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My website is a blog which describes my experiences as a Universe Family Healer. As you read through my posts, you will feel the power of my healing. I describe in detail my healing modality. I am a highly educated, retired professional nurse but did not learn about the Universe until I left that professional life of advanced practice nursing five years ago.

There is a void in our literature about Universe Family Healing. All that is available is a lot of inaccurate information about spiritual healing and cleansing. That is not what I do. My healing process removes spiritual energy from the human body. I am providing my story in simple words for all to read and understand. Universe Family Healing is available to all humans on this planet. I am not “trained” in this healing. It is my natural ability. I do not think that anyone can be trained in what I do. I do not provide training sessions or courses.

Perhaps at another time this healing phenomenon was available to someone else. I cannot find evidence of this anywhere. I have learned about it as I lived through it. Scientists do not talk about it. They will not talk to me about what I do. I am ignored by the scientific world. I have had to become my own scientist and record the process of Universe Family Healing as a real phenomenon.

I continually purge spiritual energy until it merges with the outside atmosphere of our Universe. This purge and merge action allows a continuous flow of spiritual energy into our outside atmosphere where it is immediately pulled away from human bodies. It is absorbed and recycled in some way, as it contains magnetic minerals of some kind. I feel it as it moves through my body. It feels like liquid sandpaper, gritty and moving all the time.

As a result of my healing progress, spirits can no longer multiply and contain themselves as they once did. Their system of living relied on humans being in their total control. Their parasitic lifestyle is ended, because spirits cannot live on their own. They must live on a human body to exist. Spiritual entities are parasites. Humans have been their host for a very long time. Universe Family Healing removes these parasites.

I have several years of posts here on firsthealer.com. The post you are now reading is the sticky one. Please read on and discover what an interesting life I have had as a Universe Family Healer. Thankfully, for the past two years I have been able to return to my homeland, Yuma AZ, USA. I am safe now as I finally was able to escape from the California Dream where I was trapped for over 55 years.

I no longer charge for healing. I do this as a natural ability along with my normal work routine. I am just being me. I simply purify workplaces and homes automatically.

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Thank you for reading my blog.

Healer Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Universe Family Healing Is Now An Official Business

Well, I am trying it one more time. Since I am back here in Yuma now for almost 3 years again I feel it is the right time to be more open about my true identity. I am not really sure why it happened today, but I went ahead and created a Yelp business page, this time with Universe Family Healing as the business here in Yuma, AZ. It is still pending approval though.

I feel confident that I can come out in the open as a very good way to help others suffering from pain, mental disorders, and autism. I can certainly heal any sort of family dysfunction. This is the right time to go forward here in my hometown and also on the internet. I see the positive results that I can make even with a simple phone call. The Universe is a very powerful connection indeed.

Well, I may not make a lot of money with it, but I am making a statement that I am here too along with all of those other so-called health practitioners who really do not help their patients and clients at all. And those insurance companies continue to blindly pay them for poor results. All of that is the result of a very negative world of spiritual setups. Apparently that is going to change soon though. I am here now so those people do not have it easy anymore. Their spirit energies are purged out and they will not be able to make money on the suffering of humans.

And so, on Yelp, I will be listed as alternative to those medical ways. I continue to do what feels right. I am here to help others of course, but those interviews I am going to right now are with very negative healthcare providers. It is astounding that they are still in business! I guess the Universe sends me to the most negative places to purge them out. That seems to be what happens. I have already visited a home care agency, a behavioral health care agency and today, I am very fortunate to visit a pain clinic.

So that makes 3 interviews during the last part of this unemployment setup I am living through. This is typical of spirit setups to do things in 3s. It is all part of my Universe Time. I understand what is going on and simply do what is necessary each day. I never worry about what is going to happen because my life keeps getting better all of the time.

Healer Julia Angel


An Exciting Week: Quiet Victories

Universe Family Healing continues to make my life and my family’s lives better everyday. This week was a triumphant week for us. My youngest son finally moved out of Hamilton, an area in Novato, CA where we all used to live. We needed to be gone from that place. It had a lot of bad energies connected to it and now that time is officially gone.

The ten years of waiting for that spirit entity around me is also gone. Gone. Tomorrow is the 15th of September and that means that ten years ago I severed the ties with a very unhealthy spiritually controlled man. I had to live through the past ten years and purge out that spirit entity along the way. It has accompanied me here to Yuma where it is not really effective all. I have reached a point where I know it is over.

