Welcome to Universe Family Healing

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me!

My blog describes my experiences as I healed my way out of spirituality and became a Universe Family Healer. My professional career as an advanced practice nurse (CNS) ended in 2013. I worked for over 30 years as an RN in California, USA. My nursing career was inhibiting my natural healing ability so I had to leave the nursing profession entirely and officially retire.

I am now aware how spiritual the nursing profession is and I do not advocate their holistic theories because they include spirituality. I healed myself away from advanced holistic nursing, and left the nursing world entirely. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is my own creation and certainly does not come from nursing practice.

I found that there was very little information about my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. I was not able to find anyone else documenting what I was going through, so I decided to create a blog and describe what was going on with me as I changed from a professional nurse to Universe Family Healer.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, evolved over time. I called myself a Psychic Nurse Healer for awhile but left that to become a Universal Healer. That was only temporary too. I finally became a Universe Family Healer and will not change from now on. I feel I have achieved the highest level of healing that exists.

Universe Family Healing is not a spiritual type of healing like reiki or healing touch. The main difference is that I am able to remove spiritual worlds around humans and as this occurs the spirits are merged with our Universe. Our outside atmosphere contains a huge magnetic current that automatically pulls spiritual energies away from human bodies. This constant purging and merging does not stop and requires no special rituals or techniques.

I am able to provide my healing modality naturally. I did not take a course to become a Universe Family Healer. There are no training programs to “learn” Universe Family Healing. That separates me totally from the spiritual healers of today. I created my own healing modality and it is based on scientific laws.

My blog tells the truth about spiritual energy and spiritual worlds. I am providing my information in a very simple and easy to understand way. I want all humans on our planet to understand the real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing.

I have lived through a very powerful healing time so that now I can document what is going on and make it easy for all to understand. I cannot find evidence that anyone else ever experienced what I am going through. It seems I am the “first healer” to obtain this level of healing. Therefore, I named my website: http://www.firsthealer.com.

One of the main goals of Universe Family Healing is to reunite disrupted birth families. These families are the traumatized birth families from the last century when babies were automatically taken away from young birth parents. This legalized kidnapping has never been dealt with properly until now. Universe Family Healing is correcting a very bad time in human history. I am one of the stolen babies. I continue to heal toward a reunion with my birth family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is a very safe way to remove all of the trauma that has kept disrupted birth families apart for a very long time. I call this trauma, Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). Trauma is just a layer of spiritual energy surrounding the human body. Once this trauma layer is purged, birth families come back together naturally at the right time, when everyone is comfortable and aware of what happened.

My healing is real and 100% accurate and effective in removing spiritual worlds from the human body. Therefore, my healing is very powerful and effectively cures all sorts of human ailments which are spiritually induced.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and even psychosis are all 100% cured with Universe Family Healing. Autism is also treated effectively.

I have several years of posts here on my blog. This post you are now reading is the sticky one but I blog frequently and you can always read on below to see what is currently happening in my life as Universe Family Healer. I also have put several pages up on top for easy access.

If you are interested in contacting me for a healing session, you can email me at:


A Universe Family Healing session is $50.00 US and payable through PayPal.

Once you contact me via email, I will send you a PayPal invoice. Payment is expected before the scheduled healing session.

Thank you for reading my blog, Universe Family Healing.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer




Moving Forward During Outside Time

I feel that my outside is coming to an end soon. I have been successful in remaining outside and purging out the remnants of a broken spiritual year. At the beginning of each year, there are several spiritual setups that are in place to control events in human lives. This is the first time I have been able to be outside and actively purging without walls around me. It is the right time too because I basically have ended the spirits control over 2020.

The spiritual sounds are trying to imitate bird sounds but I of course immediately recognize what they are. As each set up is purged into our Universe, fear is lifted from all involved and only the right activities take place. In the past, February was an extremely negative month for me. I lived through those spiritual days and remember how negative they were. I survived because I was always connected to our Universe’s magnetic current.

Nowadays, as these spiritual setups present themselves, they are instantly removed and taken far, far away from me here in Yuma. None of those setups can happen here. Those spirits are gone and cannot return. There is no way for a spirit to return to a human being once it is in our Universe. The spiritual barriers have been broken so much over the past several years that I have total control over what is happening now.

