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Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me!

My blog describes my experiences as I healed my way out of spirituality and reopened my real self as a Universe Family Healer. My professional career as an advanced practice nurse (CNS) ended in 2013. I worked for over 30 years as an RN in California, USA. My nursing career was inhibiting my natural healing ability so I had to leave the nursing profession entirely and officially retire. I was always a Universe Family Healer by birth though. I was surrounded by a very large, highly negative spirit world that has taken me many years to purge out.

I am now aware how spiritual the nursing profession is and I do not advocate their holistic theories because they include spirituality. I healed myself away from advanced holistic nursing, and left the nursing world entirely. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is my own creation and certainly does not come from nursing practice.

I found that there was very little information about my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. I was not able to find anyone else documenting what I was going through, so I decided to create a blog and describe what was going on with me as I changed back from a professional nurse to Universe Family Healer.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, re-emerged over time. I called myself a Psychic Nurse Healer for awhile but left that to become a Universal Healer. That was only temporary too. I finally healed myself back to Universe Family Healer. I have finally returned to the real me and this will never change.

Universe Family Healing is not a spiritual type of healing like reiki or healing touch. The main difference is that I am able to remove spirit worlds around humans and as this occurs the spirits are merged with our Universe. Our outside atmosphere, our Universe contains a huge magnetic current that automatically pulls spiritual energies or worlds away from human bodies. This constant purging and merging does not stop and requires no special rituals or techniques.

I am able to provide my healing modality naturally. I did not take a course to become a Universe Family Healer. There are no training programs to “learn” Universe Family Healing. That separates me totally from the spiritual healers of today. I am a natural born Healer and my healing modality is based on scientific laws.

My blog tells the truth about spiritual energy and spirit worlds. I am providing my information in a very simple and easy to understand way. I want all humans on our planet Earth to understand the real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing.

I have lived through a very powerful and difficult healing time so that now I can document what is going on and make it easy for all to understand. I cannot find evidence that anyone else ever experienced what I am going through. It seems I am the “first healer” to provide this type of healing. Therefore, I named my website: http://www.firsthealer.com.

One of the main benefits of Universe Family Healing is to reunite disrupted birth families. My healing modality reunites any disrupted birth family, even those traumatized birth families from the last century when babies were automatically taken away from young birth parents. This legalized kidnapping has never been dealt with properly until now. Universe Family Healing is correcting a very bad time in human history. I am one of the stolen babies. I continue to heal toward a reunion with my birth family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is a very safe way to remove all of the trauma that has kept disrupted birth families apart for a very long time. I call this trauma, Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). Trauma is just a layer of spiritual energy surrounding the human body. Once this trauma layer is purged, birth families come back together naturally at the right time.

Universe Family Healing also reunites Universe Mates. A Universe Mate is always someone you loved in the past but things just never worked out. Many soulmates are just unhealed Universe Mates. My healing successfully removes the spiritual soulmate journeys around humans and therefore allows a reuniting at the right time, when all spirit worlds have been purged! Imagine having your lover be your Universe Mate! No more painful breakups, just everlasting love and happiness. This is totally possible now with Universe Family Healing.

My healing is real and 100% accurate and effective in removing spirit worlds from the human body. Therefore, my healing is very powerful and effectively cures all sorts of human ailments which are spiritually induced.

Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and even psychosis are all 100% cured with Universe Family Healing. Autism is also healed away effectively. Yes, I can totally get rid of autism that has setup in a family. Autism is a spiritual setup on the human body so of course my healing will purge it away.

I have several years of posts here on my blog. This post you are now reading is the sticky one but I blog frequently and you can always read on below to see what is currently happening in my life as Universe Family Healer. I keep updating my status as Universe Family Healer. I also have put several pages up on top for easy access.

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A Universe Family Healing session is $150.00 US and payable through the PayPal link below. Payment is expected before our scheduled session.

