Welcome to Universe Family Healing

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Julia Angel. I am so happy you found me!

My blog describes my experiences as I healed my way out of spirituality and returned to my real self as a Universe Family Healer. My professional career as an advanced practice nurse (CNS) ended in 2013. I worked for over 30 years as an RN in California, USA. My nursing career was inhibiting my natural healing ability so I had to leave the nursing profession entirely and officially retire. I was always a Universe Family Healer by birth. I was surrounded by a very large spirit world that has taken me many years to purge out.

I am now aware how spiritual the nursing profession is and I do not advocate their holistic theories because they include spirituality. I healed myself away from advanced holistic nursing, and left the nursing profession entirely. My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, is my own creation and certainly does not come from nursing practice. I was not able to find anyone else documenting a similar situation to what I was going through, so I decided to create a blog and describe what was happening with me as I transformed back into Universe Family Healer.

My healing modality, Universe Family Healing, re-emerged over time. I called myself a Psychic Nurse Healer for awhile but left that to become a Universal Healer. That was only temporary too. I finally healed myself back to Universe Family Healer. I have finally returned to the real me and this will never change.

Universe Family Healing is not a spiritual type of healing like reiki or healing touch. The main difference is that I am able to remove spirit worlds around humans and as this occurs the spirits are merged with our Universe. Our outside atmosphere, our Universe contains a huge magnetic current, the geomagnetic field, that automatically pulls spiritual energies or worlds away from human bodies. This constant purging and merging does not stop and requires no special rituals or techniques. It is entirely natural and automatic for me.

I did not take a course to become a Universe Family Healer. There are no training programs to “learn” Universe Family Healing. That separates me totally from the spiritual healers of today. I am a natural born Healer and my healing modality is based on scientific laws. I am real. My blog tells the truth about spiritual energy and spirit worlds. I am providing my information in a very simple and easy to understand way. I want all humans on our planet Earth to understand the real phenomenon of Universe Family Healing.

I have lived through a very difficult healing time so that now I can document what is going on and make it easy for all to understand. I cannot find evidence that anyone else ever experienced what I am going through. It seems I am the “first healer” to provide this type of healing. Therefore, I named my website: http://www.firsthealer.com.

One of the main benefits of Universe Family Healing is to reunite disrupted birth families. My healing modality reunites any disrupted birth family, even those traumatized birth families from the last century when babies were automatically taken away from young birth parents. This legalized kidnapping has never been dealt with properly until now. Universe Family Healing is correcting a very bad time in human history. I am one of the stolen babies. I continue to heal toward a reunion with my birth family here in Yuma, AZ, USA.

Universe Family Healing is a very safe way to remove all of the trauma that has kept disrupted birth families apart for a very long time. I call this trauma, Disrupted Birth Family Trauma (DBFT). Trauma is just a layer of spiritual energy surrounding the human body. Once this trauma layer is purged, birth family members reunite naturally at the right time.

Family by family heals. This is necessary to rid our planet of spirit worlds. We are heading toward a planet where Universe Mates are all that exist. A Universe Mate is simply a human being, man or woman who has successfully connected their spirit world to our Universe. There will no longer be any spiritual soulmate connections as those are all highly negative spirit worlds on human bodies and are simply purged away from the planet. A Universe connection allows Universe Mates to live and love together freely without spiritual controls of any kind.

My healing is real and 100% accurate and effective in removing spirit worlds from the human body. Therefore, my healing is very powerful and effectively cures all sorts of human ailments which are spiritually induced. Mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, drug and alcohol addictions, eating disorders, and even psychosis are all 100% cured with Universe Family Healing. Autism is also healed away effectively. Yes, I can totally get rid of autism that has set up in a family. Autism is a spiritual setup on the human body so of course my healing will purge it away. Many other ailments are highly spiritual and eliminated totally by Universe Family Healing.

I have seven years of posts here on my blog. This post you are now reading is the sticky one but I blog frequently and you can always read on below to see what is currently happening in my life as Universe Family Healer. I keep updating my status as Universe Family Healer. I also have put several pages of interest up on top for easy access. Popular topics have been my pages regarding spiritual autism and spiritual energy.

If you are interested in a Universe Family Healing session, you can contact me on my email address: universefamilyhealing@gmail.com. Please include your phone number and availability. I’ll respond with the day and time for our healing session. I am unable to discuss your situation fully until the scheduled session.

