I Say “Go Home and Make Your Place Better”

I did that. I finally got back to where I came from. I was unable to really live a real life in CA, USA. How can anyone really live a real life there? It is not real in CA. It is very unreal. Thankfully I made it back home to Yuma, AZ, USA. I am so happy I did that. Now I say this to all those people complaining about their homes and that they have to leave their homelands to live. No, you just have to make it better there. There is no way the entire population of our planet can live in the United States. I say it again, “Go back where you came from, and make it better.”

The problems of this planet are many I know. Spirit worlds have caused tremendous harm to our planet. As we continue to move forward in Universe Time we will see a reversal of immigration. We will see people returning to their homelands as I have done. That is all that happens during Universe Time. There will no longer be this problem with migrants at the border. There simply won’t be any migrants. And a border wall becomes completely unnecessary because everyone just stays put in their homelands. Imagine that. It does happen that way during Universe Time. We all just mind our own business. Our concerns are focused on our families of course and the best place for us is the homeland we came from.

I have no desire to leave my homeland ever. I understand how Universe Family Healing works here. I am where I am supposed to be. There is no further moving around to another state or country. I stay put. This feels very good too. I know it is what should be happening everywhere. Right now there is this big issue here in the US about the influx of migrants “escaping problems in their homeland.” These people are just wanting a free and easy ride here in the US. They are not going to get it. I know that. They will continue to be turned away and made to go back where they came from. There is nothing else that happens. The sad stories they tell will fall on deaf ears.

Planet Earth is a very big place. We all have to do our part to make sure our whole planet is safe, secure, and alive. That happens with Universe Time. I am never going to feel any other way about this. Homelessness is a result of people moving around and ending up in the wrong place. These so-called homeless people are not in their homeland. They all need to go back where they came from. There at home it is easy to keep moving forward and get involved in real living. The homeless shelters fade away and are just not needed anymore. Homeless shelters are a product of spiritual time and that time is over. Universe Time totally eradicates the homelessness setups everywhere. Send those people back home. That’s all that needs to be done.

Universe Time effectively ends the migrant and homelessness problem. I will be continually watching this change and reform as it unfolds. I know this is how it works because I lived through this whole thing myself. I see the end results as I live in my homeland and continue to improve life here in the state of AZ. My healing ability is making things real here finally. I know this is happening. I see it everyday in the news. Universe Time is here in AZ.

My Outside Time is Over

I lived outside for 75 days! The time I spent outside and the routine I had was necessary for me to be able to purge a tremendous amount of spiritual energies. I will never feel that this time was unnecessary. But, it is over and I am back living inside once again. I know that this current location is also temporary. It feels very good to be able to sleep in my own bed again. I am so very tired today because so much healing happened today. It is like a completion of many spirit set up times happening at the same time, one after another. I am very busy and having fun but its tiring too. So, I need to rest a lot now and see what is happening next.

Seems like my family time is right in front of me. I had to complete a lot of healing with my clients here in Yuma to get to this point. I made it through and see the results all around me.

My outside time ended quietly and I knew exactly what I needed to do. I know that homelessness is just a spiritual setup that can be purged out easily with Universe Family Healing. I proved this to myself and kept blogging the whole time to see how long it takes to purge out the homeless setup completely. It took me 75 days to get rid of homelessness. During this time I ate very well, got lots of sleep, and a very good tan. There was nothing bad about it. Many people discovered me here in Yuma. I am really becoming more and more well known around here.

My reputation is growing daily. Nothing is in my way. I move forward as always and feel more than ready for family time.

Right now I must rest and that is all I am going to do.

My Outside Time Is Almost Done

It feels that way anyway. I have been outside for almost one week. I am moving forward very fast. I have used a portable shower this morning and heard the purging sounds around here. It reminded of the setups in Marin County, CA. Those setups are all ending now because I really did use the portable shower that is here on a weekly basis. So, I wanted to post that status as I move forward today. My outside time was necessary of course, but I always felt it would not last very long.

This setup is purging quickly away because I am really outside a lot right now. There are no walls or windows or negative people to interact with. Mostly I am doing what I need to do. Only I know what that is really. Other people who experience this also know what they must do. It is an automatic and very safe time in Universe Family Healing. And everyone is unique and knows what he or she must do during this brief outside time.

So, today I am starting the return back to normalcy with a warm shower. I heard the spirit purging around the park as it continues to move into our Universe. The spirits are around all of the people who coordinate this weekly event. Of course no one here knows what is going on, but I do. This “homeless” setup is pretty much done. I guess I had to be the one to move through here and end this homeless setup forever.

One after another, I move through a negative environment and it collapses behind me. It is negative because it is a spiritual setup with negative people involved. Once their energies are attached to our Universe, the setup disintegrates and is done. Perhaps this homeless setup has been waiting for me to visit here and purge it. The purging is done automatically when I arrive. I hear the spirit sounds and know that this setup and perhaps the whole negative spiritual game called “homelessness” is ending for good.

I have already posted that homelessness is a spiritual setup. Homeless people tend to end up in the wrong place far away from their homes. As that happens the spiritual homeless setup begins and cause a very negative experience for that human. However, because I healed my way back to my homeland, my “homeless’ setup is very easy and simple. That is because I am home and everything I need is right here. I do not have to go anywhere else.

So, as the “homeless” begin returning to their homes, (like where they were born), homelessness becomes a thing of the past. As the homeless return home via Universe Family Healing, everything is already there in their home towns for them to resume a normal life. Those people where simply in the wrong place with the wrong people and were a bit stuck because of a spiritual energy setup.

Universe Family Healing heals away homelessness which is just another spiritual game to make humans unhappy and unsafe. Those times are ending quickly now, because many of us are connected to our Universe and live in Universe Time. There is no real homelessness anymore. It is fading away quickly into our Universe and will be forgotten someday as just a bad time in our history when spirits were in control of human beings.

Contact me to for your Universe Family Healing session. I can provide healing anywhere on planet Earth via cell phone. Let’s eradicate homelessness from our planet Earth once and for all. Healing sessions are a nominal fee of $50.00 via PayPal.