Thank you for reading my blog, Universe Family Healing. I look forward to meeting you soon. I am here to help any humans on planet Earth to heal. Please don’t hesitate. I am very real and powerful.

I am almost always available! If you need help, don’t hesitate. I’m usually here waiting for your email. I respond quickly these days. It’s the right time to do this. Let’s get you connected and start purging that spirit mess.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer

Universe Family Healing session

I provide a direct connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. My specialized healing removes spirit worlds around humans.

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I See The Changes: It’s Automatic!

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Universe Family Healing is a very unique healing modality. It is nothing like spiritual healing. I am experiencing Universe Family Healing on a daily basis and see what is going on. There are constant changes occurring. It is always positive to see and understand these changes for change is what our Universe allows. It is always important to watch for changes as this really gives me confidence that my healing is working. Changes occur because there has been a stuck situation caused by a spirit setup. Once this spirit setup or spirit world is disrupted by our Universe’s magnetic current, there are automatic changes occurring in the right direction. I always want feedback from the people I interact with and usually I am able to get it.

I am seeing the changes right now in my home environment. I am currently living in a home and watching the owner return to a working lifestyle. He has been in the realm of disability for a long time. He tried to stay there but was not successful at all. After a year of Universe Family Healing he is now working full-time once again! And also his friends are doing the same thing.

I see another person telling me how his diet is changing to animal free. He tells me he is getting rid of things he no longer wants. I call this activity purging material things and is very much a part of Universe Family Healing. So, I am happy that by living around these people for over a year they are demonstrating good results of my healing! It is very good to see it happening in this older neighborhood of Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is automatic once a Universe connection is established and everyone goes through the same activities associated with it. This is cool and very easy to see. There are no real short cuts either. Universe Family Healing is a wonderful way to change yourself into reality. We start working again, get rid of the bad habits, and clean out our place so it feels real and young. This is a very positive time right now because I have been around these people for 1 year and now they are all doing so much better.

And the good news is that this trend will continue this way. It is not a spirit setup or game. It is just reality. When we are not connected to our Universe we are covered up with spirituality without even knowing it. We are living with a spiritual parasite attached to our human bodies. This parasite is controlling our lives, our behaviors, our thoughts, and actions! Spiritual parasites are very dangerous for humans because we do not even know they are there!

It makes good sense then to be connected to our Universe. I am the person who can get this going for you! It is so easy for me to connect anyone’s spirit world to our Universe. It is my natural ability, not a learned healing technique. I was born this way though I am not sure why. I am not sure how I do it either. But I am sure that I can get rid of spirit worlds from the human body. I am here to rid our planet of this spiritual infestation. I am the one and only go to person for anything spiritual that needs purging. Forget about spiritual healers as they are not connected to our Universe. They are just con artists and do not help us in any way.

It’s the new year. Start it off with your very own Universe Family Healing session. My healing power is very real and so strong now. I can do amazing things for you. It is true. We do not have to live in the dark ages anymore. I am purging the dark ages one day at a time. The spiritual age is over and Universe Time is all that exists now. Get your Universe connection established right now. Watch the positive changes take place and live a real life, the life you were meant to live. Humans are now real for the first time. We have our Universe Mates beside us too. It is so fine, so fun, and so wonderful.

Have a wonderful day and when you’re ready contact me:



Nothing Is Going Wrong

I’m living in Universe Time. Everyday is a brand new day and I live one day to the next. I know just what I must do on each day and I always accomplish my goals. I then rest and and I mean rest. Resting means I am outside in the beautiful sunshine relaxing in my zero gravity lounge chair. Of course even when I am doing that I am still working. My purging is especially powerful when I am laying down outside in the sun. And the purging is going so well right now. I cannot believe the power that is being displayed. It is so amazing. And it does not seem to be stopping either. I am sure that this is the way life was meant to be: a real life with spirit worlds purging from our planet and reality as the norm.