A Universe Family Healing session is $200.00 US and payable through the PayPal link below. Payment is always expected before our scheduled session.

Thank you for reading my blog, Universe Family Healing. I look forward to interacting with you soon. I am here to help any human on planet Earth heal by purging his or her spirit world into our planet’s geomagnetic current.

Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer


Universe Family Healing Session

I provide a direct connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. My specialized healing modality removes spirit worlds around humans.


Universe Family Healing is Real Healing!

I am stating this once again. I am the only real Healer. My healing modality is powerful because I am able to be the catalyst between Earth’s humans and our Universe current. I am the connection. I always have this ability as it was mine at birth. My natural healing ability cannot be taught in a course. No one can say that they will teach you to be a Universe Family Healer. It cannot be done that way. Those people who say that are just lying to you.

I can end the negative lifestyle that has controlled you. The reason for this negative lifestyle is a spirit world that has wrapped itself around your human body. A spirit world is a human parasite! My healing ability is very specialized in removing these spiritual parasites forever. Real healing involves the removal of spiritual energy and putting it into our Universe. I do not need any rituals or workplaces to do my healing.

There are no special tools either. I am always connected and removing spirits from our planet. I can do real Universe Family Healing on a phone call. I can do this healing from the comfort and safety of my home, wherever I may be. I do this without face to face contact. Therefore, I can provide healing to humans all over planet Earth.

I am just waiting for the right time when more and more people will find me and access my services. I am not going to push myself on people as it gets way too negative for me. Instead, I let the Internet send people my way. I am always available by email to set up a healing session. Universe Family Healing is safe and 100% accurate and effective. There is no mistake about me; I am the real deal. In these difficult times it is very important to look at other alternative methods of achieving health and wellness. I am at the top of that list.


Universe Family Healing Has Given Me Freedom

I feel so free nowadays. In my early life I had to endure a negative living existence without even realizing what was going on. I was taken away from my homeland as a young child, stolen from my birth family and forced to live with a highly spiritual fake family. None of us were related to each other! Every child except for one was stolen away from their birth family. It was so fake and unreal. There were four of us siblings and only one son was theirs.

How did I manage to get away from that California mess? I still am amazed that I accomplished this separation. California had me for over 55 years. I look back on that place now as it really is, an unrealistic fantasyland. California continues to burn itself up. Perhaps someday it will be an island again. I see that it will break up too into smaller states and then finally separate away. It will happen someday, return to its original condition. People living there do not understand that California is not a real place at all.

I was born in Yuma, AZ, USA. Here in Yuma the atmosphere is not spiritual at all. The sun shines most everyday. The Universe current is extremely strong here for me. I feel the pulling through my hands and feet constantly no matter what I am doing. It gives me reassurance that I am safe and far away from that negative California mess. I will never return to California ever again.

Here in Yuma, I am just being me. I am not a nurse or anything else but Healer. My nursing career in California was 30 years too long. It suppressed my natural healing ability. I have no respect for the nursing profession. Spirituality is part of the nursing curriculum and nothing about the Universe is ever mentioned. Shameful. There is no good purpose for the nursing profession these days. It is all about paying the BRN’s fees. Our Universe will totally remove that nursing profession one final day.

My sole purpose is to get rid of the spiritual invasion on our planet. I do this quite easily from my home. I no longer work in any toxic environments. That is all in the past for me. I am safe here at home. I do not have to put up with any bullying or nasty behavior. I simply do my own thing on my own and it is working. Apparently I am the only Healer who has been able to get rid of spirit worlds. Surely no one else is talking about this but me. I am the expert in spiritual energy removal. I am the go to person for real Universe Family Healing. All other healing by spiritual healers is fake and does nothing. Our Universe is purging out the spiritual healers who have not done a good job.

Freedom. Many people describe it differently. I describe it as being free of spiritual control. I control the spirits now and that will never change. I can easily connect anyone’s spirit world to our Universe’s current. I am here to help anyone suffering from disease, (mental and physical) and family problems. I can help you with your love life too. I can basically change your entire existence for the good. I am not sure why more people are not aware of my services, but hopefully in time everyone will know about me. I am here to heal our planet and our Universe. I am here so that life continues.

