do not talk about it. They will not talk to me about what I do. I am ignored by the scientific world. I have had to become my own scientist and record the process of Universe Family Healing as a real phenomenon.

I continually purge spiritual energy until it merges with the outside atmosphere of our Universe. This purge and merge action allows a continuous flow of spiritual energy into our outside atmosphere where it is immediately pulled away from human bodies. It is absorbed and recycled in some way, as it contains magnetic minerals of some kind. I feel it as it moves through my body. It feels like liquid sandpaper, gritty and moving all the time.

As a result of my healing progress, spirits can no longer multiply and contain themselves as they once did. Their system of living relied on humans being in their total control. Their parasitic lifestyle is ended, because spirits cannot live on their own. They must live on a human body to exist. Spiritual entities are parasites. Humans have been their host for a very long time. Universe Family Healing removes these parasites.

I have several years of posts here on firsthealer.com. The post you are now reading is the sticky one. Please read on and discover what an interesting life I have had as a Universe Family Healer. Thankfully, for the past two years I have been able to return to my homeland, Yuma AZ, USA. I am safe now as I finally was able to escape from the California Dream where I was trapped for over 55 years.

I no longer charge for healing. I do this as a natural ability along with my normal work routine. I am just being me. I simply purify workplaces and homes automatically.

To contact me, my email address is:


Thank you for reading my blog.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Trauma is Leaving Our Planet

Trauma has been holding our planet in a frozen state for a very long time. This trauma layer was very extensive and not able to move. It was quite stationery. Trauma layering is the result of spiritual energy setups that continue to repeat themselves over and over. That was how this spirit word existed within our own real world. But, there is now a huge hole in this trauma layer. The hole is immense and cannot stop bleeding spirit energy out on the Universe. It’s heart is gone.

The spirit trauma is slowly fading away. It is only going in one direction now. It is moving. It will not stop moving until it is completely gone. This is the result of Universe Family Healing. I am able to connect this spiritual trauma layering to our Universe. Once it is connected, our Universe rapidly pulls it away from humans and merges it with the outside positive atmosphere. When this spiritual energy is merged it cannot reverse itself and come back again. It is completely powerless to do anything with humans. Now, this is the reason for all of the recent events of the day. More and more truth telling and more good things are going to happen as a result. Humans heal when they speak the truth.

Good humans are no longer afraid to tell the truth. It is the power we have over the spirit world as human beings. We have the ability to feel. We are at the top. We have our brain. The spirits use our brain. They do not have anything but what they can grab onto. They are parasites.  It is only a few more months and spirits will be eradicated. All of the people who depended on the spirit world for their livelihood will succumb to this destruction. These highly spiritual people will not go on and be able to adjust to living without spirits.

Good people are healing because trauma is leaving our planet. It is always moving out into the atmosphere of our living world. As a result, the best and safest decisions are made to make sure life is secure and safe. The bad people do not get away with anything. They are not in control. That is how it is supposed to be, but in a highly spiritual world like we have had, the bad people have been in complete control. When that happens there are wars, guns, and violence.

All of that changes because the Universe is in control now. The Universe removes spirits from our living word. So only good things are happening. I am sure it will take more time to really see this easily, but I already know it is happening. I watch and observe. I am not in the middle of any negative situations. I stay away from those people who are likely to be violent and use weapons. I can tell instantly if there is an unsafe situation going on. I adjust and it works out very well.

I know today is considered Earth Day, but as many do, I consider everyday as a good day to take care of our planet. We need to do this all of the time. I certainly do now. I am not one to take our living planet for granted.



Our World Heals and Life Returns

Our world has been a dying planet. That is the way Earth was going. All of the old spirit times adding on and on to our world were making the living people, the good people, die. Without good people a world dies. There was no one who actively purged the spirits. It was not done consistently or completely. Spiritual healers did not do this. They may think they were doing something good, but all they did was play a spiritual game about healing and cleansing. It kept the spirit world intact and continued the dying process. “Go to the light” is a favorite phrase among spirit people. The spirit people will do this, but the Universe people will not. Our Universe does not want good people to die!