There are no more spiritually setup times with the spirit worlds in total control. That is the only way the spirits could have an existence, by controlling human behaviors endlessly. All this did was make our beautiful planet negative and unhealthy. That of course is not the situation right now. Although few people are aware of Universe Time, my family sure is. We are the first family to be involved with Universe Time up close. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current, therefore we are the real First Family. But we will not be famous or be found in Google News. We will live quietly and safely. Universe Family Healing does things in a very good way. The right things happen of course because the spirit worlds are gone!

So although the spirit worlds of planet Earth are still in the midst of a terrible pandemic, and United States politics are in an uproar, I know that these things are the result of Universe Time in control. It is just the purging out process going on here. As the pandemic disappears as silently as it came, we will all experience a real way of living. Our lives are becoming so real now. It is so cool to watch the right things happen over and over again. This real way of living seems rather new for our planet, but again it is just reality which has always been here, and was covered up by spirituality. Spiritual Time is now in our past. It has no chance of repeating ever. It cannot do anything because the spirits are all being purged into a huge magnetic current which just consumes them- our Universe.

Nothing is going wrong. I am sure that as time goes on it will become more obvious as we all gradually change into reality. The Google News will all be good and really not be needed anymore. The dramas of the spirits will be forgotten as we reunite with our families and live happy, healthy lives with fun at the top of our to do lists. We purged out our spirit worlds to get there. This is all possible now because Universe Family Healing is here to stay permanently.

I will not allow any new spiritual invasions on our planet Earth. That is a reality now. I am here to stay.

It’s the right time for all good humans to purge out their spirit worlds.

Contact me by email to setup your Universe Family Healing session:


So Happy To Be Here

I am so happy to be living in my homeland! It feels good to wake up everyday and be here. I feel safe. I know that everything is going the right way. I know that my life will continue here in the land of reality. That knowing feels good too. And even though I am not reunited with my birth family yet, I know that someday that will happen.

Right now I live from one day to the next. I can’t make any long term plans. That does not happen right now. I realize I am still healing/purging out my PTSD issues that I encountered in California. I realize that this will quickly purge out of me. It can’t do anything to me now. This spirit energy just merges with our Universe and I move forward on my own. Those past issues and people are gone from me. They cannot do anything to me anymore. I am that strong and powerful.

Today I feel so fortunate to be alive. I feel the 5 years here on my own here in Yuma, AZ was necessary and it will not repeat. Although there is still some bits and pieces of an old ancient spirit world around me, it is totally ineffective. It is just purging and merging with our Universe. I am hoping that soon its annoying sounds will be gone forever. I am not the chained up little angel it had under its control. Spirits are not in control of me at all. They are doomed. Spirit worlds are really an alien infestation from the past and will not be able to start over ever.

No one controls me now. No one will ever do anything bad to me ever again. Those times living in the evil spirit worlds of California are gone for me and for all of my family members too. I know we are all healing and it takes time, a lot of time. I understand this is new to our planet, but regardless of being new, Universe Time will last forever. Our Universe will always be wide open and accepting spirit worlds into its enormous magnetic current. I am making certain of that.

I am so happy to be here on planet Earth. I feel very alive. I feel very young too. I want to say to my family members I love all of you so very much. I know the healing is going well. I am sure it is. We are all healing together through this ancient spiritual nightmare which is finally and forever over. It really is. The spirit worlds of California could not get rid of me. But I got rid of them.

I really did.

A New Year, A New World To Purge?

I hope this isn’t so. I have been purging spirit worlds for a long time now. Every year goes by and the last 5 years I have been pretty much on my own. This is a first for me of course. I was always surrounded by people, my fake siblings and fake parents, then I was married for 24 years and that ended finally. I have been single for over 14 years. This is so significant too. But all of this means nothing to me. I am trying to reunite with my birth family, my real family here in Yuma, AZ. That is all I have been trying to do for so very long. Now it is 2021. The wonderful and challenging 2020 is gone and will never repeat. I am hoping this is the year when I finally am with them, my real family.

