Finally, The Omentum is Purging!

As I already posted the spiritual decade is quickly ending. During that year, 2009, I actually thought I may be pregnant. I  had the look of a 4 month old pregnant woman. My abdomen was extended and looked like a real pregnancy. Of course I checked this out and I was not really pregnant. However, I definitely had the look of a pregnant woman. Very strange indeed. Now I understand that was a spiritual setup on my human body!

I lived through that time wondering if this would ever go away. I have had the extended abdomen for the past ten years. Now, my omentum area is quite sore and purging. It seems there is a spiritual setup around the omentum area which can create a look of pregnancy. Amazing! I am documenting this as a factual event. The spirits were trying to make it seem like I was pregnant and I had to live through ten years to finally get to this time when the pregnancy setup is purging.

In fact, my whole body is going through a major purge right now. My hips are sore, my throat is sore and I have had a fever for a few days. I believe this is all spiritually induced as a result of purging out the past decade. There will not be any more of this happening with me.  I have also been losing weight. I have lost 14 pounds this year! I feel I will continue to lose this fake pregnancy weight. Now, I have been pregnant a few times. This fake pregnancy look was very similar to how I looked when I was pregnant. I kind of wonder if there was spiritual involvement during those real pregnancy times.

I am so happy my weight is going down. I feel this continues now. I had to document these things because it is real and powerful. I am able to purge out any spiritual setup on my body. I am able to make sure there is no repeating of these setups either. I m very sure that this last decade is over. My body returns to normal.

So many people have enlarged abdomens these days. It is just a spiritual setup on the human body. The medical profession cannot do anything about removing this abdominal spiritual setup. The setup on the abdomen is one of the last spiritual setups on the human body. This is the solar or soul of the spiritual world on the human body. Once this is purging, the human body returns to normal. The weight is removed automatically and the human body is healthy and well. No amount of exercise removes this setup. It can only be ended through Universe Family Healing.