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Hello and welcome to my website and blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me!

My blog describes my experiences as I healed my way out of spirituality and returned to my real self as a Universe Family Healer. My professional career as an advanced practice nurse (Parent Child Clinical Nurse Specialist) ended in 2013. I worked for over 30 years as an RN in California, USA. My nursing career was inhibiting my natural healing ability so I had to leave the nursing profession entirely and officially retire. I was always a Universe Family Healer by birth. I was surrounded by a very large spirit world that has taken me many years to purge out.

I am now aware how spiritual the nursing profession is and I do not advocate their holistic theories because they include spirituality. I healed myself away from advanced holistic nursing, and left the nursing profession entirely. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is my own creation and certainly does not come from nursing practice. I was not able to find anyone else documenting a similar situation to what I was going through, so I decided to create a website and blog to describe what was happening with me as I transformed back into Universe Family Healer.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, re-emerged over time. I called myself a Psychic Nurse Healer for awhile but moved forward to become a Universal Healer. That was only temporary too. I finally healed myself all the way back to Universe Family Healer. I have finally returned to the real me and this will never change.

Universe Family Healing is not a spiritual type of healing like reiki or healing touch. The main difference is that I am able to remove spirit worlds around humans and as this occurs the spirits are merged with our Universe. Our outside atmosphere, our Universe contains a huge magnetic current, the geomagnetic field, that automatically pulls spiritual energies or worlds away from human bodies. This constant purging and merging does not stop and requires no special rituals or techniques. It is entirely natural and automatic for me.

I did not take a course to become a Universe Family Healer. There are no training programs to “learn” Universe Family Healing. That separates me totally from the spiritual healers of today. I am a natural born Healer and my healing modality is based on scientific laws. I am very real and powerful. My blog tells the truth about spiritual energy and spirit worlds. I am providing my information in a very simple and easy to understand way. I want all humans on our planet Earth to understand the real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing.

I have lived through a very difficult healing time so that now I can document what is going on and make it easy for all to understand. I cannot find evidence that anyone else ever experienced what I am going through. It seems I am the “first healer” to provide this type of healing. Therefore, I named my website: http://www.firsthealer.com.

One of the main benefits of Universe Family Healing is to reunite disrupted birth families. My healing modality reunites any disrupted birth family, even those traumatized birth families from the last century when babies were automatically taken away from young birth parents. This legalized kidnapping has never been dealt with properly until now. Universe Family Healing is correcting a very bad time in human history. I am one of the stolen babies.

I continue to heal toward a reunion with my birth family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is a very safe way to remove all of the trauma that has kept disrupted birth families apart for a very long time. I call this trauma, Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). Trauma is just a layer of spiritual energy surrounding the human body. Once this trauma layer is purged, birth family members reunite naturally at the right time.

Family by family heals. This is necessary to rid our planet of spirit worlds. We are heading toward a planet where Universe Mates are all that exist. A Universe Mate is simply a human being, man or woman who has successfully connected their spirit world to our Universe. There will no longer be any spiritual soulmate connections as those are all highly negative spirit worlds on human bodies and are simply purged away from the planet. A Universe connection allows Universe Mates to live and love together freely without spiritual controls of any kind.

My healing is real and 100% accurate and effective in removing spirit worlds from the human body. Therefore, my healing is very powerful and effectively cures all sorts of human ailments which are spiritually induced. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, Obsessive Compulsive disorders, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and even psychosis are all 100% cured with Universe Family Healing.

Autism is also totally healed away. Yes, I can totally get rid of autism that has set up in a family. Autism is a spiritual setup on the human bodies of all family members so of course my healing will purge it away. Autism is a spiritually induced family problem. Many other ailments are highly spiritual and eliminated totally by Universe Family Healing.

If you are interested in a Universe Family Healing session, you can contact me on my email address: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com. Please include your phone number and availability. I’ll respond with the day and time for our healing session. Also, I am available by phone for a limited consultation of 3 minutes, free of charge. I can be reached at this number: 928-248-5518, during daytime hours, USA Mountain Time. If I do not answer, please leave me a detailed message. I’ll respond as quickly as I can.

I have over eight years of posts here on my blog. This post you are now reading is the sticky one but I blog frequently and you can always read on below to see what is currently happening in my life as Universe Family Healer. I keep updating my status as Universe Family Healer. I also have put several pages of interest up on top for easy access. Popular topics have been my pages regarding spiritual autism and spiritual energy.

A Universe Family Healing session is $250.00 US and payable through the PayPal link below. Payment is always expected before our scheduled session.

Thank you for visiting my website and reading my blog, Universe Family Healing. I look forward to interacting with you soon. I am here to help any human on planet Earth heal by purging his or her spirit world into our Universe, where magnetic currents are all that exist..