Most people take this for granted. They are always surrounded by their real families and always were. They never had to deal with anything that I have had to. They are not aware of Universe Time at all. They are still controlled by their own spirit worlds and live among their real families too. But I know I was not raised by my birth family. I know I was stolen away from them here in Yuma and taken to California many years ago. I know this. No one has to tell me about it. I am sure I was forgotten about too. But I was not forgotten by our Universe. That is for sure. My Universe connection is the only reason I am back in Yuma, the place where I came from. My Universe connection brought me back to my homeland.

I am so hoping that this is the right time finally for my family and me to reunite. I am so hopeful that it is really happening now. I have lived here in Yuma, AZ for 5 years going with the flow, experiencing all sorts of things, some good and some bad. I lived through it all and wonder what is going to happen next. I wonder if my birth family members are finally becoming aware that I am real and really living here in Yuma. I wonder if they read my blog too. That is what I am thinking about on this first day of 2021. Well, if they read my blog, then why aren’t they emailing me? I wonder about about that. Why the wait? I am so tired of waiting.

Is there another spirit world to purge? Some new obstacle in front of me? I am not sure of course. I know that I continually purge out spirit worlds. There are so many everywhere. That is for certain. But are there still so many setups in between me and my birth family? That I am not sure about. I am hoping that I am done. I want to be done. I want to reach my goal. I want to finish. I want to live among my birth family members.

And so I say this, if you are my birth family and you are reading my blog and following my progress. I am done. I am waiting for some communication from you. There is nothing else I can do. I have done everything I can to heal away the darkness that was around you and me. It is finally over and done. I am waiting for a response from you. Please don’t hesitate to contact me. It is safe and it is the right time to reconnect. Please do this soon. Please send me an email: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com

PS, If my son Brandon is also reading my blog, please contact me Brandon. It is the right time to do this too. We are all doing so good now. Finances are no longer an issue for any of us. Please get in touch. I miss you so much! Please email me.

My former name: Julia Ann Kaplan

Fake Birthdate: 11/09/1958

Fake birth parents: Charles and Elizabeth Kaplan

It is over, this fake mess that they created. It is over.


At The End Of The World, Just Purge

Well here it is finally. The end of the spiritual world. Finally. Now I get to see how my life is really supposed to be. That’s all I am doing now since I successfully purged out my spirit world. It was quite large and took a very long time but it still happened. Now I am waiting to see what happens, i.e. who will be here with me. This purging time involved a lot of patiently waiting. I did that. I am done. Where is everyone?

What Am I Doing? I am Purging Out The Spirit World

I doubt if anyone has ever said that before. Otherwise there would not be a spirit world around today. It would have already been destroyed. Unfortunately that never happened! No one, not even one single human being ever thought to do this in the entire history of humankind. Not one! That is so hard to believe, to comprehend. No one thought it was important to get rid of spirits.

Instead, humans accepted spirits as necessary and allowed spirits to be part of their human bodies. This is totally gross and disgusting ofcourse, but it is also the truth. The chakras were always highly spiritual parts of the human body, put there by a spirit world. Cleansing the chakras was accepted as normal. No one thought to actually get rid of the chakras. Those chakras are spirit parasite locations on human bodies. Spiritual healers were all that existed, cleansing the chakras endlessly. What an incredible joke that was.

Who was getting rid of the spirits? No one. Psychics used the spirit worlds to tell people what was going on and made a lot of money doing that. Psychics are not good people because they relied on spirits for profit and gain, making money on the destruction of the human race. Psychics are part of the spirit world that is now being destroyed. Psychics had their time and it is over forever.

Now, I am here. I am not a part of the spirit world. I am part of the Universe. My abilities are unlike other healers. I have a flowing magnetic current at my disposal and I use it to get rid of spirit worlds. It’s very simple and easy for me. I am like this naturally of course. No one else can do what I do. I destroy spirit worlds. It is final and permanent. There is no cleansing or playing games with me. I end the spirit worlds around humans. I am Universe Family Healer, or just Healer. I am the Healer of our Universe. There can only be one.

