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My website is a blog which describes my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. As you read through my posts, you will feel the power of my healing. I describe in detail my healing modality. I am a highly educated retired professional nurse but did not learn about the Universe until I left that professional life of advanced practice nursing.

There is a void in our literature about Universe Family Healing. All that is available is a lot of junk about spiritual healing and cleansing. That is not what I do. My healing process removes spiritual energy from the human body. There is not much information about this kind of healing process on the internet. I am filling that void by documenting my personal experiences with Universe Family Healing. I am providing a phenomenological document that is not available elsewhere.

Perhaps at another time this phenomenon was available to someone else. I cannot find evidence of this anywhere. I have learned about it as I lived through it. Scientists do not care about it. They will not talk to me about what I do. I am ignored by the scientific world. I do not care about scientists really. Much of what they do is highly spiritual and will be forgotten as time goes on.

I consider myself a pioneer. I am here to live and serve our living planet. I continually purge this negative spiritual energy mass until it merges with the outside atmosphere of our Universe. Therefore, it is not plugged up and causing more damage to the human planet. The spirits can no longer multiply and contain themselves now. Their system of living relied on humans being in their total control. Their parasitic lifestyle is ended, because spirits cannot live on their own. They must live on a human body to exist. Spiritual entities are parasites. Universe Family Healing removes these parasites.

I have several years of posts here on firsthealer.com. The post you are now reading is the sticky one and will always be the first one. But I continue to blog under it. Please do read on and discover what an interesting time I have had to arrive where I am. I am finally back and living in my homeland. To contact me, my email address is below:



Thank you for reading my blog.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


As This Year Ends, I Simply Purge 2017 Completely…

I am not among the people out there who are so busy trying to keep it all going. This time of year has become a layered mess of spirit energies. I lived through it for a long time. I let it go as I was able to. Now this time of year is simply the end of a year. I do nothing different really. But, I do enjoy a few shopping trips and sales. I do not engage in holiday activities anymore as I have purged out that spiritual part of me. I do not feel bad or sad either. I can relax. I feel very good.

I continue to purge the remaining layers of this years’ spirit set ups and hardly notice that the calendar is ending 2017 in just a few short weeks. I am looking forward to the new year as it brings me a special time. I have finally made it to 2018. This next year will see the end of all negative legal remnants of the past 10 years.

In August of 2008, I filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and immediately became debt-free. I remain debt-free to this day. But, that information has been on my credit report consistently for 9+ years. Next year, by August 2018,  it is removed automatically. I am assured that a huge layering of spiritual matter will purge throughout this next year, 2018. It means the end of that negative time I lived through. It is really almost over… 

As a result of that 10th year coming right up, my credit report will go from fair to very good. That is all I am waiting for right now. I plan on becoming a homeowner once again. I know this is going to happen. I will have my own place. It will be a very good place too.

My goal is still the Palace of the Universe and though it seems impossible and surreal, I am not letting it go. It is going to happen. The spirits know too. I have seen other elements of Palace of the Universe listed in various places on the internet. Those references to a palace is nothing like what I am talking about. My Palace is real and beautiful. And not spiritual at all.

The Universe will assist with this endeavor as I continue to be in control of the spirits. The Universe will allow only the right things to happen. The wrong things do not happen anymore for me. I have a very simple and safe life now. I continue on through December as this year ends quickly and another year begins. My year, 2018.




A Four Year Anniversary Is Coming Up

On December 15, 2013, I began blogging here on WordPress.com. I remember how hard it was for me to get to that point. I tried several times to create a website/blog elsewhere and it really didn’t work. When I found this site, I was able to easily start a blog that has carefully chronicled my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. I read back over those four years and see the changes I have gone through as I matured and purged layers of spiritual energy into our Universe.

Years ago, I began as a psychic nurse healer when I was still deep in the spiritual realm. A few years later, I changed my title to Universal Healer, and now I have reached Universe Family Healing. If you read way back in my blog, several posts will have me saying I am a Universal Healer as I discuss Universal healing. I am leaving them there to chronicle my changes.  I have several posts where I was charging through PayPal. I am not doing that now, but those posts remain in the past. My healing progress is well documented.

I know that I have completed my healing process to the highest level for me. I cannot go any higher nor will I change what I am. I will always call myself a Universe Family Healer. I am the “first healer” to use that term, hence my website address is http://www.firsthealer.com.

