My Healing is Not a Spiritual Game

In the beginning it seemed that my healing ability was a game. It appeared to me slowly. I was actively involved in spiritual activities too, and my healing went along with that. There was someone I knew who practiced reiki and shared with me what to do to become a reiki healer. She gave me some kind of booklet that showed what to do. It seemed fun for awhile. This was back in 2006, a long time ago.

I tried it out. I did the symbols etc. I found out that I did not need to do any of that. I told her, “I heal without doing that”. I could tell that my hands were healing without doing any of those rituals. She looked at me strangely. I gave the booklet back to her. I told her, “I am doing this automatically” and left her behind.

I stopped using candles and incense. I stopped going to psychics for information. I stopped doing all spiritual activities. I healed more. I didn’t know about the Universe then. I just kept moving forward automatically as I do now. I had to live through that time of involvement in spirituality in order to understand more about our Universe. I left spirituality behind. I was purging it out.

I was working for a while as a psychic nurse healer on a few websites but it did not last very long. There was censorship there on my listing. I was not allowed to talk about purging spiritual energy. After awhile, I finally decided to have my own website and blog. I tried a few places and ended up here on WordPress five years ago.

During that time, I also decided to let my RN license become inactive. I stopped paying the fees and my license expired in 2013. I officially retired from the profession. I had tried to use my license and advanced practice status on a holistic nursing website, American Holistic Nurses Association, but even there I could not use the words “purging negative spiritual energy”. I was trying to list my specialties in their practitioner directory. I was told I could not say that even though I knew that it was the truth! They had control over my directory listing. I had to leave that place too.

In December of 2013, I found WordPress and started my blog, I have been at WordPress for over 5 years now. I have been successful here in creating the awareness of my specialized natural healing. People all over our planet Earth have viewed my blog and know about me now. There is no one telling me not to say, “I purge spiritual energy”.

That is why I had to leave professional nursing behind. Right now, I have an opportunity to bring my license from CA over here to AZ, but I may not do that after all. I still have 2 years to decide if I want to become a registered nurse and CNS again. Having a license makes me have to adhere to a standard of practice which may not fit me anymore. I realize this and have time to decide if it is worthwhile. It wasn’t in the past. My natural abilities were being stagnated by a license.

It feels good to have the freedom I have now. I can say exactly what I want to say which is always the truth. I never have to delete my words because someone is controlling me. I enjoy freedom of speech here on my website. WordPress does not censor me. I have full control of my content. That feels very good after experiencing so much censorship from a professional nurse’s organization and psychic websites.

When I took the exam to become Board Certified in Advanced Holistic Nursing, I found that the test I took had a lot to do with herbs and things I do not do. It was OK because I still passed that exam. But, I am not an herbalist and never will be. That is way too spiritual for me. The nursing profession is highly spiritual and real healing has been erased from that profession. Therapeutic Touch is a part of the nursing profession, but it is not Universe healing.

So, I have created my own healing specialty called Universe Family Healing. It fits me very well and I did not have to take a course to become an expert in it. I simply had to live through this whole time and understand it and document what has happened. Universe Family Healing is a spectacular natural phenomenon, all natural and real. I did not get stuck in spirituality like so many other healers and nurses are right now. I continued to purge my spiritual energies and became who I am today.