I Have The Power of The Universe In My Hands

I used to say this a long time ago. I was just starting to understand who I really was and what I was doing. I still have the power. It never went away. My hands are unique. I have a powerful energy current flowing from them. This energy is directly connected to our Universe’s magnetic current. I can grab hold of a spirit world and merge it with our Universe.

Spirit worlds are found around each human body. They are also called auras. Whatever you call it, this energy is not from our planet Earth. It is an alien form of life that can only exist living on a human body. Therefore it is a human parasite. And because of its unique characteristics, it is silently living and growing all of the time. Most humans are not even aware it is there, but be assured, it is.

Earth has been invaded by this early alien life form and has grown up spiritually and negative. Because some humans are so negative and spiritual, they have tended to be the ones in control. So, as a result, the wrong decisions keep getting made and the wrong choices are controlling planet Earth. However, because there is a way to defeat this alien spiritual invasion, we are now living in Universe Time. This is a first for humans of planet Earth.

Universe Time is defined as meaning that our Universe is fully functioning as it should and takes spiritual energy away from planet Earth. There is a massive magnetic current high up in our atmosphere that loves to take spiritual energy on a very long ride. So now, spirit worlds are moving onto our Universe and away from humans on planet Earth. This is a real scientific phenomenon and so much more interesting than the science fiction junk that has been out there these days. Those scientists that are looking for alien life forms elsewhere should just look at each other instead because they are the real aliens.

Universe Time is saving planet Earth, gradually over time. The spiritual people who aren’t able to live without their spiritual worlds will be falling down and dying and their spiritual worlds will merge with our Universe. This means that the spiritual bulk here on planet Earth is decreasing now instead of increasing as it was for the ages. This means that we are a living planet now, and also growing younger.

The spirits are put back where they need to be, into a magnetic current which stabilizes our Universe so that all planets and stars remain at the proper locations. This means that we are protected now because the spiritual energy is located in the right place and best used to fuel our Universe, our sun, and not be located on planet Earth. Of course this makes very good sense.

All of this is happily occurring as it should because I am here finally. I am a Universe Family Healer. I work in connection with our Universe to make this phenomenon real. I easily and quickly connect a human’s spirit world to our Universe. It is so simple for me because it is my natural ability. I did not get trained to do this. No one can be trained to do this kind of healing. I know because no one else is doing what I do naturally. Those other healers are not connected to our Universe and merging spiritual worlds. They are not doing a good job at all. I am.

So, I do have the powers of the Universe in my hands still. It did not stop over the past several years. In fact my ability to heal away spirit worlds has grown very strong and powerful. I can heal and purge spirit worlds anywhere on planet Earth. I am open and available to help you and your community become Universe connected. We need to get this done to release more spirit worlds. It is the right time to get connected. Contact me:

Julia Angel, Universe Family Healer