There is no drama on the Universe. Drama is only part of the spirit world. 

Our Universe works very quietly in the background making everything better all of the time. It is like a secret weapon in a way. It is always working to remove the spirit worlds but practically no one is aware. Our Universe is silent and invisible but real and powerful. Our Universe is definitely functionally normally now. Normal Universe function means it purges (pulls) spirits from human beings.

I went on a job interview yesterday. It was the last spirit set up from that ten year span with that entity.  The job is definitely not what I want to do, but I had to go and sit there and talk to this man and respond to him. This man at the interview had that entity around him! I was in total control of this interaction. I can see why I had to go and be there in person. I had to grab his spirit energy field and purge it on the Universe. He could not stop it and did not know I was doing it.

The questions were kind of inappropriate at times, but, thankfully, the interview was short and I was at ease. I was purging him out the whole time! He even had to open the door towards the end of the interview.  I stayed and completed the interview because I wanted this interaction to be the end of any spiritual control over my financial well being.

I had to participate in this setup because it was so unrealistic what he expects people to do for this job. I was not going to be involved after that. It is already on the Universe and gone from my world. I have to be patient a bit longer and wait until the very good job comes along. It will be the right one, safe and fun. And it is almost time for that to happen.

The end of a 10 year wait is almost over. Tomorrow is the 15th. I still remember very well that night when I told him goodbye. He was a man who did not know his feelings. I cannot be involved with a man who is not human.

Healer Julia Angel


I can help you release a spiritual relationship and free yourself from harm and pain. I am not charging for this service. But be ready for major changes to happen. That is the Universe doing its fantastic job of spirit removal.

Universe Time- It’s Automatic!

I am reminding myself of this again. Universe Time is a very automatic time. It is not a time that you can control. Once the Universe is in your life, the Universe takes control and wipes out the negative world around you. And as this happens, an automatic system takes over. It is totally amazing and real.

As I live through these days, I just have to be patient and wait. That is all I have to do now. I can calculate pretty well what is happening soon. I know it is all good for me and my family. As my youngest son moves away from a toxic living environment on Thursday, September 13, a whole new life opens up for him. A real life. He is about to experience living on the Universe.

The toxic environment he was living in is dissolving quickly and he will feel so much better to be out of there. He is talking about moving out of California now too. California is not a good place to be anymore. California has been a fantasy place for a long time  and now reality hits and it is not much fun there anymore. And, it is not going to get any better in California, USA.

I know that as of September 15, 2018, I will be feeling the benefits of Universe Family Healing. The momentum is already starting up here in Yuma and it never stops. The 10 year release of that spirit entity from so long ago is coming to an end. That entity was trying to make me die. But instead I am ending that entity forever. I am safe and so is my family. We are all going to be reunited as a Universe family very soon.

I am sure this happens now. I see the signs and experience the events that are happening in front of me. It is all happening the Universe way. There is nothing the spirits can do to stop the Universe.  They are powerless as the Universe purges them from me and my family. The spirits that invaded our world are on the Universe and cannot return here to this planet. They have to find another place to set up and that will never happen again I am sure. They are so done.

Universe Time is real and automatic. Once you are on Universe Time and living on the Universe, you always will be safe and so will your family. It happens for all Universe families now wherever we live. It is a natural phenomenon that only I talk about here on my blog. The mainstream news will never be a part of Universe Time because it just gets purged out too. Can you imagine a world without Twitter, Facebook, and Google news? Stay tuned because that is just what happens during Universe Time.




Another Milestone Approaching- One For the Ages

I simply had to make note of this on my blog. My family and I have met several milestones recently which means practically all of the spiritual world around us is gone. Milestones are met and the spirit worlds are purged. But, there is still one more that is coming up for me. It is a personal one again. It involved me and a man.

I was the one who finally ended the relationship on September 15, 2008. Now this termination is really one for the ages. This man held a huge amount of spirit worlds around him. He was supposed to be the one to control me to my demise. But it did not happen. I simply took control and said no more, go away. I purged him out. Or so I thought.