This is my outside time. I live through it and it feels so good to be in the warm sunshine of Yuma’s winter time. The days are beautiful, the temps are in the 70s, and I am in the best part of my healing time. The right time, right place, and right people of Universe Time will bring all of my family members back home. That is going to happen now. As I move forward during my outside time, I know that this February is going to be filled with fun times. I am looking forward to that now.


Fear is From The Spirits

I figured this out a long time ago. All of the times when I experienced traumas left me with a spiritual fear layer that I eventually purged away. I really don’t have fear any more. If an uncomfortable situation should arise I adjust and do what is necessary to get comfortable again. I have full function of my human brain so no mistakes are ever made.

I am seeing this fear around me where I am right now. The fear is real for the person but is easily released by Universe Family Healing. I also observe how someone severely traumatized by domestic violence is healing away this fear layer. I see her doing normal activities again like laundry. I see her talk about applying for a job.

I know that my healing can help anyone exposed to trauma and resultant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). I experienced PTSD myself from my times working as a school nurse in Marin County, CA, USA. I figured out I was the target of workplace bullying and left jobs due to this negative workplace spiritual game. I also totally healed myself from PTSD because my healing modality is so very powerful.

Today I am doing my laundry at a friend’s house. I continue to move forward living outside for a little longer. I help others around me heal their fears away. I hear the spirit setups purging in this neighborhood. It won’t be much longer now. I move forward and help others along the way which is a win-win situation for all.

I can talk about fear, trauma, and healing because I have experienced it myself. I know about it and how it inhibits normal living activities. I can help anyone experiencing fears from traumas and resultant Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. My healing modality is the right treatment for PTSD. I am here to say it works and the PTSD never returns! There are no known medical treatments for PTSD. The medical professionals do nothing about healing away spiritual energies. They cannot help you. In fact many times, their own spiritual layers make you feel even worse!

Please tell other people about me and share my post about “Fear is From the Spirits” and PTSD. I am available to provide healing sessions via cell phone anywhere on our planet Earth. I also provide Home Visits for Healing here in my hometown, Yuma, AZ, USA.  A simple email will start the process: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com. Payment is via PayPal invoice, $50.00 per session.




Letting Go Of The Past Opens Up The Future

Today, I am letting go of things that are not important to me. As I continue to purge outside in the open air, I am able to easily let these things go. I am freer than ever now. These spiritual setups cannot control me to continue with them. For example, I am not paying to renew the domain name on my Meadow Park Community Blog anymore. I have been gone from that community for over 4 years and it is time for me to say goodbye. However, this blog will remain a free site here on wordpress.

I am sure that other things are going away as well. I will most likely let my health insurance go as it keeps me attached to the medical realm. I want no attachments to that mess. I have not used medical insurance in years and do not see any doctors, so that indicates that I am done there. I am also letting go my voter registration as I see that the political realm is finally moving into Universe time and things are getting automatically better there. My vote is not needed for that to happen. I choose not to interact with the political community.

I am letting go of a second phone that I felt was very necessary for my safety. That is not the case now and all of those phone calls and text messages that I do not want to get from political organizations and medical agencies will simply disappear. This is the way my new year is starting out, a purging of the some negative connections to my past. This continues until all are gone. I really do not want any US mail at all. I have no real address right now and will continue to live that way as much as possible.

This is my current status as Universe Family Healer. Purging out these parts of me will have a positive impact on reuniting my birth family. That is my goal for this year, 2020.

I Am Done At The Plasma Donation Center

I have finally completely purged out that medical setup that was put on me by the spirits. For awhile, donating plasma has been my only means of income. Donating plasma paid for a room in a very negative living environment. All of that is safely purged into our Universe now. I no longer am involved with donating plasma, thank goodness.

This means that my connection with the highly negative medical realm is over. I was put into a fake medical family early in my life. I was taken away from my birth mother and birth family. Those wrongs are being righted now. The plasma donation center was the last attempt by the spirits to keep medical setups intact. Those spirits are purged and thus failed to keep the medical realm in control.