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer

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Universe Family Healing Session

I provide a direct connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. My specialized healing modality removes spirit worlds around humans.


Julia Angel

Moving Forward From the Past

Right now I am feeling like I am back in time a bit. Although it says 2023 on the calendar, it feels like the 1950s to me. I was stolen from my birth family in 1958 here in Yuma, AZ and then taken away to the land of CA, USA a few years later. Now that I have been back in my homeland for over 7 years, I am going back to the time when I was a very small child. I feel like it was a very bad time for me. I was with people who did not care much about me. I was used to improve the status of this doctor and his wife. They had the opportunity here to find me because he was the local pediatrician.

I am not quite sure why I had to live with them. I was so tiny a child and was not able to use my healing against them. They succeeded in their evil plan. I was totally separated from the loving birth family I needed. It was as if I died and my mother had not given birth to me. I was supposed to be forgotten by my birth family. This is how things happened.

I return now to the present as this is reality. I am now much older and very powerful in my healing. The California (CA) dreams are fading completely. There are no more CA setups to deal with anymore. I have dealt with all of them one at a time. I continue to live on without any of those CA setups. I am reversing history now and righting the wrongs.

I am confident that this is happening here in Yuma County. I see that our governor is sending money to us to make our county safer. This huge amount of money should already have been here but the wrong people were in control time after time. This caused the wrong decisions to be made about money. People in control were using money for the wrong reasons. A lot of those people are going to suffer now as a result of what they did to us. Those wrong people should never have been here in AZ at all.

I am able to watch one positive event after another occur here. It just proves to me what I can do once I am here in Yuma and living safely. I know that eventually, many good things will happen for me personally. My financial situation will automatically improve to what it should have been. I will see and live around all of my real birth family members just like it should have happened. I am very much alive and there is no more pretending that I died many years ago.

The past is catching up to the present now. I am making this all happen just by living here again. The evil people are all dying and their spirit worlds are purging. That kind of evil will never happen again. Other Yumans were also stolen away from their birth families here in Yuma. Now, we are all reuniting with our real families. The fake families are exposed and won’t survive the crimes that they committed so many years ago. Universe Time is all that exists now.

Instead, Ask Our Universe To Send You Your Universe Mate

I just read and answered a question on Quora today. Someone asked if the Universe really does send you your soul mate. I answered that when you connect your spirit world to our Universe, then you automatically are connected to your Universe Mate.

Asking the Universe is a spirit game which is old and outdated. You just get hooked up with someone else’s spirit world full of problems and difficulties. This is called a soul mate spiritual setup. This means that you are now thrust into a relationship game which is not fun. Relationships are spiritually controlled and always filled with arguments, breakups, and suffering.

I have posted several times about Universe Mates. I am the only human on planet Earth talking about Universe Mates right now. I am sure I will always be the only one talking about Universe Mates too. I have the unique ability to attach your spirit world to our Universe. After this happens, many changes automatically occur in your routine.

Universe Family Healing is a unique and powerful healing modality. My healing is the only way to find your Universe Mate. Why put up with low-level, nasty, negative soul mates? Just get rid of the soul mate setups entirely by talking with me during a phone call healing session.

I have a few other posts about Universe Mates which I have added below. Take the time and do the right thing for you and your entire family. We need to send all those soulmates to the Universal Dump. Contact me by phone or email.



Originally published June 3, 2020

The Power of the Twos

I know that the Power of the Twos has not been discussed the right way. There may be some ancient descriptions somewhere. The negative world of the spirits does not want the Power of the Twos to be well-known. I know what this means though. I will post about it here today because it is so meaningful right now. And it is so real.

The Power of the Twos means the power of the human being in a natural state, without any spiritual involvement. Human beings are at the top as we know. We have the supreme intellect. We walk erect. We have two eyes, ears, hands, and feet. But, the real power is when two Universe humans, a man and a woman, unite together as mates.

This is where we are going with Universe Family Healing. First, the Universe families must heal. Then we can find our Universe Mates. This is happening right now. It never works otherwise. All that happens is a constant break up. Universe Family Healing ends that turmoil.

I want the Power of the Twos to be understood the right way. I posted about it today because it is so real and happening right before my eyes. There is no life alone forever. But there is a short time alone to purge out our spirit worlds that have clung to us for a very long time. Once those spirit worlds are eliminated, a natural human bonding between man and woman occurs which can never be broken again.

Only when both a man and a woman are really Universe connected can this bonding be real. I look forward to this time when we are all together with our Universe Mates.

So you want to heal and be united with your Universe Mate? My healing gets rid of the soulmates from the spirit world and makes us all free! I can help you. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session. One phone call is all that is needed now to live you life the real way with real human love and bonding.