Moving Forward After All These Years

Yes, I can say that I am moving forward still. It was so long ago that I was stuck in the negative world and seemed like I was not accomplishing anything. I was in reality. It just did not seem like it then. There was so much of the spirit world on me. So much had to be purged and it did get purged. Slowly, year after year, it got purged. I feel it is really gone now. There is nothing left of it now, for my family. We had to live apart to get this all done. There is no other way to do this. Our Universe automatically separated us to remove every spirit setup placed upon us. Nothing is stopping us now.

I have survived through it all. I always kept going no matter what the circumstances and I always blogged about it, whatever it was, good or bad. I am documenting this amazing phenomenon, Universe Family Healing, which has not taken place before in our human history. I carefully note changes and keep track of the times. I know that this has helped me alot to see progress and to know what is really going on. It has been an adventure and sometimes I feel reluctant to be who I am but I can’t stop that either. I am Healer and this is permanent. I cannot give this ability to someone else and say, “OK, now it’s your turn.”

I entered October fully aware that my eldest son turned 35, and this is a milestone indeed. Everything is going just fine for all of us. I continue into October without any concerns really. I am safe, secure, and live within my means. There are no problems, financial or legal, upon me now. All of that is far in the past and never repeats. I have full control over the purging of the spirit world. It is dying and leaving our planet very quickly. Universe Time is well established with the right people in control making the right decisions. And this never changes to anything else. All is safe and healthy on planet Earth.

Yes, I am always moving forward and living my real life here in Yuma. I always will be here living in Yuma. There is no other place on planet Earth for me to live. I am home finally and forever. I am living comfortably and safely. I am sure my family will eventually reunite at the right time. Right now I am enjoying the gorgeous autumn weather and making more Healer Wraps. This is what I have hoped for, a very stable and easy life. I have earned what I have now. It gets better for us all of the time. I am always purging the spirits wherever they may be on our planet. I am here to help others connect their spirit worlds to our Universe’s magnetic current. Finally, I am just being me.

Universe Mates Versus Soul Mates: The Difference Explained

Right now, Our planet is experiencing Universe Time for the first time in Earth’s history. Our planet’s people have always been controlled by their spirit worlds which are parasites living on human bodies. How this started I really do not know, but I think the little aliens came from other planets that used to have humans. Spirits will make a planet like Earth die if left unchecked. Apparently on these other planets, no other human could purge them into our Universe and so gradually the planets ceased to have human existence. These spirit worlds can travel silently through our Universe via the Universe’s magnetic current.

This is all very hard to understand I know. I really don’t have all of the answers myself. But, I can make a few assumptions based on my close and personal contact with this alien species. I fortunately can purge them right back into our Universe where they are supposed to be. I am the only real Healer who has ever done this so therefore, I am calling myself Healer of the Universe or just Healer. There is only one like me.

Now as these spirit worlds grew on every human being, wrong things happened automatically. Spirits are parasites and are very negative, so they are toxic to our bodies and cause disease and death. They create huge spiritual networks and connect all humans together in this spirit web. I believe they are tiny spiritual spider like beings who can mimic sounds and therefore have been able to create human speech sounds too.

Getting back to soulmates, spirits did this to create an automatic way for humans to meet each other, marry, have children etc. to grow their own spirit worlds. Now this is real not science fiction. I can assure you that I am being totally serious here. Soulmates are just fake connections of people drawn together by this spiritual energy. It is not a real connection at all. Thank goodness my healing modality, Universe Family Healing can totally disrupt this spirit world environment and send it far away from human bodies.

As a result of this purging process, the souls of every human are purging and this is a wonderful event. Now instead of finding a soulmate which is highly spiritual and negative, we automatically find our Universe Mates. A Universe Mate is a man or woman who has attached his or her spirit world to our Universe’s magnetic current. Once this happens, things start happening the right way automatically. The relationship setups of the spirit worlds are becoming extinct and purging away. Natural human love bonding between man and woman occurs. No problems ever happen again. Universe Mates are powerful man woman couples.

This is alot to understand in a simple post, but believe me it is happening right now. So many things are also changing as a result of Universe Time being in control. Only the right things are happening at the right time no matter what it is. Be assured that things will always end up the right way too. There are no mistakes made during Universe Time. No heartbreaks either. Just move forward one day at a time, going with the flow and experience wonderful changes along the way. It is all automatic and simple and so very positive now. We are definitely leaving the dark ages in the past and that never happens again.