This year, I did add more to my website. I now pay for this website as a  “personal website”, not a business one. I will not do that. I will not make my website a business. Although that category is available here on WordPress, it is not going to happen with me. I allow others to read my blog and not keep it private and hidden. I am not ashamed, and have nothing to hide. I am blogging my life here as others do. Bloggers are able to tell their stories now in the public arena, freely without restrictions.

As I move through this weekend ahead of me, I am assured that whatever I do is the right thing for me. I have no concerns that what I do is wasted time. I have not experienced wasted time yet, just healing that takes time. Universe Family Healing takes time. But it is real and permanent.

Thank you wordpress.com for creating an easy way to blog. Many people are happy that your website is here and will not fade away like other sites have done in the past.



The above Healer Wraps were donated to the Crossroads Mission Second Chance Store in Yuma, Arizona in March 2016. I am still crocheting more Healer Wraps for my own enjoyment. See below.


Summer of Love Wrap made with Red Heart’s Boutique Unforgettable: Sunrise


My Resume Needed Updating

As I awoke this Saturday morning, I made my 2 cups of coffee and sat down at my computer. So nice to have a weekend off! I have been getting these job alerts from indeed.com, so I went ahead and looked at my resume. It was apparent that I needed to update it. It was not current at all. I wanted to be current for other employers who may be looking for me and my job skills. I was a tiny bit stalled in doing this update, but I simply kept going and today was the right day.

Happily I had 2 new job experiences to add to my resume.

I saw that I too need an updated cover letter with current information. I deleted the one that was online. It looked funny there with the old information.

All of a sudden this came to me today. I was not thinking about doing this all week. It happened only this Saturday morning. I knew I had to follow through. I did. I made several copies of it. I put in online. I know it was the right thing to do. I have to keep going. 

Before I went deep into my healing phase, I was always very career minded and had lots of contacts. I had a very straightforward way to get what I wanted and it worked. That changed totally during those early crazy years of purging,  but now my old straightforward ways are coming right back to me. I have all of the skills to continue being a successful health professional and Universe Family Healer at the same time.

I recently posted my resume for Health Educator and included healing as part of my skill set. It was the right thing to do. I am not going to hide who I am naturally. I am going to be who I am.

This world is changing everyday. I am here to observe the positive results of Universe Family Healing. All family members are purging and living safer and more productive lives. Sustainability is a priority for us and the Universe allows us to live a very safe unchallenged existence.

Who knows what will happen next time I post? I never know what is needed to be posted until that day. I hope this helps some people who think that I am not a real person and only blogging fairy tales. I am not trying to be a novelist. I do not read books anymore. But I do like to blog and put down on this website what is on my mind. That is the only writing I do now. Books are not a part of my world. They are obsolete before they are published.

One day, books will no longer exist.  Book burning will become common and accepted. But blogs will continue because they are fresh and new. Blogging instantly changed my life. I will continue to blog regularly because it allows me to keep going and succeed.


I Am Not A S.C.A.M. (Spiritually Created About Money) Activity

I used to charge for my healing services. But as time went on, I realized I was purging out that spiritual part of me which tries to keep me in control. Spiritual games rely on the exchange of money. The spiritual world has been in control of money for a very long time. But that time is over.

I no longer charge for healing. I simply blog and share my experiences freely.  Reading my words is very healing for most people. I want all humans to know about the truth and not be stopped. I want all humans on this planet to purge out their spiritual energies. Reading the truth on my blog is one very powerful way to do this.

I do not charge for anything! I made it through a very challenging time in my life and am now actively employed again in a real full-time job. And my income is steadily doubling every year as a result of returning to my homeland. But I still do my healing all the time. I never talk about it much. Only on my blog do I discuss what is happening with Universe Family Healing in detail.

I see that I had to live through a highly spiritual time in order to understand it and purge it out. I am through that time now. I will never charge for any of my services ever again. This information is too important to allow any spiritual barriers blocking it. I feel that I have achieved the best level of healing available today. I know that many others will continue to charge for healing and may call themselves universe healers too. But, that just means they are still highly spiritual and trying to stop what I am doing. They cannot stop Universe Family Healing.

Those other healers will not make it. They are continuing to play games with the spirits but even those healers are going away one at a time. People are not going to pay for healing services anymore, especially as the truth becomes prevalent and understood.

Universe healers that are charging for services are scammers. All you need to do is open your windows and get more sunlight. It is that easy now to free yourself from spiritual control. Read my blog and it becomes easy to understand this “mystery”. I have made it simple to comprehend our problems with spirits and what to do about it. You will never need another person to take the spirits away from you. It is within your power to do this yourself. And very inexpensive too.