Originally published April 4, 2021

Universe Mates Are A Reality Now

I wanted to make a post about Universe Mates and describe in detail what is going on here. I want this understood that Universe Mates are a total possibility now. We have never had Universe Mates on our planet before. We have always been surrounded by spirit worlds which prevented any sort of Universe connection. In the past we had no choice as we were overtaken by a spiritual predator. Each and every human body was attacked by this invader, a spirit parasite, and silently this invasion grew.

No one knew or understood what was really going on here. It was all too vague and confusing. Spirituality became well liked by many people and spiritual activities became accepted as the “norm”. This is how our planet grew up, with spiritual worlds wrapped around humans. Spiritual worlds are parasites and are very dangerous for humans. Spirit worlds have the ability to mind control humans and are very toxic to our bodies. Spirit worlds cause us to have medical problems. We age and succumb to spirit’s damaging effects on our bodies.

Well, that was how it was in the past. For a very long time spirit worlds were allowed to grow and multiply everywhere. Why? Because this is Earth, a planet of humans. Spirits have to have a human host to live. Humans are the hosts. Spirits are the parasite. It is that plain and simple. But, no one could get rid of these parasites. No one even knew about them or understood what was going on. We behaved as mind-controlled robots without even realizing it. As humans in the past lived and died, their spirit worlds simply moved along to another human host. There was no one getting rid of the spirit worlds anywhere here on the planet.

Healers of the past were only taking spirit worlds from others and adding them to their own. Spiritual healers were not releasing them into our geomagnetic current high up in the sky. And so this spirit problem persisted despite the intentions of spiritual healers who were not Universe connected. Those days are in the past now. The Spiritual Age is over and has become a big part of Earth’s history. It’s seldom discussed in this way. Only I am bringing this out in the open here on my blog. These truths are written here for all to view and understand. The spiritual invasion is finally being dealt with the right way, the Universe way.

I am not a spiritual healer. I am a Universe Family Healer. I have a powerful connection to a magnetic current that is naturally part of our Universe. This highly magnetic current is always around me and I serve as a filter gathering up spiritual worlds from other humans and merging them with this ever-flowing current. I call this the “purge and merge affect“. This totally natural and amazing phenomenon is very powerful now and cannot be turned off. There is no off button for this. I am the one who can do this. Not sure why it’s me, but it does not matter. It is me. I feel this movement, a very gritty movement all of the time in my hands and feet. I am so well grounded and connected that now I can help other humans release their spirit worlds and thus real healing is obtained. I am finally able to be the real me.

As a result of my Universe Family Healing modality, I can easily help anyone who wants to have a positive, safe, and fun life. Of course this is what we all want. We all have these spirit worlds on us and we all need to get rid of them. Every single human needs to purge their spirit world and live real. I am finding out that this is a very good way to reconnect with a love from the past. In fact, I call this result an awakening of Universe Mates here on planet Earth. A Universe Mate is a human who has purged his or her spirit world.

Universe Mates are a reality now as we are purging our spirit worlds and reuniting with our past lovers. Universe Family Healing gets this done and is 100% accurate and effective. There is no doubt about it. Contact me for your Universe Family Healing session. Reunite with your past love and live together happy and safe. It’s the right time to get connected. Let’s make our planet full of life and love the real way, by connecting those nasty, negative, ancient, old spirits to our Universe. We are not going to be controlled by these aliens ever again.

Originally published September 25, 2021

Universe Mates Versus Soul Mates: The Difference Explained

Right now, Our planet is experiencing Universe Time for the first time in Earth’s history. Our planet’s people have always been controlled by their spirit worlds which are parasites living on human bodies. How this started I really do not know, but I think the little aliens came from other planets that used to have humans. Spirits will make a planet like Earth die if left unchecked. Apparently on these other planets, no other human could purge them into our Universe and so gradually the planets ceased to have human existence. These spirit worlds can travel silently through our Universe via the Universe’s magnetic current.

This is all very hard to understand I know. I really don’t have all of the answers myself. But, I can make a few assumptions based on my close and personal contact with this alien species. I fortunately can purge them right back into our Universe where they are supposed to be. I am the only real Healer who has ever done this so therefore, I am calling myself Healer of the Universe or just Healer. There is only one like me.

Now as these spirit worlds grew on every human being, wrong things happened automatically. Spirits are parasites and are very negative, so they are toxic to our bodies and cause disease and death. They create huge spiritual networks and connect all humans together in this spirit web. I believe they are tiny spiritual spider like beings who can mimic sounds and therefore have been able to create human speech sounds too.