I do not know why I have this ability to heal. I was never told that I have it. I was not mentored. I was not schooled in this healing. I simply kept going and it emerged. It is not something you can get certified in like what nurses do. I never did that even when I was a nurse. I never took classes in “Therapeutic Touch”. I never did that! I created this healing modality all by myself. It is called Universe Family Healing. In fact I now own the domain name universefamilyhealing.com.  I don’t want some quack making fun of what I do. I will not let that happen.

I apparently am a Universe human and therefore all of my real family members are Universe humans wherever they may be. We are the first Universe Family to have successfully purged our spiritual trap. Once this initial trap is escaped and purged all good humans everywhere can also purge their spiritual traps. But there has to be one to start it off. I guess I was that person. I do not know why either. I still have not figured that out. It is not really who I thought I would be. I have not been one to be the first, but now it feels good to be in the lead.

I feel that the trap I was in made me an entirely different person! Spiritual traps can do that quite easily when they are in control. Their layering makes you look and act different. That is why spiritual energy is so dangerous for humans. We cannot have this infestation here on Earth as our planet is the only living planet left. We cannot allow life to be eradicated.

I have gradually removed the spiritual layer that made me eat animal flesh. I no longer do that. I leave the animals alone. I no longer have pets. I let animals live with their own kind. I respect the animal world and let it be. Humans should not live with or control animals. If left on their own, animals will live and be an asset to our living world. So, no more circuses, animal shows, county fair animal exhibits, hunting, captive animals in 1 bedroom apartments, animal races etc. The list goes on and on.

Hopefully this is the start of the animal release for all good animals everywhere. I hope that an easy and safe transition occurs as animals are released back into their normal environments and live comfortably.







Trauma Is At The Root of All Mental Illness, Therefore…

I figured this out a long time ago when I was working as a Staff RN in a mental health rehab facility. I was taking part in their program and did everything they wanted me to do, including administration of psychotropic medications. Now I look back on that time and realize how medieval that whole thing was. I was in the middle of this ancient medical set up and managed to leave there at the right time. It made me understand more about trauma and mental illness. That was back in 2007. I made sure I never participated in that type of health care setting again.

Now, if trauma is the at the root of all mental illness, then mental illness can be healed through Universe Family Healing. Trauma occurring in early childhood as an infant or toddler allows the spirit setups to take hold. Layer upon layer is put on the child. This has happened over and over.

But now, I hardly think about mental illness anymore. I know that the so-called voices that are heard are just the spirits around the person doing their normal thing. Ofcourse, the medical profession still does not accept any of this because they would not be able to treat anything with a spiritual etiology.

It doesn’t matter now. These days, Universe Family Healing works without any medical involvement or approval. The Universe simply takes the spirit layers away and all mental illness is removed and forgotten.

As time goes on, no one will ever talk about mental illness of any kind because it will be eradicated by Universe Family Healing. Our Universe does not even accept mental illness as a reality. Purging mental illness is just another spirit setup among all of the rest. It is not any more difficult to get rid of. It just goes away at the right time.



040408: On The Universe

10 years ago today, the spirits were chanting a date to me: 040408. I really had no idea what that meant. In 2008, I was not thinking much about the Universe. I was not blogging. But, I was aware that I was healing.

Now 10 years later, there is no chant, but the date is here. So I make a quick post to document today. I am fully aware that today is significant for me. I am now living safe at home in Yuma. I no longer have those bad people around me. I have successfully removed them from my world simply by purging on the Universe. This is a very safe and easy way to get rid of bad people.

The chant repeated over and over: 040408, On the Universe. Apparently the spirits knew about the Universe but I did not. I still am not sure where spirits evolved from, but I will definitely know the truth about everything someday. And that someday is just ahead of me.

I am confident that April 2018 is a fabulous month for me. I understand so much more now than I did 10 years ago. The more I purge and heal, the more I know. That’s how it works on the Universe.

Spirit setups are virtually gone from my life. I am only purging spiritual energies from anywhere. I cannot choose what spirits come my way. The spirt energy is here with me momentarily and then merged with our outside atmosphere. I guess this continues until all of the spirit energy is removed.

That is all I know for now.




A Traumatized World Needs Universe Family Healing

Our world has suffered through many years of emotional trauma (post traumatic stress disorder-PTSD). The cycle of trauma has continued on and on because the release of spiritual energy never happened. And the medical people do not even acknowledge spiritual energy as etiology of so many health problems. In fact they do not even allow the topic of spiritual energy to be discussed.