Universe Mates are taking control of planet Earth and the spiritual soulmates are totally low life creatures banished forever. We will never go back to those evil ancient ways. All that was set up spiritually is purging. Watch the changes and know that everything is just fine. I am saying this to all good humans on planet Earth. Relax and enjoy our real planet. We are never going to be bothered again by spirituality in any form.

Are you having a difficult time with your love life? It’s most definitely the spirit worlds causing the problems. I can connect that spirit mess to our Universe for you. One Universe Family Healing session is all that it takes now. Email me to get your Universe connection going.


I Have Some Changes Finally

Finally I am feeling it. The return to normalcy. Finally I can take out my tangled mess of 1928 jewelry out of the Food City bags, clean it up, and store it properly. I managed to keep my collection with me during the last five + years. All of a sudden, I am doing this activity. I am buying jewelry cleaner, jewelers’ gloves, and tiny little ziploc bags. I bought a new jewelry storage box. Wow, it is so automatic this return to normalcy. I love it. I love Universe Time. It is all coming back to me. It means there are some really good things coming up too.

I just planted seeds in a little planter to grow kitty grass. I have not grown anything for quite awhile. I still have all of my gardening tools and seeds. I am waiting for the right location to do this again. This must be coming up too. Right now all I can manage to do is grow my kitty boys some grass, but it is a return to growing things.

Feels like a change of living arrangements is going to be happening sometime soon. Feels like it is almost here. But I have no idea where I will be. I must be just getting ready at the right time. I still live one day to the next as always. I am still going with the flow. None of that has changed. It just feels like reality and normalcy are right here with me but I need to be in a different location to really make it happen. All this is coinciding with the change of the weather and season.

So, now I have more activity to my day. I am still crocheting my shawls and adding to my Healer Wrap collection. Now I am cleaning and organizing my jewelry. I am growing edible grass. What is next? I am not sure, just that these are significant things happening with me right now. I update my status frequently as I continue to move closer to my birth family here in Yuma and hopefully, my Universe Mate.

I am demonstrating what life is like when I live in Universe Time. It is so cool! Things always happen at the right time and there are no mistakes ever. This is my current status as I continue to regain my real life here in Yuma. I will always post here the positive changes as they are happening. I know this is the right time for a lot of good things to happen, mainly family and loved ones reuniting soon. This is what I am hoping for everyday.

Get yourself on Universe Time. Contact me for a Universe Family Healing session and live a real life.

Sweet September, Summer’s End

I am so enjoying this summertime. I look back and recall the other summers here in Yuma. I lived through all of them somehow. This time is the first time that I lived through a summer indoors in my own place (with air conditioning). I laugh at how long it took for me to get here. 5 years.

I experienced zero heat rash this summer.

I have almost everything delivered to me.

I am creating many beautiful shawls and wraps.

And, simultaneously I purge out the spirit worlds of our planet.

Right now I am crocheting a shawl with yarn named Peaceful Earth. I have already made Calming Desert and Restful Rainbow. This is how I’m spending this summer completely indoors. Amazing.

Instead of laying down outside in my zero gravity lounge chair 24/7 like last summer, I am laying down inside. Of course this helps the purging process. Really, not much else is going on with me. This is my time to rest and heal comfortably.

Summer ends in a few weeks and temperatures drop. There will be more outside time again. Perhaps some good things are going to be happening for me. I certainly am ready for that to happen. I am doing my part to end wars and pandemics. No one really notices though. But I am always at work healing our planet. I am purging out the Dark Ages.

Still it would be so nice to see or hear from a family member or friend. It’s been so long. When is this finally going to happen? Family members heal first then we find our Universe Mates. This is the correct order. I always say that. It has not changed.

Sweet September, ending summer, opening up the outdoors again. Thank goodness it’s only a few days away.

Please know that I am always available to provide a Universe Family Healing session. My words are powerful indeed but a healing session by phone one on one with me really gets the job done. Connect your family’s spirit world to our Universe and live.

I am Not the Fifth Element: I am Healer

Originally posted on February 19, 2021, I felt it appropriate to perform one final healing ritual.