The medical realm is a huge spiritual energy setup that is now breaking apart, purging and merging into our Universe. So much of that setup is S.C.A.M (Spiritually Created About Money) activities. I have blogged about this before. There is nothing new here. This just happens to be the last medical setup for me.

As a result, I am very sure that we will see how fake the medical profession really is. I saw it firsthand when I worked as an RN in CA, USA. I know that people die from cancer treatments not so- called cancer. There are other aspects of medical activities thst make a person worse, not better. I am happy that this is finally over for me.

As a result, I am getting paid once again for my healing services. Also, I see activity on my blog which indicates that my birth family is looking for me. I am so very close to birth family reunion time.

As the negative setups end and are purged away, the only thing left is my healing and my birth family. I am outside again today, purging all of this mess into our Universe. Nothing bad can happen now. I move forward and end those medical setups completely. I watch as the medical profession crumbles. That is all that happens now.



My Outside Time Is Almost Done

It feels that way anyway. I have been outside for almost one week. I am moving forward very fast. I have used a portable shower this morning and heard the purging sounds around here. It reminded of the setups in Marin County, CA. Those setups are all ending now because I really did use the portable shower that is here on a weekly basis. So, I wanted to post that status as I move forward today. My outside time was necessary of course, but I always felt it would not last very long.

This setup is purging quickly away because I am really outside a lot right now. There are no walls or windows or negative people to interact with. Mostly I am doing what I need to do. Only I know what that is really. Other people who experience this also know what they must do. It is an automatic and very safe time in Universe Family Healing. And everyone is unique and knows what he or she must do during this brief outside time.

So, today I am starting the return back to normalcy with a warm shower. I heard the spirit purging around the park as it continues to move into our Universe. The spirits are around all of the people who coordinate this weekly event. Of course no one here knows what is going on, but I do. This “homeless” setup is pretty much done. I guess I had to be the one to move through here and end this homeless setup forever.

One after another, I move through a negative environment and it collapses behind me. It is negative because it is a spiritual setup with negative people involved. Once their energies are attached to our Universe, the setup disintegrates and is done. Perhaps this homeless setup has been waiting for me to visit here and purge it. The purging is done automatically when I arrive. I hear the spirit sounds and know that this setup and perhaps the whole negative spiritual game called “homelessness” is ending for good.

I have already posted that homelessness is a spiritual setup. Homeless people tend to end up in the wrong place far away from their homes. As that happens the spiritual homeless setup begins and cause a very negative experience for that human. However, because I healed my way back to my homeland, my “homeless’ setup is very easy and simple. That is because I am home and everything I need is right here. I do not have to go anywhere else.

So, as the “homeless” begin returning to their homes, (like where they were born), homelessness becomes a thing of the past. As the homeless return home via Universe Family Healing, everything is already there in their home towns for them to resume a normal life. Those people where simply in the wrong place with the wrong people and were a bit stuck because of a spiritual energy setup.

Universe Family Healing heals away homelessness which is just another spiritual game to make humans unhappy and unsafe. Those times are ending quickly now, because many of us are connected to our Universe and live in Universe Time. There is no real homelessness anymore. It is fading away quickly into our Universe and will be forgotten someday as just a bad time in our history when spirits were in control of human beings.

Contact me to for your Universe Family Healing session. I can provide healing anywhere on planet Earth via cell phone. Let’s eradicate homelessness from our planet Earth once and for all. Healing sessions are a nominal fee of $50.00 via PayPal.


This Is My Outside Time

So, my Universe Transition is moving along quite well. I had to live through so many setups to get to this point. I have never had the opportunity to live outside in nature. I have always been involved in one setup living arrangement, many quite negative too. Now, I am beyond all of those. It is not that bad really. I am around a very good group of people who are all Healers like me. I lived in this neighborhood for many years and have returned here temporarily to purge out. That is what I call it.

I am totally prepared to do this. it is not unsafe or dangerous for me. I have a safe place to sleep, a safe place to store my belongings and a safe place to sit and lay outside in the beautiful Yuma sunshine. This is all I need right now to finish this purging. No one is stopping me. I am not being hassled by anyone. Again, I go with the flow everyday and know what I must do each day and it works.