Trauma is a very well known topic these days. This topic has come and gone over the years. I have blogged about it here a few times but I guess it is really important right now to make sure that we all understand the traumas of Earth’s existence. I can assure you that the bad evil times are no longer happening in cycles. Our Universe is wide open and taking away the stuck trauma mess that spirits have caused.

All of the energies from traumas are purging.  I continually move this mass of spiritual energy out onto the Universe. It is moving all the time.

Now we know there is an “accepted” method of treating trauma. It is the medical professions control over treatment modalities that has made healing from trauma virtually impossible. Yet they continue to have the last word in all of the “scientifically proven” methods, non of which are successful.

Who can become certified in Universe Family Healing? Nobody can, not even me. But, Universe Family Healing is real and effective. The medical people have no control over me. I am neither licensed or certified, but very effective.

Medical professionals continue to want to have full control over treatment of emotional trauma and trauma victims. These so-called professionals have a huge band of negative barriers which has given them the ultimate control. However, now that we have our world in Universe Time, these tight barriers are loose and purging.

There is the news of the day demonstrating to all how that spiritual web of medical interventions for PTSD fails all of the time. We cannot allow the medical world to have any control over treating emotional trauma. We must all be open to the reality of Universe Family Healing and understand that it is time for our world to finally heal.

Universe Family Healing completely removes the spiritual layering that has stopped healing from trauma. The layers are lifted and merged with our Universe and as a result we all feel better, more real and more human.

I cannot be around people who just stick with the old ways and not try anything else. Those people are the ones that suffer great consequences in their practice because they never do the right thing yet have had all of the control. Now that changes.

I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer. I can help anyone who has suffered from childhood traumas or other kinds of emotional traumas. I will not charge you. But I can help you. I want everyone to feel better like I did when I finally healed.

Contact me : universefamilyhealing@gmail.com

No charge! I am not a SCAM. I just want to help our world feel better.

Julia Angel, MSN (I am a retired parent child clinical nurse specialist!)

Universe Family Healer




Purge the Souls: Only Universe Family Healers Do This

Oh my goodness! Yes I am saying it correctly. Souls are an important part of a spirit world. A soul in every human connects the spirits to other spirits. As souls are purging the spirit world dies. What remains is our human world, safe from spiritual infestation.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge souls. My family lives a real human life, without spiritual control.

Our World Is Finally Healing

I am following up on my recent posts about spirits and humans. Humans have been under spiritual control for a very long time. I do not know how it all started. I do not have that knowing. I wish I did. Maybe someone else does, but I don’t. Spirits have been glued to humans and started a process of spiritual connections from one human to another.

It all happened so very long ago. And apparently real Healers were not able to sever this connection. I think maybe the real Healers of old were not able to survive their circumstances for whatever reason. And so, the spirits grew in size and covered all humans with a blanket of their negative energy. Spirit energy causes humans to age and die. Their energy is not good for humans.

We do not need spirits obviously. And now that the Universe is taking spirits away from humans, positive changes are finally happening in our real world. We will continue to see these positive changes all the time now.

Our world has been stuck in the ancient times with very little improvement. I guess the problem has been there and none really thought about it. Spirit energy infestation makes us forget all about spirits being a big problem. We become so mind-controlled when they are with us. I certainly was too but somehow I was able to connect with our Universe powers and start my own healing process. I am so connected with the Universe that I constantly purge spirits all the time. It never stops with me. I have a program called the Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP or Program). I created it so I can say I am always working as a Universe Family Healer, 24/7.

I read the daily news and see what happens everyday. I understand the reason for what I am reading is that the spirit layers are purging and so more and more people can be real and speak the truth without fear. Our world is going to live and not perish. The spirits are on their Universe Journey now. They will always be on their Universe Journey. It does not stop.

Universe Family Healing has successfully healed our world and continues to be extremely active in helping humans live. I want to make sure that whoever reads my blog understands that my healing is not a game or fad or scam, but a real natural phenomenon that saves humanity from extinction.

Have a very good day and take care as always,

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer or just



Spirits are Parasites, Humans Are Their Host

This information must be understood by all humans. We are under a spiritual blanket without even realizing it. Once we realize what is really happening with spirits it becomes easy to get rid of them. But first there has to be an awareness of the problem. It is very hard to become aware. I did finally in my recent years.