And so, The Fifth Element (me) burned the incense of The Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water to mark the day that the war in Afghanistan ended, 08/30/2021. Now there will never be war on planet Earth ever again.

Well, maybe I really am some kind of Fifth Element.

February 19, 2021

Spirits say I am the real Fifth Element. Well I finally watched that Bruce Willis movie of the same name again. I realized I was made to even look like that actress. My hair stopped growing. It is thinning a bit too. But I am not coloring it red. In fact, I am not the fifth anything. I am Healer. I purge spirit worlds and all their spirit games, setups, and scenarios. That is what I do. Fifth element stuff is just a spirit game that I purge into our Universe.

I am not a spirit game. I am not a fifth element. I am a real human female living on planet Earth. I am grounded right here. I am not out there in outer space. I am here on the planet and always will be. I am alive and breathing, not some spirit who came here to save our planet. Making me seem like a spiritual game is not going to work. A spiritual person cannot do what I do. I don’t and never did play the games of the spirit world. I am gradually and entirely getting rid of the spirit world.

Spirits are aliens to our living planet Earth. Spirits have to live on human bodies to have their existence. Spirits are human parasites. There is nothing good about spirits. There are no good spirits. There are just spirits. Plain and simple. All spirits are purged. It would be nice to see a movie made about reality and people like me who are totally real and doing the right thing naturally. Even a song about this would be wonderful.

What I do is work with our Universe’s magnetic current. I stay here on the planet to do this. Somehow, the spirit world contents are flowing through me and out into our Universe current. It is that simple and quite effective. It is all one way now. There are no more intact spirit worlds controlling everything. There are no more spiritual communication networks going back and forth between humans. I instantly purge out all spiritual matter. Spirits cannot stay put on me anymore.

I have been successful in disrupting the biggest spirit worlds on the planet. This gradual steady removal process is allowing our planet to heal and become young and alive. Our Universe is highly magnetic and that is where the spirits belong. Living on human beings is over for spirits. Spirits have to leave our planet immediately and be removed far away from us. This is happening! It is me doing this not some freaky fifth element. I am real and I am doing this everyday. I just had to clear this up again. I am a real human female. I am not a spiritual being. I am 100% human doing this as a service for our planet Earth.

I can provide individual Universe Family Healing sessions. Contact me if you are interested in getting your spirit world off of you and into our Universe. One family at a time heals, then we are ready for Universe Mates. Let’s all do this now and get the fun times started!

Last Night It Rained! Monsoon Balancing..

I wrote this post over 3 years ago. The same thing happened today. Its raining again and this thunderstorm was not forecasted. It just appeared out of thin air. More proof of the balancing of the waters here on our planet. War ends and water returns. That’s what happens during Universe Time.

July 9, 2018

This was not even on our weather forecast! We experienced a sudden violent thunderstorm last night. It rained. The electricity was off for awhile. No matter, it rained! But, no forecast. Seems that these rains are not going to be in the forecast. But they are still happening anyway.

I want to see more rain here in Yuma. It was so quiet last night when all of the electrical stuff was off. Dark and quiet. Nice. But as promised by APS, all electricity was back on this morning as usual. The electrical noise returned.

I am happy that it rained. This could be the start of a balancing of nature. There are predicted weather forecasts of course. You can look up what the weather is going to be months from now. But that forecast is probably not going to happen. Again, this storm was not predicted in the weather forecast for Yuma last night.

Now it is Monsoon season here in Yuma. So the fact that it rained heavily for a while is normal. That is what should be happening here in Yuma this time of year. I live in the Sonoran Desert, one of the most tropical of all deserts. Therefore, we need rain. This imbalance is being corrected because of Universe Family Healing.

The spiritual energies are purging and merging with the Universe and allowing a natural weather balance to return. Water will be available everywhere it needs to be and not where it is dangerous to human life. The ice caps are melting as well. There is an abundance of water on our living planet enough for all of us wherever we live.

The spirits in their enmeshed negative world tried to make our water supply totally unbalanced and in their control. But that is stopping now. The spirits are only purging. They have no control over our weather patterns or our life-giving water supply. Thank Goodness! Universe Time means that the spirits are not in control of anything. They are only purging now. They were in control of our world for a very long time because there were no real Universe Family Healers purging them away like I do.