I live my life in Universe Time now. My Spiritual Time is over. I have said before that Universe Time means our Universe is in complete control of the spiritual worlds around humans. The fact that I have made this far along in my healing is quite noteworthy. I am really at the end. I made to this point and that means the spirits are all dying finally. Their existence solely depended on the complete control of Healers like me. If only one Universe Family Healer was able to survive and return home, that would defeat the spiritual worlds everywhere. I am that Universe Family Healer that returned home. I have been successful in eliminating spirit worlds from my life. I am the first Healer to do this. Therefore, my website address is http://www.firsthealer.com.

If you are just reading my blog for the first time, I will try to explain in simple terms what I do. I am a real Healer. I have a very strong connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. This current is surrounding me at all times. It is a powerful magnetic current that literally vacuums the spirits away from my human body. The energy flows through my hands and feet. It feels a little gritty like liquid sandpaper. That’s because this energy is full of minerals like magnetite.

Our Universe loves spiritual energy. As the spirits are returned to our Universe, our planet Earth naturally becomes positive and alive. The right decisions are made by the right people. The negative people are quickly disposed of and not heard from any more. This has never happened in the history of our planet, but it is happening right now.

All we needed was one real Universe Family Healer to get this interaction going. It is working. I am documenting my progress as universefamilyhealer right here on my blog. I am living each day of this amazing phenomenon. I will continue to document as I move forward toward birth family reunions.

I had to be on my own for this to happen. I am strong and fearless. I could not be stopped. Our planet is safe. This is real, not a stupid science fiction movie. I am real.


Universe Transition Time in 2020

Right now I am experiencing another Universe Transition Time. I had to leave a very unsafe toxic living environment today. I am sitting outside with all of my belongings behind the home of a very good person. The sun is warm and comforting. I feel like I have survived living in hell.

I am always safe though as I go with the flow. My moves are at the right time with the right people. That happened again today! I am safe where I am right now. There is no doubt about that. This past week was difficult but I made it through with a little help from the judge and Yuma police. I had to obtain an Order of Protection against a very crazy person. So that is in effect and behind me now.

As I sit here on this Sunday afternoon, I wonder where to go next. I am outside. I am staying with my stuff. I am resting and that feels so good. Now what?  Guess I am not there yet. Today was my day to leave hell behind me and I did just that. It feels good to just lay in the sun. I am back in the old neighborhood with people like me, Yumans who have lived here for a long time. I am cared about here. I belong here.

So even though I am outside right now I know that soon that will change too as I move forward from hell. Slowly a new day will open and my real life returns. I am not worried. Universe Time Transitions occur frequently during Universe Family Healing. I go with the flow and nothing bad ever happens. I know quite a few people here and everything is fine. This is just another transition to live through and that is what is happening right now.



Going With The Flow In the New Year

It is always important to go with the flow, and this never stops. At the start of a new year, I continue doing exactly what I have been doing the previous week. My routine remains unaltered no matter what is going on around me. Therefore it is very simple to make it through the first 2 months of 2020 because I am not changing my routine! I can continue doing as I have been and it works.

It is getting a little crazy around here, but I always say, I move forward by just keeping to my routine and never go off in the wrong direction. Things usually straighten out just fine as a result. The first two months of every year have always tended to be a bit negative and under a spiritual blanket. I know this and see what is going on but it barely is noticeable. Again, the routine is established so no mistakes are ever made.

The weather is beautiful right now in Yuma. We have temps is the low 70s and gentle breezes. The air is clean and fresh. Those are the things I notice as I move through my days. The sun is already getting closer. I can tell because it stays lighter now at the end of the day. I watch nature and see the affects of our natural world. I focus less and less on any dramas that occur and do what is exactly necessary to move the negative people farther away from me. It works!

So I am relaxing today again and know that I am always doing the right thing. I never wonder if I am making a mistake. Everyday I know what to do. I set my goals and reach them because they are realistic goals for where I am right now. I am comforted with that knowledge. I know that gradually over the year ahead, this is going to be the best year ever. I know this and it feels good. I am at the most basic level I have ever been at. I can make ends meet and then some.

I lived through all of those other times to be here right now. I am happy to live a real life in my homeland. That is happening right now as I make my life as safe as possible and live a good and real existence. No one can take that away from me ever again.

