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Julia Angel

I am a retired professional nurse. I no longer hold any professional licenses. I worked as a professional nurse in California, USA for over 30 years. I have a MSN degree (Master’s of Science in Parent Child Nursing). I was a Clinical Nurse Specialist. I was also Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing. I still have my MSN degree but I had to leave professional nursing behind me because it was inhibiting my natural abilities. I retired from professional nursing in 2012.

Professional nursing includes spirituality as an integral part of the profession. I separated from the nursing profession because of that reason and my natural abilities became stronger. My natural healing abilities remove spirit worlds from the human body. I created my blog and website, http://www.firsthealer.com because I was being told by a professional nursing organization that I could not talk about spiritual energy as a negative thing. I was being censored by my profession, so I left.

I have a very powerful connection to our Universe’s magnetic current. I am purging and merging spirit worlds into our Universe’s magnetic current continuously now. It seems I am the only Universe Family Healer doing this activity. I can’t find anyone else on the Internet doing what I am doing or talking about what I do. I seem to be unique in this healing modality. Most if not all healers of today are spiritual healers and are just playing games with spiritual energy. Spiritual healers are not doing what I do. Spiritual healers are not connected to the Universe like I am. I am not a spiritual healer.

I am a Universe Family Healer. I purge spirit worlds away from the human body. I don’t play games with spiritual energy. I just get rid of it! This amazing phenomenon is completely natural and automatic for me. I was never taught anything about this during my nursing education or career. I had to “live the experience” (phenomenology) to totally understand what is going on. My healing abilities re-emerged and became stronger over the last 15 years. My healing modality reunites disrupted birth families. Therefore it is a family healing modality.

I know from my healing time that each human body has been taken over by a spirit world which controls our minds. We all have our own spirit world built up around us without our knowledge. These alien spirit worlds are parasites and are largely comprised of magnetite, a very magnetic mineral which is known to be in the human brain and nervous system. My theory is that this is how these spirit worlds can connect to all human beings, and is proof that spiritual energy exists. Spiritual energy can be seen, felt, heard, and sometimes smelled and tasted, therefore it is real.

I had to make a complete transformation from professional nurse back to Universe Family Healer. Although I was born with my tremendous healing ability, I was taken away from my birth family as an infant. This caused a major catastrophic event for our healing planet. Growing up, I was never with my real family. I was thrust into a negative spiritual world with a fake family and had to slowly heal my way back to home. I was in the company of liars and criminals throughout my early life. I slowly realized this deception on my own. No one ever told me. I just knew.

I made it back to Yuma, AZ, my birth place, in 2016. I am here in my homeland to continue purging and merging spirit worlds away from human bodies and planet Earth. I am available to provide Universe Family Healing sessions.

Please contact me if you are ready to purge out your spirit world and become real and completely human. Universe Mates are now a reality. It just takes having a real Universe connection to get this done. Spiritual soulmates are finally getting  purged into our Universe.

A real life is totally possible now as Universe Family Healing is the only healing modality that can do this, 100% accurately and effectively.


Julia Angel, MSN

Universe Family Healer

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer