Spiritual Energy is Real, and Very Dangerous to Humans

I am including all of my spiritual energy posts here. I know that many people are reading my words about spiritual energy now. Google search is sending a lot of people to me right now. I appreciate that so much.

Also, at the bottom of this page, I have recently added a link to a spiritual energy video. I recently recorded this video demonstrating spiritual energy sounds in my home. I hope you view this video carefully and understand that although spiritual energy is real, I can easily get rid of it. I am a very powerful Universe Family Healer and spiritual energy is purging quickly away from me all of the time.

Published 6/29/2015:

What is Spiritual Energy?

I have done so much purging of this negative energy that I feel it is time to really set things straight. I know that most of our world was created spiritually, and that is why it was in decline. Spiritual energy is not life-giving energy. It is comprised of minerals, metals, and other negatively charged substances. It is really just human waste products. It is a human parasite, a huge conglomerate of microscopic bugs that feed on our minds and bodies. Spirits do not have a brain. They simply repeat what is around them. Spiritual energy is not good energy and should never be preserved.

Spiritual energy is not here to make things go right. It is a cyclic set of controlling substances that mimic our world and our ways. It has very magnetic qualities. Largely composed of magnetite, it can record sounds, smells, tastes, and even visual things. Magnetite has been found in the human brain. That is how this negative energy connects itself to humans.It can make you think you are in another world. These voices are there beckoning you to do things you should not do. Because it is so dangerous for the human being, it must be purged completely.

I suppose that is why I am the only one anywhere talking about this. That is all I do. I purge and merge spiritual energy into our Universe. It is that simple. I do this constantly 24/7. There is so much of it to be purged. Apparently it has not been done before here on our planet Earth. The Universe has a very powerful positive magnetic current and literally pulls this negative energy off of my body. The spirits are purged and merged into the vast magnetic current of our Universe.

If you do a search on the internet you will find people talking about spiritual energy as a “god giving” force etc. These  people are all highly spiritual and negative. They are only here to destroy our beautiful world. Right now, because of all the purging and merging,  they are becoming weak and afraid. They no longer feel like they did because they are losing their spiritual energy. Purging this energy is the only way to save our world. Otherwise, our planet dies because the spirit energies control humans to do the wrong things.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I continually purge and merge spiritual energy into our Universe. I am here to preserve and promote life on planet Earth. I will always be here. Please contact me if you want to have a conversation about spirits and spirituality. I can certainly answer any questions.

Published 10/28/2015:

Spiritual Energy Exists and is Very Dangerous To Humans

Spiritual energy is the big Secret of the ages. Most of us have not experienced this negative energy close up. I have had a constant interaction with purging spiritual energy over the past several years now. Every year, I figure out a little more about it. I know its qualities just by experiencing it.

I am not going to involve myself in any scientific games about research and spiritual energy. I know it exists and is real. I explain the qualities of spiritual energy here on my blog. It is real because it can be felt, heard, tasted, seen, and sometimes even smelled.

I can get rid of it through my healing modality, Universe Family Healing. This energy cannot overpower me or make me age and die. Most humans are full of this energy and since this energy is highly negative it is very toxic to our human body. This spirit infestation starts when we are very young and multiplies itself by gathering the spiritual energies of others. There was never a time before when spirits were purged.

Spiritual energy tries to make our life as uncomfortable as possible. It can do this because we are not aware of its existence. We begin to have medical issues because that is what this energy does to humans. We eat the wrong foods, drink the wrong drinks etc. all due to spiritual energy. Highly spiritual people have a large amount of this energy throughout their human body. If not purged away, this energy makes the human body age and die.

Spiritual entities use the human body as if it were their own. Spirits control our minds and make humans think that spirituality is important and necessary for human life but in reality we do not need spiritual energy to live. It’s really just the opposite as spirits are human parasites. Spirits build their own little worlds around the human body, therefore every human being has a spiritual world that is living and growing and doing harmful things all of the time.

Once we are able to break away and purge this spiritual energy set up, we can start seeing and understanding what is really happening. Otherwise, trying to convince someone that spiritual energy exists is very difficult. Many people will never admit to its existence.  There is a huge amount of spiritual energy still here on this planet. It all needs to be purged!

The people who are able to purge out their spiritual world are getting connected to our Universe. We all  slowly realize the truth about this unnatural energy and understand that it was not our fault to be involved with it. We leave our negative life behind and move forward. It all happens naturally and automatically. Universe Time means our Universe’s magnetic current is controlling spiritual worlds around humans now. Spiritual Time is over.

The dangers threatening our world were always caused by humans infested with this energy. Bad people are highly spiritual and cannot be helped very much. The criminals of our planet Earth are removed by the Universe over time.

These highly negative people had all of the power and controlled everything. They created wars and suffering over the ages, all spiritually induced. They were frauds and set up corruption games as if it were a normal occurrence. But corruption is not normal. Corruption is an evil creation of spirituality.