I live in Universe Time. My life is safe and comfortable and getting better everyday. I am Universe Family Healer. I purge spiritual worlds away from human bodies. I do this all of the time day or night. I require no rituals as my healing modality is purely natural and automatic. I can provide healing inside and outside buildings, anywhere, any time of day or night. I am real.







There is Nothing to Fear- 2020 is Here

Even with the news of the day trying to put a negative slant on everything (as usual), I know that our time here on planet Earth has never been better. There has never been a time before in the history of mankind when spirit purging was taking place. This activity, purging spirits out into our Universe is ongoing and not a setup that ends at the end of a year. Our Universe does not care about years. Once the purging starts, the purging continues until spirits are totally gone from our planet. This information is very comforting, but you won’t read about this anywhere but here on my blog. Google news will never have any articles about what I do.

So, as the news of the day continues to instill fear into those who read the news, I know that it is not a big deal. I observe what happens and move forward watching everything. I continue to purge the spiritual words around humans. I like to see the results of my healing modality in real time. I am a keen observer and document what I see. I am hopeful that more people here on our planet will know about Universe Family Healing this year. I hope that this is the year when eyes open up and purging becomes as normal as eating and drinking. I mean spirit purging that is.

All humans have a spirit world living on their human body. Now it is not a pretty thing at all. This entity loves to control the human body and mind. So, as it purges, it is shrinking greatly and its power is diminished. There is nothing a spiritual entity can do to stop the purging process. A spiritual entity is helpless when purging is occurring. It simply is moved along into our Universe’s magnetic current and never heard from again.

My powerful healing modality- Universe Family healing is as strong as ever. I can connect anyone to our Universe with a simple cell phone call anywhere on planet Earth! This connection will remove the spiritual world that is keeping you hostage. One this energy is connected you will feel so wonderful. You will experience several changes. A Universe connection cannot be broken by a spirit. I can’t do it either. This connection is the most powerful healing a human can experience. As 2020 begins, start this wonderful year by getting your Universe connection going. Get rid of that spiritual world and be the observer as I am instead of the participant.

Fear is a product of spirit worlds. Send fear far away and be at peace. Contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. I charge a nominal fee of $50.00! That is all it takes to get your connection to a better life.





Welcome to 2020!

I am so happy to reach this point in my healing. I finally am here; it is 2020. I know that a very new year different from any other is in front of me and my family. This new year is free of that spiritual involvement. The entity that controlled my body for so very long is now broken down into tiny little pieces and purging. I hear its little spirit sounds leaving over and over. The sounds are coming from the omentum area on my body. This is weird sounding but real. I know no one else has ever heard this happen before. I know this is totally new. Something good is sure to happen soon.

I am not one to do predictions, so that is not going to happen here. What I know is that the result of my purging will be felt everywhere. I know that as a spirit is purged from the human body everyone everywhere is going to feel the difference. So, I am going to say that this amazing phenomenon I am experiencing right now means that there are good things happening everywhere. The spirit chain is broken. The spirit worlds around humans cannot function on their own. They need to be constantly connected to have an existence. That connection is ended now.

Lots of positive changes are happening. The right decisions are being made automatically because the spirits are not in control anymore. When spirits are not in control, our lives automatically become positive. We will all be able to see what is going on so easily now. Our vision will be 2020 is these matters.

As I am writing this post, the spirits are saying “Universe, Universe” over and over because that is where they are going now. Our Universe is their home. They were trying to stay put on human bodies and live as a human being! We do not need the spirits living on our human bodies. Spirits are parasites. They needed us to be here. Spirits tried to live on our planet Earth and create a huge spiritual world of connected infested humans. That time is ended finally.

We can all feel good that 2020 is here. Someone had to do it. Someone had to get rid of the spirits, otherwise our planet would have died eventually. Now, that never happens. I was able to make a secure connection to our Universe and my connection never got disrupted.

Earth is a planet of Universe Family Healers. Spirits are doomed if they show up here again. They cannot survive on a planet where Universe Family Healers are alive and well. We will always be here to continue life on our beautiful world, and make sure that we remain spirit free.

I welcome 2020. I am happy and feeling so free. I am here and always will be.