Ending the Dark Ages: Death, Devils, Disease, and Doctors

This is really happening. The Dark Ages have never been purged. They just changed a little over the years. But now that Universe Family Healing is intact and nonstop, the negative energy that supports the Dark Ages is purging! The negative energy is spiritual energy.

Nothing spiritual is intact anymore. It may present itself briefly, but it cannot stay and whatever it was intending to do ends abruptly. That is the best thing about Universe Family Healing! When the spiritual energy behind the event is purged, all that is left is reality.

So, major changes are happening in all aspects of our negative and violent world. It is a reality show for all to see. You will observe amazing changes in how people think and act. The evil ones are doomed. Their energies are gone. The spiritual people will not be heard from anymore. They will all die and simply be forgotten. And soon their death statistics will not be mentioned in the news.

Right now that seems like all that the news talks about: death and dying. You will see this change over time. There will be a definite positivity happening in the news of the day.

Spirits are a product of the Dark Ages. It was a time when inhuman actions became the norm. It was normal to torture people. It was normal to have war after war. It was normal to drive people out of their homes. This negative spiritual energy has been growing since that time. It has destroyed other living planets because of its inability to stop itself! It feeds on human beings and therefore is a very dangerous parasite.

Once a spiritual world sets up around a human being, it is virtually impossible to stop it unless a real Universe Family Healer is actively purging it away. The spiritual healers of today are just cleansing it and using it to give people “psychic readings”, etc. I guess the Universe did us all a favor and made sure that a real Universe Family Healer would eventually be here to start purging out this mess, so life could continue on Earth.

It takes only one real Universe Family Healer to start doing this. I know that I am that Universe Family Healer! And, it is really clear to me how long it takes to get to this point where I am now. I wasted a lot of time in the professional nursing world which I had to live through and purge out. That whole thing is a huge ball of spiritual energy. I got out of there at the right time.

So now, because I purged that spiritual life away from me, I easily see the whole picture on everything. I can tell you what is going on in your world. I know how the negative world will end. I can make your personal world (your real family) survive and be real. You must have a secure connection to our Universe so that your spiritual energy is pulled away from you. It does not happen without my help.

This is not a magical cure! This is a real natural phenomenon. It was never turned on as there was no real Healer on the planet. I am the first to achieve this position. And it is unfortunate that the “scientific world” chooses to ignore and deny this whole thing. But, as I have said before, those people who say they are scientists are part of a huge spiritual set up too. They just do not realize it. Too bad for them. That scientific world is slowly decaying and is also being purged. It is nothing but a bunch of spiritual nonsense!

You can make this change to positivity. You can live. It is your choice. Everyone has a choice now as to how they want to live. Breaking up your spiritual infestation is easy and simple. It takes good people everywhere on this planet to ensure that our Universe connection remains intact. I was simply the “First Healer” to open up our Universe. Universe Family Healing is done family by family.

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Julia Angel

Universe Family Healer