Why did this happen? I am not positive about this, but I have a feeling that this negative energy came from other places to this planet. A very long time ago, other planets did have life on them. Those planets and people were all highly spiritual and were not able to purge the spirits into the Universe, and thus they did not survive. Somehow, this spiritual energy found its way to Earth, the planet of Healers. This spiritual energy was able to travel to Earth due to the magnetic energy field of our Universe. And since this energy is a parasite, it found humans here, its host! And the rest is history.

Spiritual energies slowly set up negative environments (i.e. spiritual worlds) around humans. Spiritual worlds are just a large spirit set up on every human being. We all have our own spiritual world to purge out. And over the ages it seems no one was able to get rid of the spirits. There was no purging process going on obviously. That’s why the spirits were still around us. As humans died their spiritual entities just clung to another human, growing and staying put.

Healers were not able to destroy it in the past so this energy was allowed to grow and multiply. It is very difficult for a spiritual healer to survive in a spiritually controlled world. Many times, spiritual healers succumbed to a dangerous spiritual lifestyle. Spiritual healers were never connected to our Universe and thus kept the spirit worlds intact. It is vitally important for all Healers to purge out their spiritual worlds!

I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge and merge spiritual energy out into the magnetic current of our Universe. I have punched a hole in my spiritual world so big that I reached the Universe’s energy supply. I am the first healer to do this. So now, spiritual energy is finally moving! Spiritual energy is actively being purged, removed, and merged with our Universe. This purging process will never stop.

I continue to purge and merge spiritual energy so it cannot set up any negative environments on Earth ever again. Our Universe is open and accepts spiritual energy quite easily. Spiritual energy is highly magnetic and full of magnetite, and so our Universe is the perfect place for spiritual energy. In fact, it seems that all this spiritual energy purging is actually making our Universe expand and become stronger and younger!

This is the truth about spiritual energy and why our world was so negative and dying. Today, it seems all the news articles talk about are the deaths occurring. News is an endless accounting of deaths North, East, West, and South (news). And spiritual energies like deaths! That is what spiritual people like to read about these days. As time goes on there will be less and less news about deaths and dying and more news about life and living.

Until that time, here on my blog, you can always read about real life and how our Universe along with Universe Family Healing is removing spiritual worlds from human bodies. What I do here is speak the truth and purge out the spirits. What I talk about here is not science fiction. My healing modality is real science.

Published 04/14/19:

The Truth About Spiritual Energy

Our world is highly spiritual. It is hard to understand this unless you know that humans are hosts to spirits. Just by knowing this information, you will feel a slight purge action. That tingling sensation is the spirits purging from your body. Yes, it happens a little just by reading my words.

There are spirits around all humans. Spirits are parasites. A parasite cannot exist without a host. For example, head lice and scabies are human parasites. They only exist because they can live on a human body. There are spiritual parasites too.

It is hard for humans to believe this because spirits are rather invisible to most everyone these days. This is because most humans are extremely spiritual and therefore do not understand that they are controlled completely by their spiritual world.

Every human being has a spiritual world that has grown and lives on them. There was no way in the past to get rid of the spiritual worlds around humans. These spiritual parasites proliferated and controlled everything that humans were involved in. Spirits led us all to believe that they were inseparable and necessary to human life. This falsehood was very powerful.

Spirits are not necessary for human life. Humans are necessary for spirit life. But, like any parasite infestation, humans now have a way to eradicate this one too.

There is no known medical treatment to eradicate a spiritual infestation. Medical providers cannot clear a spiritual infestation. In fact, this whole realm of spiritual energy infestations is largely ignored by medical professionals. Many health conditions are spiritually induced, so the medical people say, “unknown etiology.”

I continue to document the truth about spiritual energy on my blog. I was once a clinical nurse specialist and more involved in the medical realm. Since leaving there I was able to live through my own healing experience and thus became an expert in spiritual energy.

I healed my way through my spiritual world by connecting it to our Universe. It seemed to happen naturally for me. I never received any instructions in spiritual energy at all in my nursing career. I had to “live the experience” and document the reality of spiritual energy here on my blog where freedom of speech is available.

Spiritual energy is real because I can hear it, feel it, see it, and sometimes smell and taste it on my tongue. Spiritual energy is highly magnetic. This energy is pulled off of my body by our Universe’s magnetic current. I hear the spirits going southeast outside my window. The magnetic qualities of spiritual  energy allow it to imitate smells, sounds, and voices. Many unexplained occurrences are simply a spiritual energy setup playing out in repetitive cycles of 3.

My spiritual world is very small now as I have been powerfully purging so much of it over throughout my life.  I lived through my spiritual life to understand the impact of this energy on human beings everywhere. I can help humans on our planet to purge away their spiritual worlds like I have done. I feel I am the first healer to be able to effectively do this, so I named my web site http://www.firsthealer.com.

This is the truth about spiritual energy.

Recorded on 08/19/2019:

Below is a link to a video which I recently recorded. It demonstrates the reality of spiritual energy that is purging currently in my home. You can hear the sounds. Do not be afraid. This video is showing that spiritual energy is real and I can get rid of it.




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