I did not realize that it would be a ten-year process of still purging him out. It is coming up very soon, this milestone, and it really is one for the ages. This man did not know anything about it either. He was so mind-controlled all of the time. He never really understood anything that I told him about the spirits controlling people. It was not a good time for me. He was not the right man for me either obviously. 

I am happy that this ten-year purge cycle is finally coming to an end on September 15, 2018. This means that men and women everywhere will be affected. It means that the so-called intimate relationship of the spirit world ends. The “soulmates” etc., fade away. Men and women will not be together like that anymore. Spiritual control over men and women is ending very quickly now. That time is over.

That entity is gone forever and on the Universe far away from Earth. That spirit entity was so huge but it is small now and very weak. I can easily get rid of the rest here in Yuma, AZ where I was born. I am safe here and none of that mess from CA can cause me any problems here at all. That is what I had to do to end this spiritual nightmare forever.

I know that there are many people involved in these spiritual relationships right now. I can talk directly to you about it if you like. I can end the nightmare for you. I do not charge for my services but be ready for major changes if you contact me.

Universe Family Healing will remove the spiritual entity in your life. You will not be involved anymore with that person. But you will as a result, experience many changes. If you are ready for that then I am the right person to talk to.

Healer Julia Angel


Feeling the Change in September

Right away, I am noticing how different I am feeling. It is like a new chapter opening up finally for me. A lot of past “times” have been purged in August. It is real. I can really feel the difference now. I know that somehow this month, September is opening up a new world for me.

I can move forward easily again. With those old milestones met and purged, there is nothing left of my spiritual world. There are no more times for those spirit set ups. The spirits cannot repeat their setups as they like to. They are done. They are purged and merged with our Universe.

I can feel it. I know it means this is my time finally. I mean this is the time of reality free from any spiritual ties. I can speak and people will listen and understand what I say. I am not the outsider. I am the right person to go to for information about our Universe and healing planet. I understand completely what is happening and can explain it simply so that everyone can understand.

I cannot make a mistake and I am safe in my homeland. Of course I am still purging spirits. They come to me from wherever and instantly go out to the Universe’s magnetic current. It is nonstop. There are no set ups left here in Yuma, AZ. I have purged them all.

Our Universe continues to remove the most heavily spiritually infested negative environments on this planet. It is easy to see this if you watch the news and see the big picture. The people in the news who have the most negative energies are being purged. They react differently now and cannot control their power as it dwindles away. This will continue until all spiritual energy setups on the planet are purged. There is no “off” button with our Universe. Once our Universe is active and involved it cannot be turned off.

I continue to go with the flow in September and do exactly as I feel. I am not stopped at all. I am moving forward in Universe Family Healing. It is important to realize that Universe Time is so powerful and in control of our world. Hopefully more humans will begin to understand Universe Time as purging continues. I am always here to answer any questions freely and will continue to blog and create the awareness of our healing world.

Healer Julia Angel



August Has Been the Month of Milestones

So many good things happened this month. A lot of anniversaries have occurred. But as soon as they happen they are forgotten. The good times continue to be coming. There is not any time left for the spirits of our world. You can easily see what happens during a powerful Universe Time. The most negative people are not getting their way. Just check out Google News and see who is falling down finally. It is all there. This is the proof that Universe Time is real and in control. And this does not change next year. It is only this way from now on. Universe Time does not fade away.

The negative people continue to spiral downward now throughout the rest of this year. Their spirits are not in control at all and never will be again. I consider this year, 2018 as my year. It is the year that I’ve waited for.  I had to keep going through all of the spirit setups in my way. And there were a lot, believe me.

But now, my life is very simple and easy. It could be called boring but it is not. I always remember that even though I will never be in the spotlight, I am the one who can purge spirits. I have this natural ability and I always will be safe and so will my family. Our Universe needs Universe Family Healers to purge spirits into the Universe’s magnetic fields. We cannot allow any spirit control again. Without Universe Family Healers alive on our planet, the spirits could take control again and do what they naturally do- cause human worlds to die. This is real, not science fiction.

I want more humans to know about Universe Time and what it really means. But it is very difficult to get the word out quickly. I do not connect to social networks. Gradually a few of us are becoming more aware and knowledgeable about Universe Time. I talk about it here a lot because it is happening right now. It is a real natural phenomenon that scientists do not discuss.