I will always be here to serve our living world and purge spirits away from human beings everywhere on this planet. Spirits will not be able to make our lives unsafe and tragic anymore.

And yes the rescue operation is going on very well in Thailand for those people stranded and that is because real humans are in control of the operation and doing it the safest way possible. Universe Family Healing helped this to be the only possible solution. Weather problems were diverted and avoided more flooding tragedy. Expert professionals in the field of diving were the ones to save the entrapped from drowning.

Universe Time Ended War

This post was originally published over 2 years ago, June 6, 2019. I feel it is timely to repost this now. There will never be any wars again. In fact, right now I am purging the spirit world containing the war god Mars. Yes the spirits created this setup. This spirit world was never purged before. Now we will see less and less military activity everywhere and less interest in traveling to and studying the planet Mars.

June 6, 2019

Our world leaders are all meeting together right now in Europe to commemorate the 75th anniversary of D-Day. On June 6, 1944, allied forces joined together to invade northern France and take control of the Nazi stronghold in World War II. This joint effort was successful but unfortunately there was an enormous amount of lives lost in the invasion. We were living in a very Spiritual Time in those days. War has always been a product of Spiritual Time, throughout the ages. War has never been purged until now.

War cannot exist during Universe Time. Conflicts still arise but quietly fade out. Spiritual setups about wars still exist but because these setups are highly negative, our Universe grabs all of that spirit energy and moves it away from humans. So, as those people are gathering in Portsmouth to remember D-Day and honor our World War II veterans, their spiritual energies are being purged into our Universe.

This important reunion is helping us all purge war and war trauma from our planet Earth. I know that the people there in Portsmouth do not think about this at all. Most of them are not aware that it is now Universe Time. I know what is really happening and post about the power of Universe Time here on my blog.

Now we can watch and observe the changes in our world as we become a war free planet. Conflicts between countries may happen but are easily dealt with the right way. Weapons of mass destruction are dismantled and purged. We are all feeling so much better these days as the spirits continue to leave our planet.

No human wants to live through war again. That was a very tragic part of human existence as were other times when the spirits were in control. Now we control the spiritual invasion as our Universe is open and accepting all of the spiritual energy on our planet. We certainly do not want or need any spirit involvement. We simply purge out the spirit worlds around each human and our lives are constantly made safer and healthier.

Universe Time is the time right now when our Universe is actively in control of all of spirit worlds around humans. Our Universe removes the spiritual layers and war trauma is leaving forever. War traumas were here for a very long time repeating war after war. There was no one purging out the trauma layers and so wars continued.

Nowadays wars are extinct. Universe Family Healing ended the war cycle. No one else did this but me. No other Healer in the entire history of our planet Earth purged out their spiritual world. I am the only Healer to do this effectively and blog about it. I am the first healer to do this and made Universe Time a reality, not just a dream. We are all living in a safe time now, Universe Time.

Feeling Calm and Peaceful

I don’t really feel like writing something but I will. I am feeling so calm and peaceful these days. I am relaxing, crocheting my shawls, and purging spirit worlds. I love to multitask and it’s easy for me now. After surviving the difficult Healer’s Camp setup of last summer, I am so happy to be inside now, cool, comfortable, and safe. This is my current status right now.

I am quiet and observing what is happening around me here as people are experiencing early healing. I am not in the middle of anything. I just get to watch the drama from a safe distance. This feels so good. I am sure things are getting better every single day for me and my family. There is nothing going wrong for us. We are the first family to purge out our spirit worlds. It is amazing and real.

I feel I have complete control now over the spiritual invasion here on planet Earth. I know that the spirit worlds are all under the control of our Universe. There is nothing the spirits can do to take control back. The spirits just surrender and move along with our Universe’s magnetic current. This current takes all spirit worlds far away from our planet. As a result, our planet Earth becomes real and young. The dark ages of the the spirit worlds are leaving and reality is revealed. Universe Time is in full control.

Be assured that although the news of the day is almost all negative, this is a result of an active Universe Time. As the spirits are purged this is what happens. Our planet is changing for the good! Life will continue on Earth because it is Universe Time finally and forever. Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic currents are controlling the spirit worlds on our planet. The spirits are all being removed from human bodies and so this allows only the right things to happen everywhere.