The spirit words can do nothing to me. I am not being pulled down by a spirit world. It simple moves through me quickly and easily and into our Universe’s magnetic current. Now, no scientist will ever talk about me or what I do. They are all so immersed in their own spirit worlds and cannot see the reality of who I am and what I do. We cannot rely on scientists to save our planet. It will never happen. Only by this constant spirit world removal process will our planet survive and live on and on.

And that is why I am purging spirit worlds. Our planet of humans became infested with spirits so very long ago. This spirit infestation was not being addressed by anyone. Spirit worlds cause living planets of humans to die! Planet Earth is the only planet of humans left. Therefore we have to eradicate this spiritual infestation completely from our planet. Our Universe loves spirits worlds and consumes them easily. However a human is needed to connect these spirits worlds into it. That is my job. I work with our Universe to remove these spirit worlds from human bodies. Our Universe does this automatically as long as there is a real human Healer working with it.

Now you can say I am a phony or try to discredit me. Go right ahead. It will not work. I am real and powerful now and I am so protected by our Universe. I am only to be with my family and live here on the planet safely and comfortably. I am ensuring that human life continues. Over time all of the liars and criminals will die and their spirit worlds purge too. That is how we become a living planet of good humans. That is the only way. For now, I am here serving the humans of our planet Earth. I am not going away. But all of the bad people surely will. There is no doubt about that.

Purging Coronavirus: Its Just Another Spirit World

I realized this recently. The spirits moving through me were saying COVID. What? Yes they were saying it over and over. But it was just moving through. I realize now I am purging coronavirus. This is so cool. I am getting rid of the pandemic.

I guess the worst is over. Now I just lay quietly as this huge spirit mess called COVID 19 is being removed from planet Earth. It is just a massive spirit world that infested our planet. But apparently it can be purged by our Universe completely. Not sure how long this takes but I am certain it will happen.

I had to make a quick note here to document the purge. It is significant and real. It is going to eradicate this pandemic forever. I am making sure I post about it today. I want people to know the truth about this pandemic. The truth is here. It is going away because our Universe is making it extinct.

Spirit worlds created it, consumed it and infiltrated human bodies just waiting for the right time to become active. Of course this is the right time to get rid of it. Universe Time is removing all spirit worlds from planet Earth. Universe Time is clearing this spirit infestation forever. This pandemic is spiritually induced and therefore it is totally purged by our Universe. We are safe once again!

Things Are Changing Here: We Are Moving Forward!

I am so happy to report some positive changes here in the household where I am currently living. The men are becoming re-employed! This is definitely a real sign that our Universe is in control here for all healers on planet Earth. Re-employment in December is always a good thing. I am so happy to actually witness our Universe making this happen. I am watching what happens next. The employment location is 2 hours away so this may mean a temporary change of living address for these men. Right now they are driving back and forth. I am hoping the right thing happens. I continue to live here right now as I am doing just fine. I can be the caretaker of this home for awhile, if need be. That seems to be what may happen. No more of these guys sitting around all day drinking beer and watching TV. Those days are in the past now, thank goodness!

I continue to be self-employed. I have no desire to go back into the working world where I was for 45 years. It was not a good place for me personally. The last few jobs I held became highly toxic and unsafe. I am happy to be working solely at home now as Universe Family Healer. I provide my healing sessions by phone or online. It suits me just fine. I am finally just being me. No supervisors or toxic work environments will ever be around me again.

Of course this is a powerful change here. I am feeling so free! It is wonderful to have more privacy again. I can do as I please. I can relax. Things around me are still changing. I will go with the flow and see what else happens now. It is a very simple and easy time for me, so much better than last year. Then, I was living in a highly toxic place I called Hell House. I was not safe there. Here I am safe. I will continue feeding the kittys and take care of myself and my family. I will be outside in the beautiful sunshine purging spirit worlds most of the time. I am doing what I have to do to get rid of the spirit world.

