Trauma is Leaving Our Planet

Trauma has been holding our planet in a frozen state for a very long time. This trauma layer was very extensive and not able to move. It was quite stationery. Trauma layering is the result of spiritual energy setups that continue to repeat themselves over and over. That was how this spirit word existed within our own real world. But, there is now a huge hole in this trauma layer. The hole is immense and cannot stop bleeding spirit energy out on the Universe. It’s heart is gone.

The spirit trauma is slowly fading away. It is only going in one direction now. It is moving southward. It will not stop moving until it is completely gone. This is the result of Universe Family Healing. I am able to connect this spiritual trauma layering to our Universe. Once it is connected, our Universe rapidly pulls it away from humans and merges it with the outside positive atmosphere. When this spiritual energy is merged it cannot reverse itself and come back again. It is completely powerless to do anything with humans. Now, this is the reason for all of the recent events of the day. More and more truth telling and more good things are going to happen as a result. Humans heal when they speak the truth.

Good humans are no longer afraid to tell the truth. It is the power we have over the spirit world as human beings. We have the ability to feel. We are at the top. We have our brain. The spirits use our brain. They do not have anything but what they can grab onto. They are parasites.  It is only a few more months and spirits will be eradicated. All of the people who depended on the spirit world for their livelihood will succumb to this destruction. These highly spiritual people will not go on and be able to adjust to living without spirits.

Good people are healing because trauma is leaving our planet. It is always moving out into the atmosphere of our living world. As a result, the best and safest decisions are made to make sure life is secure and safe. The bad people do not get away with anything. They are not in control. That is how it is supposed to be, but in a highly spiritual world like we have had, the bad people have been in complete control. When that happens there are wars, guns, and violence.

All of that changes because the Universe is in control now. The Universe removes spirits from our living word. So only good things are happening. I am sure it will take more time to really see this easily, but I already know it is happening. I watch and observe. I am not in the middle of any negative situations. I stay away from those people who are likely to be violent and use weapons. I can tell instantly if there is an unsafe situation going on. I adjust and it works out very well.

I know today is considered Earth Day, but as many do, I consider everyday as a good day to take care of our planet. We need to do this all of the time. I certainly do now. I am not one to take our living planet for granted.