Getting back to soulmates, spirits did this to create an automatic way for humans to meet each other, marry, have children etc. to grow their own spirit worlds. Now this is real not science fiction. I can assure you that I am being totally serious here. Soulmates are just fake connections of people drawn together by this spiritual energy. It is not a real connection at all. Thank goodness my healing modality, Universe Family Healing can totally disrupt this spirit world environment and send it far away from human bodies.

As a result of this purging process, the souls of every human are purging and this is a wonderful event. Now instead of finding a soulmate which is highly spiritual and negative, we automatically find our Universe Mates. A Universe Mate is a man or woman who has attached his or her spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current. Once this Universe connection is intact, things start happening the right way automatically. The relationship setups of the spirit worlds are becoming extinct and purging away. Natural human love bonding between man and woman occurs. No problems ever happen again. Universe Mates are powerful man woman couples.

This is alot to understand in a simple post, but believe me it is happening right now. So many things are also changing as a result of Universe Time being in control. Only the right things are happening at the right time no matter what it is. Be assured that things will always end up the right way too. There are no mistakes made during Universe Time. No heartbreaks either. Just move forward one day at a time, going with the flow and experience wonderful changes along the way. It is all automatic and simple and so very positive now. We are definitely leaving the dark ages in the past and that never happens again.

Universe Mates are taking control of planet Earth and the spiritual soulmates are totally low life creatures banished forever. We will never go back to those evil ancient ways. All that was set up spiritually is purging. Watch the changes and know that everything is just fine. I am saying this to all good humans on planet Earth. Relax and enjoy our real planet. We are never going to be bothered again by spirituality in any form.

Are you having a difficult time with your love life? It’s most definitely the spirit worlds causing the problems. I can connect that spirit mess to our Universe for you. One Universe Family Healing session is all that it takes now. Email me to schedule a Universe Family Healing session. Get rid of the spirit problem in your love life. One telephone healing session will connect your spirit world to our Universe. This is the right time to get connected.

Originally Published April 1, 2022

Let’s All Do Our Universe Journeys And Unite with Our Universe Mates

I use to say I was sending the spirits on their Universe Journeys. I really thought that is what happened. Now I see things very differently. I see that those of us who have connected our spirit worlds to our Universe are really the ones going on our Universe Journeys here on planet Earth. This means we live through our spirit setups and purge them away at the same time. Each of us has a spirit world living on our bodies. If we continue to allow our spirit worlds to exist we will eventually die. This has been taking place on our planet for a very long time. In fact it was the only thing happening.

Once we connect our spirit worlds to our Universe, we begin a real life. The spirit setups surrounding us start up and play out a bit, then purge away so only the right things happen automatically. We are then continuing our Universe Journey all the away until we are reunited with our Universe Mate. Each one of us has a spiritual world that must be purged. Our reward for all of this purging is a life forever with our Universe Mate.

So today, April 1, 2022, I am proclaiming that we humans go on Universe Journeys here on planet Earth. Spirit worlds are simply purged and recycled into the magnetic currents of the Universe. That is their final and forever destination. Spirits do not get cleansed and then return to our planet. Oh no, that is not really what happens. Someday we will not see any spiritual activities occurring here on the planet. The spiritual age will be officially in our human history and spirits will never have an opportunity to return to the planet of humans at all.

It is April Fool’s Day and I am laughing at the spiritual worlds who created this holiday for the spirits are the biggest fools that ever existed. Their time is all up because I was here to start this purging process. April Fools Day will be known as the day the spirits were sent far away into our Universe with no possible way of returning. Spirits are the great fools of ages. And I say to them Happy Fools Day you fools. You thought you could defeat me in the end but of course you are all fools and that never happened. I simply returned to my homeland and did my job very well. My job is to purge spirit worlds.

Every human can purge their spirit world and start their Universe Journey toward their Universe Mate. Just contact me to get this going for you.

Originally Published April 10, 2022

Universe Time Means Universe Journeys and Universe Mates Are A Reality

Universe Time has been created by me and will never disappear. Universe Time means that all spirit worlds on our planet are being purged by our Universe’s magnetic current. Once this starts happening in reality, Universe Time is permanent. Spirits are forever moving away from humans and planet Earth. The time of spiritual anything is ending.

The spiritual journeys are breaking apart as are the spiritual soulmates. All of that is being removed and recycled into minute particles. Our Universe can utilize the pieces of the spirit world in itself. Once recycled these spirit worlds can never return to the planet of humans and therefore will become extinct here.

Spirit worlds can only exist on a human body and therefore are human parasites. There are so many spirit worlds on our planet. Spirit purging into our Universe has never occurred before, so there is quite a lot of this alien species to be discarded. However, once the spirit world has a hole in it, nothing can keep it intact and therefore it is done.

I am the first Healer to attach my spirit world to our planet’s geomagnetic field. I am the only Healer who has ever done this. Spiritual healers are not doing this. They only play games and pretend to be connected but they are not connected.