Even though some of you are doubting me, you are reading my words. That is the start of your healing. From now on, changes happen. That is the result of you becoming more informed. It is the initial layer of spirit matter releasing from your body which allows you to change and allow a more positive living environment. You may find that a relocation is necessary. You will go with the flow.

You will need to sleep and rest more. This is normal.  You may see flushing  (redness) on your face. Also normal. If you have any questions, contact me by email.  I will not hesitate to answer your questions. I will give you the information freely. Or leave a comment below.



Universe Journeys are For Spirits

Humans do not go on “journeys” anymore. We were once made to follow “spiritual paths” and live complicated existences. These spiritual journeys were not real. Once humans purge out their spiritual sides, their spiritual time ends.

Now, this does not mean we go on Universe journeys. All of that journey stuff is spiritually made and only meant to confuse people. The Universe does not require us to do that. We make our own decisions based on how we feel. The Universe is not a human. The Universe is just a vast system of magnetic energy patterns.

I do know that when spirits are purged on our Universe time, they are done. They have no time left with humans. Now, we can call this a Universe journey for spirits, but humans stay here on the planet. I know there is much talk about finding life somewhere else out there, but that is a spiritual creation. The scientists are trying to stay in control. They are forecasting doomsday now. It is really quite ridiculous. But that is what I am seeing. Scientists need to purge out their spiritual infestations too.

All that happens is spirits are purging and leaving our planet. Spiritually infested people are panicking and wanting to do something. And the media writes everything they say as if it were the truth. But even that time is purging too, because the media is highly negative and spiritually created.

Once you see this it is easy to understand that our world became infested in a very negative fashion. And it takes time to release all of this spirit matter. Until that time concludes, we are very safe because we do not have to leave our planet. It is the only living planet anywhere.

There is so much science fiction about other worlds out there but all of those worlds died. And somehow remnants ended up here on Earth. That is why we have so many different races and countries here. I call our planet a refugee planet. We have taken on many alien beings throughout the ages. It was all done spiritually of course. But that is changing too. Aliens are highly spiritual and cause many problems in our living world.

Humans stay put. Spirits leave on their Universe journey and never return. They are being effectively kicked out of our planet. They will have a very hard time getting a new place to infiltrate. It simply will not happen. Only purging and merging this entity out in the Universe stops it completely. Universe Family Healers are in full control completely removing this invasion.

Universe journeys will eliminate the spirit infestation completely. It is part of the Permanent Parasite Purging Program (PPPP) which I created. You can read more about this at my PPPP post:


I write the truth. I am not a science fiction writer. Science fiction is just a bunch of nonsense and will be forgotten as time goes on in the real world which is getting more powerful everyday.






My Hands Are Purging, My Hands Are Still

I have noticed a tremendous change in my activities. I cannot do the same kinds of things I was doing in years past. I used to be involved in many types of craft activities. I loved needle crafts especially crocheting. I did them all as a young girl, sewing, latch hook, knitting, needlepoint, cross stitch, and crocheting. Over the past ten years my hands were crocheting alot. It was funny how this activity suddenly started up again. I am very skilled in these areas, but I simply cannot do them now. My hands must be still.

In other words my hands must rest.  This allows the energies inside of them to release to the Universe. Otherwise those energies stay with me. I cannot let that happen.

I blog one time per week. I do not crochet at all right now. I have packed up all of my crochet hooks and put them safely away along with the shawls I made recently. I let them stay put. I will not take out a crochet hook for any reason. I may start crocheting again at some point in time, but for now I have stopped.

It feels good to let that time go.

I garden. I am growing food here in the desert. My first attempts were barely successful. The high heat was not kind to my vegetables so only one plant survived. The basil did extremely well though. The one tomato plant, a Golden Sunray, is now growing again. This plant survived high heat over 100 degrees daily for 5 months! Now it is growing and budding like no big deal.

Currently, the temps are in the low 80s here. It is beautiful in Yuma. I am planting the rest of my seedlings outside this weekend. I have put more basil and tomato seedlings outside today. I planted sweet and large leaf basil, Gardener’s Delight, Bradley, and Golden Sunray tomatoes. Tomorrow I will plant the peppers. I have Emerald Giant, Banana, and red and green bell pepper sprouts eager to be in the ground.

I will have a great amount of joy watching these tiny plants grow outside in the warm sunshine. Now I will only have to water them a little bit every day.