I am the only one talking about this the right way. I appreciate having a few people following my blog and understanding what I talk about. It is going to get better every year now. We must just go with the flow and see the changes happening around us wherever we live on this planet. I want Universe Time to be common knowledge.

I recently posed this question on a psychic website to see what their understanding was of Universe Time. The best answer was: “Universe time means being at the right place in the right time in alignment with the exact vibration that you desire…and this can happen when you are aligned with your highest source” 

This answer was in part correct but then goes off into spirit land. So of course there is a great deal of misinformation out there. And psychic websites will never acknowledge Universe Time either because that means their business is done. But that is all that happens in Universe Time. Even on those very negative psychic websites, the Universe is grabbing their spirits and purging them too.




Universe Transition Time- Moving Away from Toxic Environments

During Universe Time we experience many transitions. This includes changes in living places, workplaces, etc. The transitions occur because we are not in the right place at all. The transition happens because our Universe removed the spiritual barriers keeping us in a negative set up. Once the spirits are broken up and purged, the spirit setup ends and becomes toxic and unsafe.

That is the time to leave! I call these times Universe Transition Times because all of a sudden we find ourselves going through changes. And that can be a little challenging but it is also very safe and secure. Going with the flow is a good way to handle Universe Transition Times. There is always only one safe way to go. There is never a time when you are in danger! This is so true and unlike a spiritual game which is so full of serious threats and negative events.

Universe Transition Time is a very active time. Many people will experience Universe Transition Times and will just let them happen. It is not really something you can stop. But it is good to understand the etiology behind it all. There is a real phenomenon going on here. The Universe pulls off all of that negative spirit energy from you and lets you move away quite easily to safety. You will have to do some purging of your belongings too and lighten your load. But you will be able to keep what is very necessary such as family pictures, etc.

My family continues to experience Universe Transition Times. I encourage my sons to work together to make their lives comfortable and safe during these changes. I know that eventually we will all be back together though. That is all that happens with Universe Family Healing.

Universe Families are very powerful families because we have the Universe on our side and just know what is the right thing to do at any given time. We cannot be in bad situations at all. It is the people who are not connected to the Universe that suffer from the spirits around them. They are controlled and therefore succumb to spirit setups. Many people are still highly spiritual and do not even realize this is going on. In fact I would say the majority of the world’s population is totally unaware about how spiritually controlled their lives are right are. That is the truth, sadly.

I am commenting today on Transition and Change. These are common during Universe Time and always takes us to a better place and safer world. Eventually we come back together and live in a new Universe where spirit worlds simply do not exist. We are all heading in that direction no matter where we are living right now. Thankfully, spirit worlds are becoming extinct everyday because we have our Universe open and actively working all of the time.



We Made it Finally to August 22, 2018

My family has reached the end of a very long name purge. During the month of August in 2011, our names were completely changed through a legal process. Today marks the end of that 7 year term. We can feel the release of spirits as a result. Those bad names and the people connected to them are no longer a part of us.

I am feeling that this name purge is also affecting other parts of our world. I see the positive results in the news. It is very clear that there is a connection between our name purge and what is happening right now in our world. I can see that the real criminals are being caught very quickly and dealt with legally. The Universe does not allow negative people to be in control.

We know that our legal name changes have allowed the release of a layer of denial that was keeping our world in a dying and decaying state.  My family is not about dying at all. We are all-powerful Universe Family Healers. We are here to live and serve our healing, living planet. We will never be connected to a negative group of people anymore.

Patience. It has been a test of patience. Knowing. We can have patience because we know. Universe Family Healers automatically know what is happening.

Universe Family Healing is allowing a gradual reunification of disrupted birth families everywhere on the planet. It will never stop. This reunification continues to grow stronger. More birth families will be reunited automatically. The spiritual layers keeping birth families apart are purging and this allows a reunification process that is comfortable and safe for all involved. The trauma that has been in the way is just a huge layer of spiritual energies that is purged and merged on the Universe. The spirits are sent on their Universe journeys. Humans live and our planet remains the only living planet anywhere in the Universe. We will never have to suffer again.