What this means is that anything spiritual is being purged away. Purging means the spirits are moving into our Universe. It is the proper term for this amazing phenomenon. I never attended a seminar or class to be who I am. I am an original and this is all my knowing coming out on these pages of blog posts. Yes I have a tremendous amount of knowing knowledge. It is very important that I have this natural ability. I was born with this healing ability. It cannot be taught anywhere.

Alright, so now that spirit worlds are breaking up and being purged, we can be directly connected to our Universe and really go on our Universe Journeys. This just means that we live one day to the next and automatically know what to do. We do not need any psychic advice ever. We just know what to do. This is how Universe Family Healing works. You do not need weekly healing sessions with me to get things moving along. Once connected you are connected and that is all the connecting you will ever need.

Universe Journeys are so much better than spiritual journeys. Universe Journeys allow us to purge all the spiritual setups on our bodies. We no longer host any spirit worlds. Most of the time this causes a separation of family members so that each one can purge out their spirit worlds safely on their own. This separation time is very important and totally destroys spirit games that were in control of human behavior.

We are rewarded at the end of our Universe Journey. We automatically are reconnected with our loved one, i.e. Universe Mate. This is a definite result of completing a Universe Journey. There is absolutely nothing wrong here. A Universe Journey through Universe Family Healing is 100% accurate and effective in removing spirit worlds from the human body and reuniting Universe Mates.

That very special person you have a human love bond with is healing at the same time as you! A human love bond ensures that you are connected in the right way and is never purged away by our Universe.You will both be ready at the right time to be reunited. It sounds like a fairy tale, but it is all real and happening right now.

The way to get connected is through me. Contact me by email to schedule your healing session. It is all done by phone. I require payment up front via PayPal. One Universe Family Healing session is 250.00 US. That is the only fee you will ever need to pay. It is really that simple now.

Healer Purges Out Guns, Read All About It!

Guns were invented in China many years ago, about 1000 AD. That is where the gun spiritual setups began. Gun setups were never purged out before and once invented quickly spread to all parts of our planet. Immigration helped this along too. The combination of guns and immigration setups made our planet go the wrong way. A spiritually controlled planet always dies. Earth was heading towards death, but now that is not happening.

First the immigration setups were purged recently. Evidence of this is that there is very little if any migrant activity in the Yuma sector right now. Following right behind I see an increased number of views from China on my blog. I see a friend who is healing but still owns guns stopping by. I read about an overnight mass shooting here in Yuma. I see all this and understand the connection. I am purging out guns from our planet finally and forever! This also means that my family is returning soon and our planet Earth will now be able to live forever.

I just realized this tonight and had to tell someone so I wrote it right here on my website. I document the real and powerful events that are the direct result of Universe Family Healing. I had not been aware of the connection between guns and China before. I had not known that guns were first invented in China. That is where I needed to connect to for erasing the gun problem on our planet. Now I totally understand that I needed people from China reading my blog to obtain a better connection to the gun spirit world. It was automatically done, thank goodness.

I’m so excited to have finally figured out what was going on here. Guns will just automatically be confiscated, melted down, and reused for other purposes. It’s a Universe thing and I explained tonight right here on http://www.firsthealer.com.

Coming Home the Universe Way

This post is about spiritual immigration. I tell the truth from my perspective as Healer of our Universe. Your views may differ but I speak and write the truth nevertheless.

A long time ago, over 500 years, humans began leaving their homes and moved to other places to live. This is called immigration in modern terms. Now what happened is the entire planet Earth became populated with humans. Unfortunately the places they left began to turn negative and dangerous.

Those old world places changed but not for the good. All of a sudden more and more humans wanted to leave that part of the planet. Instead of working together to get rid of the negative problems they all just left “Looking for America”.

This spiritual setup has been highlighted in the lyrics of a few rock and roll songs starting in the 1960s and ending in 2016. Spirit worlds have used popular songwriters to write songs and sing them to keep their setups continuing.

Now finally this time is ending. This is Universe Time. All spirit world setups are purging, everywhere on our planet. So, this is ending their immigration setups too.

People who are “Looking for America” will automatically return to their homelands and then will make their own living situations better. Their home countries’ situations improve because of this return. This balancing continues until all immigration setups are purged forever.

This is happening currently because our Universe is in full control of spirit worlds. Otherwise there would continue to be an imbalance of populations on our planet.

I want to say too that this will always remain intact. We all share the planet but do so as individual populations of people with varying backgrounds. This is the only way because our Universe takes this spiritual alien invasion away from us. We all mind our own business and take care of our own families.

We become self-sufficient human communities and rely less and less on importing needed supplies from other countries. Universe Time ensures that we all have whatever is needed to live safely and comfortably.