That is my reward for living through an intense summer heat without air conditioning. I instead kept my windows open all of the time. I am hoping to transform the outside environment to a more year round temperate one. I hope the intense heat of summertime fades away as a result of purging spirits into the atmosphere here.  It has never happened before so why not? No one has ever done this before. I am purging spirits 24/7. These spirit energies can change the weather patterns in other places so why not here? Spirit energies in the outside atmosphere will create a more balanced climate here in Yuma, AZ. I am sure of it.





My November Time is Quiet

I continue to have a very calm and quiet time now. The end of this year is all I think about. I reflect on what has happened to me over this year and realize I am maturing in many ways. I am realizing how I continue to change and grow as a Universe Family Healer. I understand how I must act under many circumstances. I move slowly. I slow down. My little world gets smaller and smaller. This happens naturally. I am not feeling bad about it. In fact, it feels good to have to do less and less.

I understand that this happens at the end of the years now. Universe Family Healing is active and in control. There are no bad endings, just quiet calm ones. All of the drama has been purged away. All of the bad times are on the Universe far away from me broken up into tiny little bits of spirit matter.

Although November is on my birth certificate, I know this is not my birth month. I feel I was born sometime in the summer. I feel that my birth date was changed to accommodate the fake people who took me away from my mother. I was made to think I was a November baby. I am not a November baby. A lot of spiritual energies were on me from a very early age to make it seem like I was a November baby. That is all gone! All of that spirituality and horoscope stuff is so fake and boring. It is a joke. It is a scam. None of that is on me now…

This month I plan to continue blogging regularly and doing the routine activities which I normally do. I will not be distracted or taken away from my responsibilities. I have a very good reputation. I maintain that and all goes well. I continue to tell the truth. I always am in control of my behavior. I do not make mistakes. I stay away from the bad people as there are always some around. I know who they are. It is easy to do this now. I do not talk to the negative ones who are always trying to get their way. They cannot interact with me at all. I just move away from them and go sit outside and the Universe happily grabs their energies from me. I am protected when I am outside.

November is a very good month for me and my family. We are all purging our spiritual set ups on the the Universe. We can all be safe and comfortable this month. The fun times are coming our way and it won’t be much longer, because I just talked to my youngest son and he verified his changes too. The circle is complete. We are all Universe Family Healers!!



October 2017 Ends With Patience and Quiet Calmness…

I understand more and more about the Universe as I live through each day, month, year. I cannot predict when things will happen. I only know that the best and safest things happen. I am not living out a spiritually controlled life. Thankfully, that part of my life has been purged and merged with the Universe. My life is safe and calm. I have left spiritual relationships far behind me in search of my birth family. I cannot start any relationships at all. It will not happen! I am living everyday quietly. I talk only to those I have to speak with. I do not interact much with anyone right now.

I keep to myself more and more. I feel comfortable that way. It is not a bad thing. It is just what happens on Universe Time as family reunions get closer. It is a time in which I will finally meet my real family. I was never with my birth family very much at all. As a result, I was lost in a negative world and grew up with negative people who did not care about me. I got away from that situation finally. It is now the time for me to live among the family that I deserve.

We all deserve to have our real families with us. Many people take that for granted every day. But for some of us, we never had that opportunity. We ended up acting very differently and looking very different too. I am one of those people. I look very  different now than I did as a younger woman. I have shed a lot of spiritual masks along the way.

I am completing this year on a very powerful level. I have endured and lived through many negative, unhealthy work and living environments in order to be living here in Yuma again. I never thought once that I would return here. It never occurred to me to return to Yuma, Arizona. I only heard negative remarks about Yuma as a young girl. I never planned a trip here.

The Universe brought me back home. At the end of this December, I will mark my 2nd anniversary being back here in Yuma. Most of the people I interact with are not from Yuma. They are from other places. It is like I have these obstacles in my way. These other people are just huge bands of negative energy which I purge and merge one at a time.

I have yet to really find my birth parents. But I am not discouraged at all. I know that they are here somewhere. I feel that they are the ones who brought me back after all of those years away in California, where they lost all contact with me. It is really a totally different world in California. I can tell the difference now. The more north you go in this world, the more spiritual layers are intact and growing. It is not good to live in the north. Highly spiritual people live there and make it very negative.

Universe Family Healers are very comfortable living in the southwest where the sun shines all the time. Everyday I can sit it in the sun and release huge amounts of spiritual energy. I am now living in the right environment for me. I am not afraid of the sun as many people are and hide from it. I make sure I get my sun dose everyday. It is the most powerful healing technique that exists today. Here in Yuma, the sun is shining almost everyday, In fact, Yuma, AZ is considered the sunniest place in the world! 

So, as other places get cooler temperatures and prepare for dark winters, I will be sitting in the sun in my homeland, smiling and laughing at those fools who thought they could control me forever.

