About Healer

 Healer Julia Angel

I am a retired professional nurse. I worked as a professional nurse in California USA for over 30 years! My credentials are: MSN (Master’s of Science in Parent Child Nursing), and CNS (Clinical Nurse Specialist). I was also board certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing (AHN-BC). I had to leave all that behind me because it was inhibiting my true abilities. I have these natural universe healing abilities by birth. I never enrolled in any “healer course” to be the Universe Family Healer that I am naturally.

I have a very powerful connection to our Universe’s natural magnetic field. I am purging and merging spiritual energy on the Universe now. I guess I am the only human doing this activity. I do not hear about anyone else doing what I am doing. Most healers of today are just playing with this spiritual energy. But I purge it away from the human body. I do not play games with spiritual energy. I just get rid of it! This phenomenon is completely natural and automatic for me.

I know that the human body has been taken over by a spiritual entity which controls our minds. This entity is largely composed of magnetite, a very magnetic mineral which is known to be in the human brain and nervous system. That is how the entity can connect itself to all human beings, and is proof that spiritual energy is real and exists. This huge magnetic entity is just a spiritual parasitic infestation that can only be cleared by a real Universe Family Healer. I am here to purge this spiritual parasitic invasion out of the human race forever. This “purge and merge” affect allows life on Earth to continue. I cannot be stopped now. I purge and merge spiritual energy wherever I go. I do this to continue life on our planet.

Other planets have died in the past because there was no real Universe Family Healer alive to do this spiritual purging. The spiritual energies took control and ended life on those other planets completely. Earth is the last planet where life still exists. Earth will never die. I am making sure of that.

I feel  I am the First Healer to achieve this in the existence of our Universe. I was able to punch through the spiritual web and attach it to the Universe’s energy fields that love to recycle and reuse this negatively charged spirit energy.

My unique healing modality allows real families to reunite in a safe and secure way. I was taken away from my birth family at a very young age. I was not allowed to live a normal life with my real family. But all that is changing now because I have become a Universe Family Header. I have healed my way back to my roots. And soon I know I will finally be reunited with my birth family after many years apart. That is the goal of Universe Family Healing!





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