I am always promoting my healing service, Universe Family Healing. It is always the right time to connect your spirit world to our Universe. This is my very own healing specialty. No other healer anywhere can do this for you! The positive changes happening here are the direct result of me living here and removing the spirit worlds of these men. Now they are all able to move forward and work in a very good place. It is a happy time for this household. You can reach me by email to schedule your healing session:


I Am Living One Day To The Next

I now live my life in Universe Time. My lifestyle changed many years ago. It was automatic. I was not really trying too hard. The changes came naturally. I adjusted as I moved along. I never expected what happened. A real life opened up for me as I purged the spirit world living on my body.

It was so painful at times. The stress level was high at first. It felt heavy on me. I still kept going though. Even when things seemed impossible I lived through it. I began to understand what was happening to me. There was absolutely no one anywhere to explain this phenomenon. I was a pioneer in all of this. As I lived through each day, I understood more.

Universe Time. I created Universe Time because I was the first healer to purge and merge my spirit world into our Universe. Therefore, Spiritual Time ended for me. I was no longer stuck and controlled by the spirit world living on my body. I moved forward on my own. I kept purging this spirit world and it brought me back to my homeland, Yuma, AZ, USA.

I am now back here in Yuma for almost 5 years! I am still purging this spirit world. I wonder if there is an end and then realize that all spirit worlds are connected! It just took one human, one healer to get the purging going. Purging spirit worlds never stops. There is a continuous chain of spirit worlds here on our planet. Every human has one. No one has ever done this before. No healer ever purged spirit worlds. I am the first healer to do this.

I call myself, Universe Family Healer. I found that my healing is for families. I know that if one family member is connected to our Universe, all family members heal too! My healing is based on the Universe, a gigantic magnetic current in our upper atmosphere. Spirit worlds are magnetic too and naturally get pulled into this current. It is all done very easily now. I am powerful with our Universe. The current flows through me, my hands, my feet. Amazing.

Once a spirit world is connected to our Universe, automatic changes occur. Real human life returns. Spirits are removed day by day, continually. A different lifestyle emerges, more of a day by day one. Longterm plans are removed. I live one day to the next and simply know what needs to be done on any given day. I do what is needed and then relax. It feels so good to live a life in Universe Time.

All I Want To Do Is Be Outside In The Sun

In Yuma, AZ the sun is here in December. I feel a pulling towards it. A December sun is very powerful for me. I hear the spirits saying all kinds of things. They are always surprised when they are moving. Spirits are used to being stuck in a set up around human bodies. When they arrive here with me, it means they are out of their usual environment and merging with the Universe. It is especially important for me to be in a warm climate at the end of a year.

My purging with the sun in December totally ends a lot of negative spirit setups trying to play out. Spiritual Time is over. The end of our calendar year and into the new year used to be very negative for me but not anymore. I have a zero gravity lounge chair and I use it daily. In fact, this is a normal activity now. It was very difficult over the past 5 years to actually lay down outside! Not anymore.

I have a sun connection. I lay down outside. I purge the spirit worlds. It’s my job. The current flows through my hands and feet. It feels gritty. It is moving fast. Amazing.

I have full control of this now. I am home, living in my homeland where the climate is just right for me. I have the sun. I work together with the sun and our Universe. I have no coworkers or bosses. It’s just me being me. Wonderful!

I am a Universe Family Healer. I remove spirit worlds from human bodies. That is my healing specialty. I feel I am the most powerful Healer alive today. My healing can make the impossible easy.

Expect changes. A spirit world is a huge parasite which is covering up the real you. Changes are normal. Spirits are no longer controlling your thoughts and actions. Spirits are not making your life miserable anymore. You have full control and become 100% human. Universe Family Healing connects your spirit world to our Universe and away it goes forever.

The sun in December is so important. I am outside enjoying it every single day now. That’s where I am. Doing my job. Purging one spirit world at a time.