As always, thank you for reading my blog. I only write the truth. I share my experiences to document the reality of Universe Family Healing.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN


On Universe Time, Going With Its Flow…

I have blogged a few times about “going with the flow”. Its meaning differs with everybody. I have already decided that for me, it is the flow of the Universe, the real Universe energy pattern which is always around me now.  I feel so protected by this energy field which is always available to me. I never have any fear. I am completely surrounded by a positive flow of natural magnetic energy from our Universe. I cannot stop it. The Universe is in total control. Thank goodness! I am safe and secure as a result of this totally natural phenomenon.

Universe Time is in control. Universe energy is in total control. Universe takes away spirits. Spirit energy is diminishing greatly as a result. It has been a long and difficult journey for me. I have had to deal with an enormous amount of negative situations including some of the most horrible people. I have been able to move away from them and not be in harm’s way as a result. It is not wise for a Universe Family Healer to stay around nasty, negative, unpredictable people.

So, my life is calm and quiet. I am not in the middle of any dangerous situations. I am instead observing the results of our Universe Time. It is fun to watch the results and not be in the middle. I can keep moving forward towards my family and sustain myself at the same time. I feel that this was a very difficult thing for others to do in the past. I mean, others like me. But I have succeeded and continue to gather my family back together. That is the goal of Universe Family Healing. This healing is not for intimate, romantic relationships. In fact, most of those relationships are highly spiritual and break up as a result of Universe Time.

This healing  is solely for reuniting real Universe families. Do not contact me if you want to have your romantic relationship healed. All that will happen is a break up…

However, if you feel you are needing to reconnect with your birth family, then you have found the right person to help you. I can certainly help you with this situation. Especially those of us with very little information about our birth families, as in my case. Many of us were never told we were “adopted”. Many of us were simply taken away and given to other people with little caring and very little, if any records.  And many of us have been lied to over and over throughout our lives.  It was only through this healing process that I even knew I was not raised by my birth family. I only figured this out within the last decade or so. Mine was a life spent in a fantasy land with no reality.

Fortunately, I am a powerful Universe Family Healer. I never knew this either. Now I know everything. I can help others too, but I am still moving forward towards my real life. I am sure it is right there in front of me. I have to live out this year and into the next and that is when I finally reconnect with all of my family again.

No one else is writing about this phenomenon except me. I only write my experiences here on my blog. I share my life experiences here so it can be documented as real. I am sure others will also have similar experiences in their lives too. It is how our world transforms now. We are creating a real world. It is not something we have had before.

The spirits have been here invading humans for an extremely long time. But, as I have blogged, spirits are human parasites and cause human death. Universe Family Healing allows the spirits to die instead. We are finally getting rid of spirits!

Please feel free to contact me at:


Thank you for reading my blog. I hope it has enlightened you some. My words tend to be very powerful these days.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN


Universe Family Healing Provides Safety in Times of Disasters

Universe Family Healing keeps us safe during all natural disasters. As I have stated before in my blog, nothing bad happens during Universe Time to those involved with Universe Family Healing. We may be around uncomfortable situations, but not really be in the middle. For example, I was involved in a tremendously violent thunderstorm recently. The powerful winds pulled off part of the roof. I live on the ground floor of my apartment building so I was not really adversely affected. I did experience a tiny bit of leaking from the ceiling though.

Repairs started yesterday and one month later the roof is totally intact with work performed by licensed contractors.  Now, I do not have to think about leaking ceilings anymore. And I know the job was done right. The insurance company made sure that only a licensed contractor did the roof repair. I am not concerned at all about this event. I am always living in a safe and comfortable place.

Most people on our planet are not living on Universe Time. They are still living in a spiritual world that was set up to be hard and difficult. Natural disasters continue to happen in those locations with greater ferocity and will not stop.  This is because the Universe is correcting our planet to its former state. Waters are returning to where they once were and unfortunately people are living there now. Once these people move to other places the natural disasters will cease.

I feel the thunderstorm was not meant to harm me, but to make others move away from me. I hope this makes sense to those who read my words. I simply cannot be stopped being the powerful Healer that I am. I am an important person in this world today. The spirits do not like to be purged but they are purging at phenomenal rates now. Their setups to destroy good people like me are also purged away.

My family members are also safe wherever we may be. Universe Family Healing removes all the negativity (i.e. spirits) around us and allows us to be the observer and not the victim in any situation. We cannot make mistakes. We cannot be put in tragic circumstances. It will never happen to us, ever.