We all come home the Universe Way. I returned home to Yuma, AZ, USA in 2016 with one of my sons to start this happening. I am watching and waiting patiently as all family members come home this way. I am hoping all of my birth family will finally reunite this year. It is a right time, right place, right people thing, a real Universe phenomenon.

Healer’s Update: 04-28-23

April is coming to an end. I am happy to say that April of this year has been very successful. I reported positive changes in my homeland, Arizona. I am reporting positive changes here in Yuma where I live too. I see the negative people leaving one at a time. This is happening right now. These people are the ones who involve themselves with drug use and drug dealing. I waited patiently month after month. My patience has paid off. My healing has corrected mistakes here. These people should never have been living around me. There are still some more of these people here. I will watch into May and June and see if this trend continues. It should.

I say my healing works here and there. This is how I am able to affect positive change on our planet. I do this not only for me and my family but for the good of Earth. We must not take our planet’s situation too lightly. So much has been going the wrong way for too long. The right things must happen and continue and never be stopped again. I said this before, that changes happen locally in my homeland and will gradually spread to other parts of the planet. When I connect with people directly by phone during a Universe Family Healing session, I am also healing the area where they live.

I tend to underestimate my healing ability. I see that when I interact sometimes a person will go silent for awhile. I see this in my own family and in others too. I really did not expect that to happen but in reality, it does. I am not exactly sure why this happens, but it may just be a total collapse of a human’s spiritual world. When this collapse occurs, there is silence. It is not a big loud crash or anything like that. It is a silent disintegration occurring and previous ways of interacting have been disrupted permanently.

It seems to be taking more time for this spiritual disintegration to totally leave. Part of this process involves a time of developmental rebirth and growing up again, without the spiritual world’s presence. I continue to document this wonderful healing phenomenon as I live through it. I do phenomenological reporting so that it is documented and will be well known. I know that it is very important to have a place to share what is really going on. My website is the right place to do this. I have full control over what I must say here. No censorship. I simply write the truth as it happens in real time.

I continue to update as I feel necessary. Real Universe Family Healing is not an instantaneous quick fix. A Universe connection is easy to establish when interacting with me, but there is a time of living through the spiritual disintegration. However, this time is not a negative thing. Lifestyles and behaviors gradually change the right way and stay permanently there. I know the people who have interacted with me understand this as they go with the flow, living one day to the next. Living a Universe life allows a very healthy and happy life. There is no disease or death. We just live.

The Emerging of a Gun Free Homeland

I was so happy to read yesterday that our AZ Governor Katie Hobbs vetoed 2 bills having to do with guns and schools. I had sent her an email regarding this on Sunday, 2 days ago, to veto the one allowing parents not to be held accountable if they “accidentally” take guns on public school campuses. Apparently the other vetoed bill was allowing public schools to teach gun safety. Both of those bills are forever banned from my homeland. Now I know that the trend towards gun safety will take a different approach, the only one that is right. I know that our Universe is in control too. I know that Governor Hobbs, a professional social worker, understands and feels the same way I do. Thank goodness!

The spirit world of guns cannot take control of AZ anymore. I see this as reality as the right people are here in AZ doing the right thing. Gradually as time goes on, guns will be eliminated completely from AZ. It starts here first and then moves out to other states of the USA. This happens automatically during a powerful Universe Time. I am very confident now that we are in a powerful Universe Time. I expressed to Governor Hobbs that I am a Universe Family Healer by birth and have the ability to help with this endeavor. It is a very good feeling. There is nothing else that could do this. Otherwise our planet would end itself with the amount of guns that are available these days.

I had to make a post today because this marks the Day of Great Change. Now I know everything that was being done wrong on our planet Earth is turning around in the right direction, to being done right. For example, I see Germany completely closing down its last nuclear reactor. Universe Time does this as the spirit worlds of guns, weapons, and wars are not in control anymore.

Those spirit worlds are purging out into a place in another Universe completely separate from ours called The Dump. There, in The Dump the spirit worlds are disintegrated and used to keep that Universe intact. Once disintegrated into minute particles, these entities can no longer become spirit worlds. They are completely transformed into its components and not a threat for humans.

My homeland is moving forward in the right direction now. I am so pleased to see this happening in reality. Thank you to our newly elected AZ state government officials who know automatically what to do and do the right thing every day.

I am here as Universe Family Healer to assist in this endeavor. I continue to serve our planet Earth and will always be here to purge spirit worlds into our Universe. Once in our Universe the spiritual entities are then transported into The Dump, a very far away place where spirit worlds never exist. I am serious here. This is not science fiction. One day this information will be widely known and understood.

I Am Not The Universe..