Universe Time Means Spirits Die and Humans Live

I guess there has never really been a Universe Time before now. I created this term because it means our Universe is in control. When the Universe is in control it can automatically purge spirits from humans. There is no other way to get rid of the spirits. Once you have connected your spiritual world to the Universe, the spirits are constantly purging and being pulled away from you. It is like an automatic vacuum sweeper. Our outside atmosphere is like that. In our outside atmosphere is our Universe’s highly magnetic energy current which moves southeast all of the time. 

But in order to get yourself on Universe Time and out of Spirit Time, you must get that connection going with the outside atmosphere. You must get away from that negative world you are living in right now. As you leave that negative environment, your body can automatically purge the spirit layers that have controlled your life. You do not need to go to a healer to do this. Spiritual healers are frauds and will gladly take your money and not get you connected to our Universe.

Spiritual worlds are just connections of spirits around each human. We all have spiritual worlds around us. I am saying this as a fact. No one escaped being consumed by spirit control. And when you are around other humans these spirit worlds interact. That is how bad neighborhoods and workplaces and schools, etc. develop. Spirits have been allowed to create massive networks of negative energy connections interacting all of the time, unchecked.  And so these spirits are parasites of living creatures. Spirits can also live around animals too, like cats and dogs. But spirits cannot live by themselves and must have a living host to exist. Therefore they are parasites.

Our living world was definitely on the dying track with spirits in full control. Spiritual worlds cause disease and death. It is too bad that the scientific community does not accept or acknowledge the reality of spiritual energy. I doubt if it ever will. Scientists are highly spiritual and will never admit that spirit energy is controlling them in their day-to-day activities. A lot of research these days is because of the spiritual worlds around scientists and totally ridiculous and unnecessary.

The scientific community cannot do anything to get rid of spirits. All that happens in Universe Time is a gradual one direction reduction in the scientific community. And that includes the medical profession as well. It is clear to see what areas of humankind got highly infested and are slowly decaying away overtime. I am able to see this easily now. But I do not interact at all with any of those people. I simply observe them. I do not engage myself on any social networks. All are extremely negative and highly spiritual.

Universe Time is in full control. This is important because we want to have our living world intact and safe. And so does our Universe. We are the only living planet anywhere. There is no other life out there in outer space. Those people at NASA are really crazy people. I laugh everyday at what they say they are doing and seeing in outer space. They are really science fiction writers these days.

Today I wanted to reaffirm the reality of Universe Time and the removal process of spiritual energy from our living world. It was a nasty infestation that has been here for the ages. But spirit time is over.

I am a real Universe Family Healer and I will always be here. I am not a vessel for the spirits. They simply come to me and immediately are purged and merged with the Universe, our outside atmosphere which is highly magnetic and so powerful. Spirits cannot live here anymore here on Earth, the planet of Universe Family Healers. Now all spirits are being sent on their Universe Journeys and as a result good humans will live. I like that result much better. We have had enough of our spiritual journeys. That is definitely over.



August 15, 2018: Final Spirit Purge = Rain in Yuma

The last time it rained here was July 8, 2018. This is monsoon season and we should be having a lot of rainy weather. However, Yuma, AZ has been in a drought for several years. That is finally changing. Spirit setups that have controlled weather patterns here are purged.

Today is the last day these setups are here in any form. Spirit setups are officially over and cannot renew. Once purged, these spirits are immediately merged with our Universe’s magnetic energy field thus ending their control. This is the only way to get rid of spirits. It is real, powerful, and permanent.

I had to live through 3 summers here in Yuma AZ to do this. I have had to do this without any help. I did this on my own. I did not ask for assistance. I have had to be all by myself during this time in order to purge out the remaining setups on me.  Now as we move forward into the remaining part of August, my family’s final 7 year name change anniversary is coming up.

On August 22, 2018, one of my sons will be celebrating his 7 year name change anniversary. He is definitely feeling the positive effects of this and everyday it will be more and more real for him. Universe Family Healing is in full control everywhere. All family members are feeling the immense relief that we have finally reached this day!

The rain returned today. The clouds are still all around me here in Yuma. It is beautiful. I know that this is going to be happening more and more just as it should be happening. We are no longer going to have a drought. The rains will simply be here as normal. The water is being returned here.

I had to do something about it. We must have water here in Yuma. We must water our crops safely and carefully. We must not have to stop watering for any reason. The watering of plants will never be stopped again. Normalcy is returning to Yuma, AZ, my homeland.

Happy Universe Time to All!