I did not know about anything spiritual. I did not knowingly do anything about spirits when I was young. I just lived a controlled life without realizing it. Somehow my healing abilities were always with me. I have been connected to the Universe since I was very young. I was born in Yuma, AZ and lived here for a few years before I was taken away. That is how I was able to purge spirits even when I was young.

The people who took me away were not good people. They wanted to have a girl in their family. They only cared about looking good to others. I was not given any kind of encouragement with my natural abilities. So the spiritual layers upon me were able to make me into someone else entirely. I was living in California and did as other Californians did. I never once thought about my homeland during that time.

The spirit parasites had total control over me as I lived there until I was able to reach an age when their controls were weakened. I began understanding more and more about the spirit worlds. I began talking about healing and the Universe. I blogged. It worked. The spirit layers came off. The bad people were distanced from me finally.

My life changed more and more. I had to live through many difficult times but I was always able to succeed. I did not succumb to the spiritual invasion. More humans everywhere must understand this and become aware of the spirit problems. Just the simple awareness will release a great deal of negative spirits from the body. It is easy now because I am able to purge constantly and be totally in control of it.

So, we must understand that having a soul is not good. A soul is just a huge ball of spirits clumped together in your abdominal area. This ball of spirits has connected humans for a very long time. It has allowed the spirits to have a life of their own. We must all purge our souls. We do not need a soul to live. In fact all the soul does is plan our death.

Hopefully people who read my blog will understand this quite easily. The spirit purging continues even if very few people read my blog. The Universe is wide open now and does not need approval from anyone to purge spirits.


This email is always here for anyone who needs to reach me, i.e. a family member or someone who just wants to talk more privately about what I have written. I am happy to answer questions and tell you what I know. I can post answers below. Comments are fine. However, I will not allow any negative comments on my blog.

Have a very good day and take care,







Getting Rid Of the Spirits: Finally, We Can All Agree About Something!

As I look over my daily blog stats, it is so wonderful that I am being viewed by people all over the world. That is amazing. And certainly we can all agree that it is a very good thing to finally be getting rid of the spirits. As this spirit infestation reduces more and more, we will all be able to communicate with each other in a very real and human way. It gets easier now.

I read the daily news too just like everyone else. I see what is going on all over the place. Lots of truth telling and lots of violence.But because it is a powerful and permanent Universe Time, these events we see are constantly changing for the good.

We are not stuck as a planet anymore. Some parts of our world were very stuck in a dark web of nasty spiritual energy. It caused a lot of problems obviously! Spiritual energy purging is occurring everywhere now. The Universe is wide open and accepts all of the spiritual energy we offer.

Those world wide problems are fading away because I know at least one other Universe Family Healer is alive and well in China. And I am very pleased that she was able to make it back to her homeland last year, after living abroad in Canada. Now, this trend is going to continue. More Universe Family Healers are returning home.

We can all agree that we are so happy so be finally getting rid of the spirits. This is a worldwide phenomenon. We can all join together on this one. Our planet is healing and will never succumb to a negative death as other worlds have in the ancient times.

We are a planet of Universe Family Healers. We will keep the spirits away from Earth permanently. We can enjoy watching the wonderful changes that are happening everyday. Our Universe is healthy and active again.




Rain Came Today

Feels so good to have rain. It does not rain much here in Yuma. But it is raining right now. The waters are returning to our planet. There is nothing to stop it now. Water will be everywhere it needs to be. Spiritual controls have made our planet in an unbalanced unnatural state, not conducive for life.

But now those spiritual barriers are going away on the Universe.

Water will return from deep within our planet to make sure life continues.

This balancing is a direct result of Universe Family Healing. As spiritual energy is consumed into our Universe, a real transformation occurs in our atmosphere and this includes weather patterns.

Scientists will not accept this phenomenon because they are very spiritual in nature and never discuss the Universe as I do. This natural phenomenon does not need approval by anyone. Life on the planet Earth continues to improve without any intervention by scientists.

I continue to serve our planet by purging and merging spiritial energy into our Universe. This activity does not stop and requires no testing or measuring to be effective. My Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) is always on and never will end. That is our assurance that life continues.