But I am closely connected to it. Our Universe is not an individual. Our Universe is very unique. I document what I know about our Universe because of my close connection interacting with it. I am the link to our Universe here on planet Earth. Scientists are constantly looking for other planets like Earth but there are none. They continue to waste time and money in this endeavor. I would know if there were other Earth-like planets. I know of no such thing. I know the scientists will not stop searching until their money runs dry. Money is the only thing keeping this sham going.

Our Universe is a magnificent field of magnetic particles. This magnetism has to do a lot with keeping everything in the right place. I know that someday our sky will change a lot too. I observe to see if these changes have occurred as yet. I do not see that happening but I know that our sky will be changing someday. Daily spirit world purging from our planet will allow us to see the sky as it really is supposed to be. It will happen one day. For now I am content in just knowing that I am strong and permanent with our Universe and therefore our planet will always be alive.

Spirit worlds are part of the spiritual invasion that began many ages ago. Spirit worlds only exist where humans live. You will not hear this information from the scientific people. Scientists are part of a huge spirit world and will never be able to explain what I just know. There is nothing real happening in the scientific world because they cannot accept the reality of spirit worlds and spirituality. They cannot test spirituality so it is ignored. This has continued for a long time. It has taken someone like me to understand what is happening, see the big picture, and most importantly be able to do something about it.

Right now I am just enjoying Universe Time. I live one day to the next constantly purging out the spirit world that surrounds our planet. What happens is the spirit matter goes directly into our magnetic currents in our atmosphere or outer space. Once in that outer space environment spirits are rendered completely unable to do anything. Spirits are composed of magnetic particles like magnetite. So once spirits are purged, i.e. moved into our magnetic currents, they stay forever.

I have finally achieved what is known as Forever, which means that spirits are essentially done. Spirits have no setups for Forever. They all stopped at Eternity. I am not living in Eternity at all. I am gone from that time as it was just another spirit game I had to live through. This is what happens if you just keep going with the flow. You will reach Forever too. A Universe connection is all it takes to reach Forever and be totally spirit world free. You will see a big difference between you and other people who are not Universe connected. You see them making constant mistakes and doing the wrong things. As more people become Universe connected Earth will be a planet of Universe humans and spiritual humans. This separation exists until all spiritual humans are gone.

If this sounds interesting and appealing to you, then you must be a Universe human needing a better connection. I have the ability by birth to get this connection going for you and your family. More and more Universe humans are getting connected now. We have left the spiritual dark ages of Earth behind us. It is a very fun time now to get connected. Get ready for some fun as that is all that happens when you are connected to our Universe the real way, through me.

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer

Healer of our Universe

Universe Family Healing Heals Birth Families

My healing modality is Universe Family Healing. I am very specialized at what I do. My healing ability is natural and not learned. Real Universe healing is not something that can be taught in a classroom. I was born with my ability to heal via our Universe. Please understand this and know that when you interact with me via a phone call healing session, you will be introduced to a real human life. Your result will be a removal of the parasitic spirit world that has been living and controlling your human body.

Many changes occur automatically after your healing session. Allow the changes to happen one after another and just go with the flow of our Universe. This must be understood before you begin. If you fight the changes and go against the flow, you will be doing the wrong thing. Again, the changes happen immediately and there is no off button either. I cannot stop the changes. Once your spirit world is attached to our Universe’s magnetic current, it remains connected until it is totally removed.

You will feel tired as the spirit world releases from your human body. This is a positive sign that healing is occurring. It is not a negative thing. You do not need to see a medical doctor if you are fatigued alot. Just rest more. Laying down and resting allows the spirit world to leave at a faster rate. Your lifestyle will be slowing down so expect that too. Medical professionals do not and will never be able to give advice about this so understand that. Contact me for questions instead.

You may be medically involved for certain health conditions. Of course continue that involvement until it simply fades away automatically. Do not stop medications etc. too fast. Those medical treatments will fade automatically at the right time. It is best to allow anything medical to continue until you no longer need to be involved. Again, you will know this and will automatically do the right thing.

Many adverse health conditions are completely healed away via Universe Family Healing. Mental health issues are always removed. The layers of spiritual energy wrapped around you have caused so many mental health problems. I have blogged extensively about this and the positive outcomes. Seeing a counselor or therapist for weekly sessions will never do what I do. Those specialists are not Universe connected. They simply are there to keep the wrong things happening. All of those mental health issues fade away with Universe Family Healing.

One session with me will connect you and your family members’ spirit worlds to our Universe. You do not have to pay for any follow up sessions. I simply make the connection with one session and that is it. Your spirit world is connected to your family members so everyone in your family heals at the same time. This is how it works so nicely and easily too.

