Taking Control of the Human World, Again

Purging parasites means that all parasites are removed from the human existence. That is happening everyday! Surprisingly, it can even involve the removal of animals from your world, as animals as pets become highly dependent upon humans for their existence.

Cats especially are highly spiritual. They are controlled all the time by their spiritual energies. Once you realize that, you can understand a lot about their behaviors. I have been through so many cat set-ups in my healing that I know I am finally at the end of cats. It is a good feeling too. I am not controlled anymore by a cat.

Animals should never take the place of humans. Human relationships should never be built upon an animal living in the home. The spiritual glue of an animal or pet keeps humans going the wrong way. It keeps people connected when they should be apart. 

This has been a serious problem for many years. Animals are animals. They have their own existence, own way of living. They should not be around humans anymore. They should be allowed to return to their own natural world and be left alone. This will stop a major problem that continues over and over again. The separation of humans from animals allows huge amounts of spirits to purge onto the Universe. And of course, this is a very good thing.

Getting rid of spirits is happening. It is not a dream. It is reality.  Layer after layer is removed. I am at the end of the pet/cat spiritual layer. I am no longer a “cat” person. No more pets in my world ever.

If you would like to chat about this situation, I can do this with you. I understand that pets are extremely important to most people. It is just a spiritual layer that purges and merges onto the Universe.. You will never want another pet after that layer is gone.  You will feel free and comfortable. It is not mean really, it is just returning our world to its natural state before the spiritual invasion occurred.


Thank you for reading my blog. My words are extremely powerful these days. I do not charge any money to read my posts. But if further one on one interaction is wanted, by all means, contact me for a chat session. I can make your understanding of this phenomenon so clear and easy.