Families heal one at a time. The positive result is a real planet of humans with spirituality eliminated. Our planet Earth lives. Humans who are Universe connected live. Death becomes a part of Earth’s dark past when spirits ruled everything. There are no other planets like our very own Earth. We must eliminate spirit worlds from our planet. That’s my job. I am Healer of our Universe. I ended the game of spirituality. I did this because I love my family. I have conquered and defeated the devil and war god. This really happened, believe me. I have seen it all.

Universe Family Healing is permanently here now. All other healing modalities will fade away because they are not real and not based on Universe laws. They all require more than one session. Spiritual healers are being purged away. That’s all that happens. Universe Family Healing is real all the way and will not be purged. One session will connect you and then go with the flow. You and your family will automatically know what to do, and just live on and on. Universe Humans will all have their Universe Mates. Forever.

Moving Forward to Forever

I have succeeded in eliminating all of the SCAM activities from my life. I am able now to move forward without any further SCAM setups or drama scenarios that have plagued me in the past. It’s March 15 and this is the one day which always shines the brightest every year. Whatever spirit setups for 2023 that started up already are completely over. Now comes the fun part.

There has never been such a time before, a time when a human has eliminated all spirit world setups on his/her body. It finally happened though. I did it. I am new to the planet but I am not a SCAM activity. I talk about SCAM activities quite a bit because they are everywhere on our planet. Anything in the past that has to do with money most likely has a spiritual component to it.

SCAM is an acronym for Spiritually Created About Money. My SCAM setups are eliminated now. I am absolutely and completely sure of this. I am the one person who achieved this because I have such a powerful automatic connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. I am a natural Universe Family Healer. There are no classes to attend to learn to do what I do naturally. So, it is now totally possible for other humans to get rid of their SCAM setups/activities too. It just takes a Universe Family Healing session with me to get this done. One session is all that’s needed.

I offer my unique healing services to everyone on our planet. I am a real Universe Family Healer, not a SCAM healer. The spirit worlds did not create my ability. In fact the spirit worlds inhibited my natural abilities for many years and created fake SCAM healers instead. These spiritual fakes charge you for a weekly session. They cannot do what I do and expect you to return over and over to keep paying them endlessly. Their healing is not complete. They gather your spirit world but do not send it into our Universe. Therefore your spirit world continues to stay on the planet. This is not a good thing at all.

Thank goodness I am here to do this right. Now you have total access to real genuine healing services. You look forward to forever because that is what happens. You look forward to a forever life. A spirit world lives as a parasite on humans causing disease and death. The removal of your spirit world eliminates anything that was spiritually created. Say goodbye to unhealthy, unsafe lifestyles, doctors, debt and debt collectors etc. You live a real human life that does end. In other words, you just live and actually get younger. Also, your entire family heals too.

I am the right person, the Real One And Only Universe Family Healer who can do this for you. Call me or email me to get this going. I require payment before our session via the PayPal link on my home page. This is just a small investment in real, genuine healing for a forever life.

Thanks for finding me and reading my words. Take the next step and do the right thing.

Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer



It’s A Universe Thing

Today I received some very good news. I am sharing it briefly on my website because it demonstrates the power of my healing. I mentioned before that my healing modality effectively gets rid of the debt layers around humans. Once this spiritual debt layer is purged it is impossible to accumulate debt ever again.

Back in July 2020, I became a participant in the AZ Pandemic Unemployment Assistance (PUA) program. I had to stop doing my Home Visits for Healing service here in Yuma in March 2020. Governor Ducey had proclaimed a Stay At Home Order. Only essential services remained open here due to the COVID pandemic. I applied and was approved for weekly monetary benefits.

Fast forward 2 and 1/2 years to the present. Something strange happened last month, February 2023. I received a letter stating I was not eligible for the PUA program. I was told there was an over payment that I was responsible for. I immediately got into action and asked for help. Well, although I contacted several people no one really did anything except for me.

I asked for a reconsideration of my case and today I got the good news that I am not responsible for any over payment after all. This means I did not accumulate debt and I do not owe the AZ Department of Economic Services (DES) any money.

I feel this was some kind of SCAM activity. SCAM stands for Spiritually Created About Money. I feel that although it seemed that I was at risk for a financial loss, it did not happen! That’s because I do not have any spiritual debt layers around me. This made things happen the right way. I felt relieved of course. I know that this is the very last time I will be confronted with a SCAM activity.

It is a Universe thing. So many good things happening right now are due to me being Universe connected. SCAM activities just disappear magically. I am sharing this one example of how being Universe connected saves us from financial woes. I just kept going one day to the next knowing what I needed to do and did everything the right way. The result ended up being in my favor.

Every day people everywhere are confronted with SCAM activities trying to make them in financial distress. Universe Family Healing removes all of the SCAM activities. It is that simple.

It’s a wonderful thing.